How can you measure your bowling ball performance level?

bowling ball performance level

Bowling ball performance is crucial for choosing the right ball. The Bowling Ball performance level is calculated based on many indicators. The main indicators are coverstock, inner core material and hook potential. Generally, coverstock is the most important factor to decide the performance of the bowling ball.

Bowling Ball Performance Level Catagories

Bowlers choose their bowling ball based on 5 types of bowling ball performance.

They are

  1. Entry-Level Performance Bowling Ball
  2. Mid Performance Bowling ball
  3. Advance Level Performance Bowling Ball
  4. High-Level Performance Bowling Ball
  5. Pro Performance bowling ball

Now let’s see the details of the bowling ball performance categories

1. Entry Level Performance Bowling Ball:

Generally, the bowling ball with no hook potential or very low hook potential is considered an entry-level bowling ball. Another criterion is that the bowling ball may be made with polyester or plastic. This ball is lighter than any other bowling balls. Generally, Beginner starts their bowling with this type of ball. This kind of ball is also preferred for seniors or kids due to its lightweight. Professional bowlers use this ball for shooting spares. The score of the bowling ball performance is 2 out of 10.

2. Mid performance Bowling Ball:

This kind of bowling ball shows average performance. The ball is made of poly-urethane materials. These balls generally provide low hook potential. The balls are perfect for light oil conditions or dry conditions. Generally, novice players use this kind of bowling ball to improve their skills. The bowlers who are looking for the average performance bowling ball for light oil, I recommend you to use this mid performance bowling ball. The score of the bowling ball performance is 4 out of 10.

3. Advance Level Performance Bowling Ball:

These types of bowling balls provide medium hook potential or slightly high hook potential. It has a wide range of reactions, including moderate mid-lane read and strong backend reaction. People of all ages and all levels of skilled players can use them. The coverstock of the ball is reactive. You can prefer solid reactive or pearl reactive bowling ball as  an advance performance bowling ball. Generally, the balls are played in medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The bowling ball performance score is 6 out of 10.

4. High-Level Performance Bowling Ball:

High-Performance bowling balls are made of polyurethane-based materials and provide great hook potential and ball motion with a wide range of reactions. The coverstock is highly reactive. Generally experienced bowlers or advance bowlers use high-performance bowling ball. High-level bowling ball works great on medium to heavy oil lane conditions and specailly heavy oil patterns. The score of the bowling ball performance is 8 out of 10.

5. Pro Performance Bowling Ball:

This bowling ball is designed with the most advanced technology. It has the strongest and most reliable core technology. Its hook potential is the highest among all bowling balls in the market. You will be surprised by the performance of the ball if you use it perfectly. Most pro-bowlers use it in the professional bowling leagues. The ball reads the mid-lane very well, and its backend reaction is super strong. The score of the bowling ball is 10 out of 10. You can set it as a standard ball for your performance.

Bowling Ball Performance
Bowling ball performance depends on a lot of factors

Which kind of bowling ball performance best for you?


Generally, kids prefer lightweight bowling balls. Kids of age below 12 years like entry-level bowling ball for their game. Hook does not matter for kids. You should choose an entry-level bowling ball for your son or daughter.


If you are an adult and at the beginning stage or learning stage of bowling, you should prefer entry-level performance bowling ball. If you are at the improving stage, you can use an average performance bowling ball. It can improve your bowling with ease. And you can use high-level performance bowling or pro-level performance bowling ball at an expert level.


Women’s bowling ball weight range differs from men’s. Generally, Women at the beginning stage can use entry-level bowling ball with consideration of the ball’s weight. If you are a skilled bowler, you may prefer a high-level performance bowling ball. But again, remember you should not choose bowling balls based on men’s weight.


Generally, seniors who have a poor physical condition or any medical issue should not be advised to play bowling. But if you are conscious about your health, you can play bowling with the doctor’s permission. Lightweight bowling balls are preferred for seniors. The entry-level bowling ball is perfect for them. Seniors have to follow special tips and tricks to avoid injuries in bowling.


I have pointed out the basic things about choosing bowling ball performance. But remember, all bowling ball performance measurements are not the same. Some ball works best on light oil conditions. Some ball works excellent on medium or heavy oil conditions. Bowling ball performance depends on Core, Coverstock, hook Potential and so many criteria. It also varies from ball to ball. 

On the other hand, bowling ball performance also depends on the bowling style. Stroker, tweener or cranker playing style are different. So you should look into all necessary indicators for selecting a bowling ball. Hope now you can easily find the best bowling ball for you and your family members.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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