What Basic Equipment is Needed for Bowling?

What equipment is needed for Bowling

Are you excited to be a part of the fun world of bowling? Before you jump right in, there are several instruments you should get your hands on. Without those, you cannot begin to bowl. But here’s the issue. Many of you are about to get confused and might be wondering what basic equipment is needed for bowling. Well, no more browsing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will guide you to the basics of bowling and why you need them for bowling, so that once you start there’s no going back, no limitation. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Bowling Ball

The main factor you should consider as a beginner buying a bowling ball is its coverstock. Yes, each coverstock has its own purpose. Some are designed to hook, while some are better for a straight/spare shot. Some are more beginner-friendly, while some are best for professional-level bowlers. Since you’re going through this article, we’re assuming, you’re a beginner or someone who wants to own their own gear, right? So, here are some of the bowling balls, that might be suitable for you.

Plastic Bowling Ball

Polyester or Plastic coverstock balls are generally lightweight and easy to control if you’re a newbie. These balls are comparatively cheapest and less aggressive. For entry-level bowlers, plastic bowling balls are ideal as they go straight up the lane. One of the top-selling popular plastic balls is the Brunswick T-Zone Deep Space bowling ball. Many bowling coaches recommend this specific bowling ball to new bowlers because the ball doesn’t create too much friction and rolls smoothly on dry lanes without hooking.

Urethane Bowling Ball

Urethane balls are very universal. A regular urethane ball can deliver great entry angles to the pockets. This type of ball offers a little higher friction, but on different lane conditions, instead of only dry lanes. The Storm Pitch Black is possibly the most ideal urethane bowling ball in the market right now. It creates a level of friction that makes the ball hook while providing a better pin action. If you want moderate control over your bowling ball’s motion, reaction, and breakpoint, go for a ball that has Urethane coverstock without any second doubt.

Reactive Bowling Ball

To receive the highest friction, high hook ability, and flawless pin reaction, Reactive bowling balls are definitely the winner. Out of all the reactive coverstock bowling balls, Hammer Black Widow 2.0 is our ultimate favorite for its controlled motion, strong backend reaction, and its potentiality to ensure strikes. You can easily roll this ball of multiple patterns, enjoy its top-notch performance.

Bowling Pins

Of course, bowling requires bowling pins.

Thankfully, bowling pins are provided by bowling alleys.  Although bowling alleys are harder to find than in the mid-20th century, you can make bowling a lifelong hobby and never buy a bowling pin.

Bowling alleys feature pinsetter machines.  While most bowling alleys will have traditional pinsetter machines, string pinsetters have become more popular.  Beginning on 01 August 2023, string pinsetters are certified by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

While you won’t have to buy any bowling pins, you will need to select an alley with either a traditional pinsetter or a string pinsetter.

Bowling Shoes

Why waste money renting shoes? Do you know, the amount of money you’re spending in a month to rent shoes in bowling centers, you can easily buy a pair of bowling shoes with that? BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes is pretty affordable. They are nicely constructed, good-looking, and performance-enhancing. Newbies or pros, bowlers, or non-bowlers, everyone knows you cannot play bowling without appropriate shoes on. Without bowling shoes, they won’t even let you walk near the alley. Therefore, it is a must-have equipment. On top of that, bowling shoes are great investments and they are also easy to clean. They are as equally important as bowling balls. Having a pair of your own bowling shoes will allow you to play better and minimize the hassle of renting them again and again.

Bowling Bag

Since you cannot wear bowling shoes outdoor, you need to carry them to the bowling alley. But what about the bowling ball? Of course, carrying it in your hand is not convenient. So what do you think will make your life easier? Yes, a bowling bag. Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball is a stylish tote bag that allows you to carry your precious bowling ball and your favorite bowling shoes at the same time. If you have different bowling bags for different lanes, you select 3 ball bag A bowling bag as such is a very advantageous piece of equipment that every bowler needs but often forgets to get one for themselves. So if you already have your bowling shoes and balls with you, the bowling bag comes next.

Bowling Gloves

If you’re not a regular bowler, or completely new to bowling, it’s safe to start your journey with bowling gloves. If you are finding the right one for your both hand, kool control wrist positioner gloves is one of the best. Bowling gloves are the most controversial piece of equipment. For some people, bowling gloves are life-saving and one of the most important pieces of accessories a bowler should invest in. Others think it’s quite the opposite, meaning, not necessary to use while bowling. They are so opinionated because a player can lose their natural hand movement if they play wearing a glove.
It is scientifically proven that bowling gloves not only prevent the ball from slipping off the hand but also act as a wrist guard. So when the ball is heavy or hard to swing, they provide you a great deal of protection. So, instead of risking injury or throwing off your game, it’s safe to wear bowling gloves during your bowling gameplay.

Bowling Towel

No one goes for bowling to play for only half an hour. On average, bowlers play for more than 2-3 hours. The longer you play, the more you will feel the necessity to clean or wipe your bowling ball. And what do you need to do that? Yes! A bowling towel. As mere as it sounds, the importance of this small thing is quite the opposite.

Your bowling balls need to be cleaned from time to time between matches. Especially, if you’re using a matte finish bowling ball on oil patterns. Matte-finish balls pick up oils quickly and easily. Hence, you should wipe your balls with a bowling towel after every few shots. If you want the best for yourself, go for a plush and professional bowling ball towel. The Athletico Microfiber See-Saw Bowling Towel is a marvelous option. So add this to your shopping cart now!

Ball Cleansers

Buying bowling equipment is not enough. The after-care is much harder as it requires a lot of attention and carefulness. One thing that is common among almost every bowler is that they all own bowling balls. Bowling ball, as a piece of equipment, is the heart and centerpiece of the bowling sport. But is towel cleansing enough? No.

If you want your bowling ball to look squeaky clean, you definitely need ball cleansers. Generally, after every match, you should clean your bowling ball before putting it back in the bowling bag, and leave it on your bowling rack. And, the best option to do that is to use the Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner Spray Kit. This USBC approved product is guaranteed to retrieve the life of your bowling ball. It will allow you to get rid of the scuff, oil, and belt mark that is visible on your bowling ball. So, write it down- a bowling ball cleanser is a must for your bowling ball’s longevity.


So now that your concept is clear regarding the basic equipment of bowling, there’s nothing that can stop you. You don’t need a lot at first. These are the bowling fundamentals and enough to get you started. So, get these instruments for yourself if you want to take your game to the next level. And, of course, we wish you nothing but good luck and happy bowling! Ciao!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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