Best Bowling Shoes for Professionals for 2022

best bowling shoes for professionalsDo you know your total bowling performance depends on your bowling shoes? Yes, Bowling shoes matter that much. Now you must be wondering what bowling shoes do pros wear? We know, you cannot wear your regular shoes in the bowling alley nor rely on the rental shoes your local bowling center offers.

If you’re someone who’s about to be promoted as a professional bowler, or a beginner who wants to start with the best equipment, you’ve come to the right place. After thorough research, we have narrowed down five of the best bowling shoes for professionals. So, sit back, relax, and Keep on reading.

Best Bowling Shoes for Professionals: Top 5 Reviewed

Brunswick Fuze Men’s Bowling Shoes

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The days of gaudy multi-color bowling shoes are over! Brunswick has introduced the Fuze Bowling shoes for serious male bowlers. Don’t mistake them for running shoes for their athletic look. The shoes have the ability to provide you just the right amount of versatility and flexibility.

The mesh upper is super breathable. So, even if your bowling center has no air conditioning, you’ll be comfortable. The extra-lightweight molded EVA outsoles don’t tire your feet out no matter for how long you’re playing. Moreover, they have raised rubber heels which is a must when it comes to bowling. The rubber heels prevent you from slipping on the slippery lanes and give you plenty of control on the lanes.

Additionally, the soles have pure slide microfiber on the upper portion that smoothly slide your feet. This helps you enjoy a controlled as well as a superior slide immediately after you move your leg. This Brunswick Fuze also has a foamy padded tongue and lining for maximum comfort during your whole gameplay. Considering the price and quality, these shoes are indeed a great deal.


  • Having universal soles, they’re great for both left and right-handed players.
  •  Due to flexibility, your shoes won’t crack near the toe-box when you bend your feet
  • Pure slide microfiber ensures a perfect slide
  •  Rubber heels protect you from falling/slipping
  •  Extreme comfort
  •  Contours to your feet
  •  True to size
  •  Comes in two colors


  •  There have been a few complaints about the red/white pair that the red rubber heels leave marks on the bowling lanes. But you can use a primer to fix that.

Pyramid Ram Men’s Bowling Shoes

In a world of boring typical bowling shoes, welcome the super sleek Men’s Ram bowling shoes by Pyramid. In a combination of black and white, these shoes are great for bowlers of all ages. This specific pair of shoes are loved by many professional bowlers for a long time. This is because Pyramid makes every shoe after testing on life long pro bowlers.

These finely constructed shoes can give you maximum comfort and have no pressure point in them. Thanks to the full-grain leather upper, your feet will be relaxed inside the shoes throughout the whole game time. For the most perfect sliding, you’re getting easy break-in soles that give you the needed stability and balance despite the lane condition.

What makes these shoes great for professionals is their rubber in the heels that stick to the lanes when needed while the smooth portion of soles gives you a controlled yet easy slide. The shoe-lace on the upper gives you a decent classic look. Nonetheless, if you’re considering buying pro-level bowling shoes, you can put your full trust in them.


  •  Run true to size, Snug Fit
  •  No need to break-in
  •  Very comfortable to wear
  •  Smooth sliding every time with needed control
  •  No chance of falling/slipping
  •  Universal, so can be worn by both left or right-handed bowlers
  •  Easy put on and take off
  • Cons:
  •  Do not come with shoeboxes, but they do provide a bag for each pair.

BSI #751 Men’s Bowling Shoes

BSI Men's #751 Bowling Shoes
  • Sport leather uppers
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Stitched and glued slide sole
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Embossed logo

If these modernized bowling shoes don’t impress you, go for the BSI #751 Bowling shoes for men. Although it has a traditional design, the performance level is up-to-date and superb. The synthetic sports leather upper gives you a good first impression. They prevent perspiration from building up inside your shoes as they have a decent ventilation system.

On the inside, you’re getting, lightweight EVA midsoles which will contour your feet seamlessly. This #751 is rated as one of the best bowling shoes for professionals because of its pronation correcting feature. Yes, bowling shoes with this feature! Quite unbelievable, right?

If you’re a pro or a newbie bowler, you’ll love these shoes at the very first wear. Your feet will be treated nicely with the padded collar and tongue. Additionally, the common sliding soles, which are glued and stitched, will give you expected sliding with necessary control.


  • Durable leather upper will last long, no matter how often and how long you wear them.
  •  Gives you all the basic benefits
  •  Lightweight and extremely comfortable
  •  Universal, so can be worn by both left or right-handed bowlers
  •  True to size
  •  Will improve your game performance


  •  They do not run long.
  •  The laces don’t help tighten the shoes

KR Strikeforce Flyer Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Men's Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes
  • Proven Design: The Flyer Mesh men's bowling shoe features a proven design that makes it one of the most popular bowling...
  • Secure Lace Up Design: The lacing system featured on the Flyer Mesh guarnatees bowlers a secure fit while participating...
  • Consistency With Every Shot: For bowlers, consistency is the most important factor. The Flexslide Technology on the...
  • Availability: The Flyer Mesh is available for all men who wear size 6-12, 13, 14, and 15. It is also available for both...
  • Color Offerings: The Flyer Mesh is available in both a Black/Steel colorway as well as a Grey/Tan colorway. These two...

One of the most remarkable and best bowling shoes for professional players is KR Strikeforce Flyer Bowling Shoes. Greatly known for their sensible design, durability, and high performance, these bowling shoes are loved by many.

These shoes will totally give you the impression of heavy-duty running shoes at the first glance. But they aren’t. The beautifully engineered hand-made mesh upper will give you excellent support and comfort to your feet. The porous mesh upper will maintain breathability. Also, the special padded collar and tongue are textile lined.

The Flyer shoes have universal soles that are suitable for both right or left-handed bowlers. Plus, you’re the Komfort-Fit construction is these shoes that will ensure maximum comfort to your feet.

Now, let’s talk about the rubber soles that will offer you the best support and balance. The heels will secure your traction on the lanes. The non-marking rubber outsoles are truly brilliant. The FlexSlide technology-infused microfiber pad lets you slide and the heels stop that exactly when it’s needed. Feel the confidence while bowling with the ultimate Strikeforce Flyer!


  •  Universal soles for both handed bowlers
  •  Maximum comfort and breathability, so no soggy sweat in the shoes.
  •  Stylish and athletic-looking
  • Nice traction on the lanes
  •  Non-marking rubber soles
  •  Replaceable slide soles


  •  If used almost every day, the soles will separate from uppers rapidly
  •  Sometimes you might feel it’s giving you excessive traction

BSI Classic Women’s Bowling Shoes

BSI 654 Women's Bowling Classic Shoes
  • Sport leather uppers
  • Padded Tongue and collar
  • Glued slide sole
  • Common sliding sole
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • All shoe size's (5 to 11) run one size big than expected and ORDER A SIZE SMALLER

Renting bowling shoes from the bowling centers is not only costly but also unhygienic. Even though they sanitize it before passing it to the next player, but it’s wise to invest in a great pair of your own. This is why you need the high-selling Classic Bowling shoes by BSI, specially made for women.

On the outside, you’re getting a sports leather upper that has breathability and durability. The padded collar and tongue support your feet during your whole gameplay, and, also keeps you comfy. These bowling shoes also feel very lightweight because of their EVA midsoles which give your feet necessary protection.

Not only these shoes do their job, but also make you look super stylish with their duo colors and traditional-looking shoelaces. In the outsoles, you’ll have the common sliding pad which is glued to the upper part of your soles. The heels have rubber in them which gives you traction when you bend down to slide your feet. Many accomplished female bowlers have worn at least one of BSI’s bowling shoes. So, we can say confidently that, these beautiful bowling shoes will get the job done.


  •  Very stylish yet give you a traditional vibe
  •  Sufficient traction, non-slipping
  •  Universal, can be worn by both left and right-handed bowlers
  •  True to size
  •  Very effective for better performance


  •  None

How Should Bowling Shoes Fit?     

Finding the right size and best fit is very important for bowling shoes. A poorly fitted shoe can ruin your performance drastically. On the other hand, the nicely fitted ones can surprisingly improve your bowling performance. Well-fitted shoes are surely comfortable so you won’t have to worry about your feet while focusing on knocking down the pins.

The basics of shoe fitting standards are as same as regular running shoes. Firstly, your biggest toes need to be free of any pressure inside the shoes. Then, check if the upper is hugging your feet too tightly. If it feels too loose or too tight, you need to go for the opposite ones. When you’re wearing the bowling shoes and you notice the wrinkle is exactly on the widest area of your feet, this confirms a right fitting.

Another important thing to remember- do not look for extreme cushioning soft bowling shoes. Extremely soft ones can throw off your balance and you can fall or slip and injure pretty badly. So, make sure you find the best-fitted bowling shoes.

Difference between right-handed bowling shoes and left-handed bowling shoes

Right-handed bowling shoes and left-handed bowling shoes serve different purposes. From this article, you got to know that universal sole bowling shoes can be worn by both left or right-handed bowlers. This means both shoes are capable of letting you slide and giving you traction. But why shoe companies still make right-handed and left-handed bowling shoes separately?

Well, many professional players don’t like universal shoes as they disrupt the walking during the approach. Some shoes have a problem sticking to the floor. This is why side-specific shoes are available to but for bowlers who prefer them. But before you decide to buy non-universal bowling shoes, you must know how right-handed and left-handed bowling shoes work.

Between the side-specific bowling shoes, one of them is for sliding, while the other one is for stopping. Suppose you’re a left-handed bowler. So you’ll have a pair of bowling shoes where the right shoe helps you slide and the left shoe helps you break at the right time. This is how you differentiate between right-handed bowling shoes and left-handed bowling shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good bowling shoe?

A pair of good bowling shoes needs to have some significant properties which make bowlers’ movement easier and safer. Bowling lanes are typically very slippery, so the soles must have rubber which will prevent you from tripping and brake your legs exactly on the right moment when you release the ball. For sliding support, the outsoles also should have leather or sliding pads so nothing can injure you. A pair of good performing bowling shoes are made with durable material and breathable upper and midsoles for your extra comfort.

Do bowling shoes have different soles?

Yes, bowling shoes have different soles. They are made differently than running shoes because a smoother slide pad is needed to glide your legs on the lanes. The sliding soles accommodate bowlers to release the ball on the lane safely with proper balance. The soles are also softer than regular sneakers and other dress shoes. This gives bowlers traction and stability on the lanes despite the condition.


To take your game to the next level, a pair of well-designed and high-performing bowling shoes are essential. Though we can not guarantee you that you will succeed with these bowling shoes because many factors are also dependent on success in bowling. But we can assure you the shoes will help you for sure to improve your performance level. If you’re a professional bowler, these bowling shoes will astonishingly suitable. So, for your upcoming tournaments and consecutive strikes/spares, get one of these fine selected bowling shoes and see the improvement with time. 

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