5 Best Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Soles

best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

The most important gear for a bowler has to be the shoes he or she wears while playing. It is necessary to find the right pair of bowling shoes as you will be spending quite a long time in them.

Hence, the shoes need to be soft yet durable. They also need to have the right amount of grip and traction on the surface you will be on. This is why it is necessary for you to get only the highest quality bowling shoes. However, worry no longer as today in this article, we are going to review some of the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles

Top Pick

Filled with versatility, Pyramid HPX bowling shoes is our top choice.It allows you to switch pads and heels as per your suitability. Rock them despite your bowling rank, wear them with pride and show off your bowling skill, and meanwhile, feel the unbelievable comfort the shoes offer. Out of all the Best Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Soles we found in the market, Pyramid HPX is the absolute prizewinner. If you haven’t put it on yet for bowling, you’re missing out big time.

Best Bowling shoes With interchangeable soles

1. Pyramid Men’s HPX Bowling Shoes

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Our first product today boasts a solid black color for external appearance. Featuring a price tag that ranges a little over $100, this pair can be found in 16 different sizes to choose from. 

This amazing pair of shoes comes with all the necessary features required for you to be able to have the best time of your life! With an extremely firm design, this bowling shoe features one Microfiber slide sole and one T03 traction sole. Both of the soles are firmly attached to the shoes. So just tell us why we can not keep it as the best bowling shoes with interchangeable soles?

On the other hand, you will also find an H5 graduated rubber heel and one shark tooth heel attached firmly to the shoes. For customization, you will also be receiving alternately colored laces inside the box.

Do note that these bowling shoes are ideal for right-handed bowlers. The outsoles of the shoes are constructed with high-quality polyurethane material. The PU material is also known to be thermal, so it can easily resist heat. 

The soft and durable uppers of the shoes are made of high-quality leather material. This material is known to be somewhat water-resistant too. However, do make sure not just to submerge the shoes into the water as they might start to rot and stink afterward. To get more indepth review of this shoes, just click here


  • Firm and durable full-grain leather constructed uppers
  • High-quality laces and interchangeable soles
  • The shoes come with the patented H-bar tech
  • The design of the shoes is also known to be comfortable on the feet, so you will not feel any sort of fatigue during and/or after playing. 


  • A few customers claimed that the shoes tend to feel slightly loose around the ankles. Other than that, they are good to go.

2.  900 Global Sport Bowling Shoes

If you want to invest in something that is a tad bit fancier than the previous shoes, then this pair is the one you should definitely be going for.

Sporting a really cool design in a solid blue-black color for the exterior, this pair of bowling shoes can be found in a wide range of different sizes to choose from.

The shoes have been constructed with only the highest quality cowhide leather, hence you can imagine just how strong and durable the shoes really are. The material makes the shoes resistant to premature wear and tear, no matter how many times you make use of them. 

Alongside with the interchangeable soles, these shoes also offer interchangeable heels! Complete with strong and hard rubber toe caps, these best bowling shoes are the ideal pick for those bowlers who want to go that extra mile while playing.

However, do note that this pair of shoes is only ideal for right-handed bowlers. The shoes come with 3 different interchangeable slides as well as three different interchangeable heels.

All of the interchangeable heels are completely grooved and flat. They are also made of high-quality leather. You will also find a convenient carry bag for the shoes with the purchase of the product.


  • Versatile pair of bowling shoes
  • The shoes come with different and unique types of slides and heels
  • Both of the heels and soles are interchangeable, hence allowing you to customize as you want
  • Strong and very durable cowhide leather uppers
  • High quality rubber toe caps protect your feet.


  • Not too budget friendly.

3. Dexter Men’s Bowling Shoes

Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Wide Bowling Shoes Right Hand -...
  • Dexter's state-of-the-art THE 9 footwear is equipped with a revolutionary new toe hold system that is designed to resist...
  • Innovative Hyperflex channels at two stress points on the foot provide the bowler with added flexibility and comfort and...
  • How will the Dexter Mens THE C9 Lazer Black Right Hand or Left Hand help my game? Patented Toehold Hyperflex Engineering...
  • Sport type: Bowling

Featuring an eye-catching exterior comprised of the colors black, grey and red, this pair can be found slightly over $240.

With 15 different colors to choose from, these Dexter bowling shoes with interchangeable soles are constructed with really breathable and soft synthetic material. That’s why we also consider it as the bowling shoes for men.

Alongside the soles of the shoes, the heels are also interchangeable, therefore allowing users to customize the pair however they want to.

You will find the midsole to be molded with a moderately raised shank. On top of that, the heel is also quite raised so you get this nice graduation from heel to toe.

Designed for bowler’s comfort and convenience, these bowling shoes are constructed with high-quality thermal polyurethane material combined with a soft mesh material upper.

There is also a strobe-like design on the sides of the shoes, which is not only meant for aesthetic purposes. In fact, the strobe-like design is meant to provide more flexibility to your feet when playing.

You will find that the shoes come with one H5 heel and H2 heel, as well as one THT2 traction pad alongside one THS7 slide pad.

Constructed for heavy-duty performance, these bowling shoes are known to provide bowlers with the best grip on slippery surfaces. On the other hand, the shoes come with replacement soles and heels so you can always customize the pair according to your own preferences.

These Dexter bowling shoes are ideal for people who prefer playing for a long time without any break.


  • Firm and long-lasting mesh uppers will make sure your feet feel comfortable all day long, without building up a sweat
  • An elevated heel and shank design.


· Unfortunately, these Dexter bowling shoes are not too inexpensive.

4. Dexter SST 6 Bowling Shoes

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We are back with yet another amazing pair of Dexter bowling shoes. Featuring a funky exterior with a “gold on black” design, these amazing shoes can be found a little over $100.

With a range of different sizes to choose from, this pair of the best bowling shoes with replaceable soles is constructed with only the highest quality leather material. To top it off, the uppers are constructed with breathable nylon material.

Dexter is known to always prioritize customers’ safety and comfort before anything else. These shoes prove that statement correct! Sporting the patented hybrid toe protector on the front part of the shoes, this pair will make sure to keep your feet safe and sound from every kind of external impact and damage.

In order to provide users with a better fit all throughout the day, these best bowling shoes feature the toe to upper lace design, so you can customize the fit however you want.

This pair will come with an H5 saw-tooth heel and S8 slide sole placed on a slide shoe, as well as a patented H2 ultra brakz heel placed on top of a push-off shoe.

You will also find an S6 sole and H7 heel alongside the package. For convenience, the manufacturer also included a lightweight poly-bag meant to carry the shoes to your destination.

Due to the tough toe protector inside the shoes, you can easily wear the pair on slippery bowling alleys as no external impact can damage your feet.


  • High quality full grain leather material for the built
  • Strong and durable nylon uppers
  • The uppers are also known to be really breathable; therefore, your feet will not start to sweat and/or smell bad.


· These Dexter shoes are not too budget friendly.

5. MICHELIN Storm Bowling Shoes

Storm Men's SP702 Bowling Shoes
  • Soft Leather Majority Upper
  • Strobal construction
  • Sport Outsole Right Hand Specific Only
  • Interchangeable sole and heel slide foot only
  • S8 sole + H5 Saw Tooth heel

Our last product of the day features a really cool White/Orange/Blue design for the exterior, while the outer pair is constructed with only the finest leather material.

These Storm SP702 men’s bowling shoes come with interchangeable soles and heel slide foot only. The main advantage of these shoes is its extreme comfortability and having plenty of room. Both left-handers and right-handers can use this shoe.

This pair of bowling shoes with replaceable soles is meant for the daily bowlers among us. The shoes can easily withstand heat and external impact to a moderate extent, so you can wear the shoes every single day without having to worry about premature damage.

With the firm and durable rubber outsole on these shoes, the traction is also known to be impeccable. The shoes provide just the right amount of grip and slide to their users.

You will also find the company’s logo “Storm” on the sides of the shoes, hence allowing you to stick out in a crowd!


  • High-quality leather material built
  • Strong and durable rubber outsole
  • Comfortable and Spacious


  • A few customers claimed that the interior of the shoe is wet.

 Buying Guide

Now that we have reached the end to our product reviewing let us take a brief look at some of the key factors to keep in mind whenever shopping for bowling shoes.


It is essential for you to check out what material the shoes have been constructed with. Some of the best construction materials are leather and synthetic.

These two materials are strong but also allow optimum air circulation. Shoes made of these two materials will last you for years on end.

Inner Sole

As a bowler, your feet will be on the floor for hours during each game. They should remain comfortable with a snug fit that is made from quality materials. If you want to feel comfortable during long games, the inner sole is important. It needs to be made with high-quality materials that will not wear out and maintain a good fit.

If You don’t want your feet to end up being sweaty when you bowl, cushioned insoles will be the best choice for you. bowling shoes should not only have well-padded linings for maximum comfort, they should also have soles that are breathable. Besides that the cushioned insoles additionally provide extra support to keep your feet stable while you bowl. It’s also important to consider ventilation.

Soles and heel

It is always a great feature when both of the soles and heels are interchangeable. This feature allows you to customize the pair however and whenever you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shoes are okay for bowling?

Bowling requires shoes that provide more traction than your ordinary footwear. This is because you will need to slide more in order to get that perfect shot. Hence shoes such as Dexter Bowling Shoes, Pyramid Bowling Shoes, Global Sport Bowling Shoes, etc. are ideal.

2. How long do bowling shoes last?

On average, high-quality bowling shoes might last you for around 5 years or so. However, with proper maintenance and care, you can make the pair last for 10+ years!

3. What is the difference between universal soles and interchangeable soles?

Shoes with universal soles will come with slide plates that assist both right-handed and left-handed bowlers. However, shoes with interchangeable soles will allow you to customize and adjust the slides to your own dexterity.

4. What is the main benefit of using interchangeable soles?

Bowling alleys always allow you to rent out shoes for playing. However, they do not come with interchangeable soles. Hence, you might not always find the right pair for you in these alleys, which in turn will affect your game.
In this case, you can benefit from your own personal bowling shoes as you can customize and adjust the slides to your own needs. The result for this can be clearly seen in your performance.

What makes bowling shoes special?

Bowling shoes are specially designed for sliding. You need special footwork and proper sliding for bowling which is almost impossible without bowling shoes. 

Video: Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Soles


We hope you had a fun time reading this article and that it proved to be really helpful to your and to your loved ones.

Bowling shoes are just as important as bowling balls when playing. This is why you should get your own bowling shoes, which also have interchangeable soles before you play next time. Not only will you feel more at ease while bowling, but you also get to save up extra cash as you will not be required to pay for those rental shoes! Thanks for sticking around till the end!

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