Best high Performance Bowling Balls 2022 [Reviews With Comparison]

best high performance bowling ball

Have you decided to buy a high-performance bowling ball only to feel stressed out with so many choices out there in the market?

Are you currently in the “analysis-paralysis” stage where you’re stuck on what to buy and the words “buyer’s remorse” keeps popping in your head?

Don’t worry as we totally get it.  Nobody wants to part with one’s hard-earned money only to find out they made a blunder with their purchase.

So to help you make a better choice, we have come up with a list of best high performance bowling balls that should do the job.

Best High-Performance Bowling Balls: Top 5 Reviews

1. Brunswick Uppercut

Brunswick Uppercut 12lb, Black/Gold Sparkle
  • Sport Type: Bowling
  • Package Weight: 13.0 pounds
  • Included components: Bowling Ball
  • Package Dimensions: 10.0 L x 10.0 H x 10.0 W (inches)

This high-performance ball is hard not to like.  With the updated version of the Savvy Hook 3.0, the Uppercut offers more traction and strong mid-lane continuation.The Brunswick Uppercut delivers a 1-2 punch in terms of price and performance.

The finish allows easy clearing of the front lane before firming up in the mid lane and firmly settling in the pocket.

This ball makes its quick move at the breakpoint and stores energy well until the final push towards the pins.  It shatters the common belief that Brunswick balls generally do not move on the back-end.

If you’re looking for a ball for medium oil conditions leaning on the angular side approach, the Uppercut maybe the ball that you want to roll with.

The Brunswick Uppercut hooks a little earlier as compared to a Brunswick Hero but it goes further down the pocket and stays strong through the pins.

It’s a versatile ball that deserves a spot in our best high-performance bowling balls.


  • The updated version of the Savvy Hook 3.0 cover adds more traction
  • Hooks earlier and then delivers the punch on the back-end
  • A highly versatile and durable piece of equipment


  •  Not suitable for straight shooters

2. MICHELIN Storm !Q Tour Emerald

Storm IQ Tour Emerald 15lb
  • Cover stock: R2S Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: C3 centripetal control core
  • Scent: melon Mint
  • Workable and forgiving, the C3 Centripetal Control Core is a design that revs up quickly, providing a smoother change of...

The Storm !Q Tour Emerald is the 6th edition of the IQ series with the first one made almost 8 years ago in 2012.  They are still available in the market for the purchase, and the reason these series have been so popular for so long is because of one word – control.

Those who took a liking to the IQ prefers that the balls do not snap off the pattern too hard, nor do they want it to hook like crazy.  They also don’t want the balls to skid too far down the lane either.  There’s a very good element of control and comfort whenever you throw the bowling ball.

This is the 6th version with the first one as the original IQ, followed by the Pearl, the Solid, and the Fusion.  The 30 is the 5th and the latest version that was followed by the Emerald.

All the IQ series balls have their distinct traits and characteristics.  What is impressive with Storm is that they spend time not only on the technology that is put in every bowling ball.  They are also busy in the design department to produce stunning balls that look good and impressive.

That’s why Storm is one of the most successful companies that makes bowling balls.  Not only do they know how to make high-performance balls, but they also know how to make them easy on the eyes.

The Emerald is a bowling ball that delivers and much more.  It deserves to be on our list of one of the best high-performance bowling balls not only inside Storm’s extensive product line but in the whole world.


  •  Proven lineage from the IQ series that delivers control
  •  Reads the mid lane very well and does not go hook-crazy
  • High-performance beauty that delivers


  • May not be suited for high-rev rate players

3. Brunswick Vintage Phantom Bowling Ball

Brunswick Phantom 15lb, Black/Steel Grey
  • Package length: 21.336 cm
  • Package width: 29.464 cm
  • Package height: 34.036 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

The Brunswick Vintage Phantom carries the name that has revolutionized the bowling ball technology.  The original Phantom was ahead of its time because nobody really understood asymmetric balls.  Brunswick jump-started the asymmetric ball revolution with its strongest performance.

The new Vintage Phantom is made of Solid Reactive cover and has a low RG and differential for more control.

The updated version of Savvy Hook enables the Vintage Phantom to achieve that solid and strong reaction through the back-end.  It has a more aggressive finish but does not sacrifice aggressive motion on the backend.

It reads the mid lane well not too early, then rolls nice and smooth, with controllable reaction.   It prefers straighter angles and performs well in dry to mid oil lanes.

It’s not made of old-school urethane which the original Phantom was, but it offers the same usability and utility with its modern solid reactive version.

This is one versatile and durable piece that deserves to be part of our best high-performance bowling balls.  It comes with a four years warranty that is hard to beat.


  • Reads mid lane well, and is not too early going  into the back-end
  • Rolls nice and smooth and shows great control
  • 4-years limited warranty is above industry standard


  • May not be suitable for high-speed and high-rev style players.

4. Roto Grip Dare Devil Danger Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Devil Danger Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Dare Devil Bowling Ball, Teal/White/Black, 15 lb
2 Reviews
Roto Grip Dare Devil Bowling Ball, Teal/White/Black, 15 lb
  • Amped Pearl reactive Cover stock
  • Madcap weight block
  • 1500-Grit Polished

The Roto Grip Dare Devil Danger offered a new amped coverstock with Madcap Symmetrical core design.  The hybrid reactive coverstock is finished to a 1500-grit polish, which gives this high-performance ball an easy length with a stronger move at the dry condition.

This Devil doesn’t hook too early, and it doesn’t go crazy off of the breakpoint. It holds in the middle of the lane even with the break-in pattern as oil is pushed into the back giving more control.

The polished box finish seems to amplify misses pushing the ball out of the pocket.  Removing the polish with a 2000 Abralon pad should get the ball to pick up the mid lane better and be less crazy when it lands on dry.

The Dare Devil Danger could get through the front of the lane with ease, hold the mid lane and hook on the pocket predictably and finish strong on the pins.

It has plenty of back end hook to get it back to the pocket at the more speed. The Dare Devil doesn’t stop once it hooks and makes its turn to the pocket.  This ball will stay and continue through the pins without any hitches.


  • The amped coverstock gives an easy length and strong move at the dry lane
  • Doesn’t hook too early  and allows for more control
  • It reads the mid lane and finishes strong through the pins


  • May have to be polished to pick up the mid lane better and be less crazy on the dry

5. Motiv Rogue Assassin Bowling Ball

Motiv ROgue Assassin Bowling Ball

MOTIV Rogue Assassin 15lb, Black/Dark Teal
  • Color: Solid Black/Dark Teal
  • Core: Sigma
  • Coverstock: Coercion HFS Reactive
  • Finish: 3000 Grit LSS

The Motiv Rogue Assassin Bowling Ball is a smooth, versatile, and controllable piece of art.  The Coercion HFS Reactive coverstock offers great traction through the mid lane while storing enough energy to be released at the perfect moment.

It is a perfect benchmark ball for a player of any level. It’s low RG combined with mid differential, enables it to read the mid-lane better and hook predictably into the pocket.  It will give you some grab from the Coercion coverstock to ensure the ball carries the corner pins with a controlled backend.

It’s generous to a fault and tends to forgive on the mid lane onto the deep pocket when you miss the mark.

It’s both smooth and strong, having the capability to blend out the oil lane pattern and create an even ball reaction.  Whenever the lanes begin to transition, this is the go-to ball and it will not disappoint.

It’s a great ball to have on tricky lane conditions when controlling the pocket is crucial to your game.

The hitting power of the Assassin is underrated, and its’ versatility to get to the pocket consistently makes this a deserving best bowling balls for high performance on our list.


  • The Coercion coverstock is both dependable and  reliable
  • Great go-to ball when lanes begin to transition
  • It reads the mid lane and finishes strong through the pins


  • Not suitable for straight shooters with low rev and speed

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the main difference between bowling balls?

Bowling balls differ mainly between the coverstock and the core or also called weight block.  The coverstock is the outer shell of the ball or what we see.
There are many types of materials used which determine the performance of each ball.  The core or weight block is the one that’s inside the outer shell or the coverstock.
The weight and shape also determine the performance of the ball and the characteristics of each bowling ball are highly dependent on both the coverstock and the core.

2. Is it worth buying your own bowling ball even if you’re just a beginner?

Yes.  Although it’s not really a must to buy your bowling ball, it’s worth the small investment to have your own ball as it will help improve your game. If you are serious about your game and want to improve your average by hook or crook, high-performance bowling will be a great investment for you

3. What makes a bowling ball a high-performance ball?

A high-performance bowling ball is usually made from Urethane or Poly Urethane materials.  Bowling balls are made using plastics, urethane, reactive resin, hybrid reactive, and particle (proactive).
Plastics are usually for beginners with a smooth surface and offer the least friction and least hook potential, which gives you the entry-level performance bowling.  These are not high-performance balls, but even intermediate and advanced players use it but usually only as a spare ball.
On the other hand, urethane balls yield a higher hook potential.
High-performance bowling balls are usually made from coverstock and core made out of high-quality materials that use the latest technology based on research and development. These kinds of balls yield a higher hook potential. These balls is very effective in medium to heavy oil lanes.These balls are called medium reactive balls.

4. what bowling ball weight should I use?

It actually depends.  Most professionals use between 13-16 lbs, depending on their style.  We have to remember that the average weight of a bowling pin is 2.8 lbs, and the heavier the bowling ball means that the impact will be greater when it hits the pins.
Experts advise that a 10:1 ratio between the player and the ball is ideal.
It means for every 10 lbs of weight, 1 lb should be the equivalent to a ball.  And so if the player weighs 120 lbs, the ideal weight of the ball is 12 lbs. Seniors and kids are advised to use a lightweight ball.
While this is not a hard and fast rule, a lot of players observe this general rule of thumb.
But other factors such as the style of play, one’s built, etc. can determine what weight of the ball is suited for a player. The best way to know is to hold an actual ball and get a “feel” and use it and see if the weight is just right.  If it’s too light or too heavy, adjust it accordingly until you settle for the right weight that is comfortable for you.


With the information you’ve learned from this short article, you now have an idea on which bowling ball may be the right one for you and You may have found the best high performance bowling ball for you.

The list we’ve made is surely too few to accommodate the many more equally deserving high performance bowling balls in this list.  But we stand by our list and we know that whatever you decide can only help you with your game.

Whether you’re a recreational player or somebody who is seriously considering making a career out of bowling in the future, know that it’s worth investing in the latest high-performance bowling ball that will accompany you in your bowling journey.

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