Best Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Bowling Ball: Ideal for you

Best symmetrical and asymmetrical bowling ball

The selection of the right bowling ball takes time. So, if you are a beginner and have the wrong ball, it can make a serious blunder. You may not have the right scores, but the possibilities of mistake decrease with the right bowling ball. At the same time, the proper bowling ball can increase the chances of hook.

However, you need to know about the types of bowling balls and which one is the best one for you. Generally, there are two types of bowling balls available – asymmetrical and symmetrical. You need support from an asymmetrical bowling ball when you are bowling on a heavy oil condition with an aggressive mood. But if you need consistent performance and a relatively slower motion, the symmetrical bowling balls will help you in medium to dry conditions.

Let’s begin the journey to discover the weapons of your bowling arsenal, and have the best symmetrical and asymmetrical bowling ball that suits you more.

Let’s begin the journey to discover the weapons of your bowling arsenal.

Best Asymmetrical Bowling Ball: Top 5 Reviews

1. Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Halo Pearl 15lb
  • This Bowling Ball Ships Undrilled With No Holes Unless You Add Drilling Services. This Ball Was Designed To Be The...
  • However, The Big Difference Is The Cover Stocks. Wrapping This Core With The Etrax Pearl Cover Creates Motion In A...
  • If You Were To Drill A Halo Pearl And A Halo The Exact Same, You Would See Approximately 6-8 Feet More Skid, Which...
  • The Now Famous Centrum Core Has Quickly Become A Fan Favorite Due To The Radial Disc Which Helps Increase...

Do you love to add some tactical advantage in the bowling alley?

Who doesn’t love it! I think Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball is the perfect companion.  The center of the ball is the outcome of exceptional engineering. Therefore, the ball has extraordinary rotation and continuation. Interestingly, you can roll down the ball in any condition.

You will be surprised at the overall steady motion of this bowling ball even in heavy oil conditions. It destroys the pins for its asymmetrical core. Also, it has the latest traction coverstock.

So, do you want to rule over the bowling alley?  In that case, you should accept these bowling balls as your ruling partner. It is covered with the MicroTrax-S18 coverstock. The finish is at 2000 grit matte.

Or, if you want instant recovery of your misses at the bowling alley, this ball can do that since it runs on various surfaces, no worries, even if you are a beginner. Play straighter and check the result. It’s highly reactive.

This ball hooks! Honestly, Halo Pearl is different than other asymmetrical balls. It starts creating motion from the mid lane of the alley. So, if you are confused, wait, and observe the action. Undoubtedly, the ball will hit the spot. For the exceptional pairing of the most energetic core and coverstock, it’s selected as the best asymmetrical bowling ball


  • Strong coverstock
  • Motion begins from mid lane
  • Smooth transition
  • Versatile application


  • Suits left-handed people most
  • No other cons available

2. MICHELIN Storm Omega Crux

Storm Omega Crux 15lb, White/Copper/Graphite
  • Package length: 22.352 cm
  • Package width: 22.352 cm
  • Package height: 22.606 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

I know that most of the bowling ball reviews recommend asymmetric core. Any idea why they recommend so?

Well, such a core can perform to the fullest. The motion is healthy, goes following a curve shape, and hits the pins like a truck. This MICHELIN Storm Omega Crux has all the potentials. It has a pearl reactive coverstock for improved performance. You will be happy for its 3000-Grit Abralon finish that shines through the bowling alley.

Surprisingly, you can see the performance of the latest technology. The bowling ball can recover even if you make mistakes in rolling it down. Consistency is another plus with the ball, and it has a very sharp hook. Predicting continuous motion is not always possible, but it hits the targets like a storm.

The omega acts like a hybrid and tends to start later than a solid ball but still gives you a more predictable continuous motion. Because of the GI-20 cover, the ball can dig into a speedy manner and hits the pins like a cannon shell.

Versatility is another feature of this ball. Drilling through the ball is an effortless task. In line with friction, it can stay in the center of the alley. No matter if the alley is dry or wet, you can have as many shots as you need. And smoothly. Also, if you have low rev, this is a great one for your practice or leagues. The ball will continue through the pin while some other bowling balls even can’t hit rightly.


  • Suitable for high and low rev players
  • Stronger construction
  • GI-20 Pearl coverstock with Asymmetric Catalyst core
  • Speedy performance


  • Speedy reaction
  • No other disadvantages found

3. Brunswick Kingpin Rule Bowling Ball

Brunswick Kingpin Rule 14lbs
  • Color Maroon/Orange/White
  • Core Kingpin Ultra Low RG
  • Cover stock ECA-XR
  • Cover Type Solid
  • Finish 500 and 2, 000 Stair Micro Pad

The Brunswick Kingpin Rule works like a king. Want to know why?

Many of the bowling experts prefer this ball. Because it is the best upper mid-performance bowling ball, also, it is more durable and efficient. It has a very solid coverstock with 500/2000 Siaair Micro Pad finish. So, it can roll down in various alley conditions, including dry and wet. But experts recommend using the ball in heavy oil conditions for better performance.

The addition of Ultra-Low RG makes it a must for your arsenal. With the and the DynamiCore, the ball hooks more than usual. So, you can be the ruler in the alley.  Interestingly, the coverstock is ECA-XR and solid. You may wonder about its pin-hitting performance. This is a game-changer.

It is also the perfect bowling ball when you are dealing in a more robust pattern. No worries if the design is more extended as well. When you prefer a lower rev, try this ball. It retains energy and starts delivering power from the mid lane. It will carry the corners pins too, not to panic.

Do you know that the pro-traction rating of this ball is over 80?

It happens for the robust and reactive outer shell. However, experts also recommend having a weaker drill in this ball to get the best out of it. Color combination is another aspect that you will admire. It looks cool when you roll down the ball to the bowling lane.


  • Incredible continuation
  • Easy rev up
  • Fits versatile surfaces
  • Stronger construction


  • Not suitable for all level players
  • No other cons available

4.  Track Precision Bowling Ball

Track Precision Solid 14lbs
  • Color: Blue/Yellow/Black
  • Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
  • Overstock: Prime Sold
  • Finish: 500/2000 Abalone
  • Core: Asymmetrical

Do you know the rule of success in bowling?

Delivery of the ball on-point will take you to your goal. If there is a consistent grip like Track Precision Bowling Ball, your success is a matter of a few seconds. With the Prime Pearl coverstock, this bowling ball is paired with a 500/ 1000 Abralon. It also has a factory finish that makes it look amazing. Down the lane, this ball has an angular reaction. So, all your pins will be ditched instantly.

Do you need energy in your bowling ball? Energy retention is another feature of this bowling ball. It has a high differential reaction. You will also have a high RG. Thereby, energy retention is smooth, and it explodes in the end.

Precision is the key aspect that helps to get the specific motion for the bowling ball. These balls roll down the alley and start turning stronger from the mid lane. Therefore, when it reaches the end line, it explodes. Consequently, the pins cannot stand against the ball.

You can set your angel while rolling down the ball. It happens for the smooth transition of the ball. So, you should not miss the chance to test it, should you?

At the same time, this ball has a steady back-end motion. So, it can move inside the lane. Hence, if some corner pins are remaining, you can quickly recover those.


  • Plenty of hooks
  • Effortless control
  • No, overreact
  • Predictable transition
  • Strong construction


  • No cons available

5. DV8 Night Prowler

DV8 Night Prowler Bowling Ball (15)
  • Country Of Origin: Mexico
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.59 L X 22.86 W X 22.86 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 7.121 Kilograms

Do you love to puzzle your pins down the bowling alley? You need a speedy bowling ball like DV8 Night Prowler. If you are a pro, you cannot but love this bowling weapon.

Like the other storm bowling balls, it can devastate the pins, and they won’t see it coming towards them. Also, you have several drilling options. So, managing the bowling ball when you roll it down. Rolling down on several surfaces is a unique feature here. You can use the bowling ball for wood lanes or oily lanes.

Are you still confused?

Check the back end motion of this ball. The specialty of this DV8 bowling ball is that it hits the pins hard on the deck. It changes the direction instantly and efficiently.

Also, this ball comes with an exceptional warranty period (4-year limited warranty). Paired with Dynamicore technology, it owns much more hook potentials than other similar products. It flies during the roll and suitable for medium patterns.

The bowling ball has a 500 Siaair. The crown factory compound finish is another plus in line with the DOT technology. So, drilling is not a big deal here. You can have your drill at any part you want.

On the other part, it has a natural reaction, which ensures a big back end. Don’t get surprised. The bowling balls are also suitable for medium oil condition rolls. If you love speed and a quick reaction, try the ball at least once. And there would be a surface scratch.


  • Clean through the head
  • Smooth continuation
  • Greater speed
  • Four-year warranty


  • The angle is too sharper
  • No other cons found

Let’s take a break.

What is your favorite bowling alley? You can write the name in the comment box below.

Well, we have reviewed the Best Asymmetrical Bowling Balls so far. Do you mind checking some of the Best Symmetrical Bowling Balls?

Here you go!!

Best Symmetrical Bowling Ball: Top 5 Reviews

1. Pyramid Pathogen X Bowling Ball

Which is your preferable lane?

If medium lanes are your choice, Pyramid Pathogen X Bowling Ball is a must for your arsenal.

This bowling ball comes with a New Era 139 Symmetric Core. It also has a 2.54 RG paired with 0.032 Differential. The GPS Navigational Pearl Coverstock is another plus with the bowling ball. You also will enjoy the benefits of 2000-Grit Abralon with Factory Polish Finish.

Versatile drilling is another option that allows you to opt for various bowling preferences.

Making a high score is a matter of time only. The bowling pros admire the strong back end reaction of this ball. It retains energy in proper motion. As a result, the ball has devastating energy that blows the pins away.

It has a medium RG, and you can read the pace of the ball when it is on the mid lane. Also, it can eliminate over or under reaction during the rolling process.

This is an unstoppable ball that hits the pins on the deck like the best benchmark bowling ball. Do not worry if you find a more vigorous motion while rolling down the ball. Still, you will have control over the line of the ball.

Angular motion down the lane is another advantage that you must have to admit. The back end of the ball comes with incredible power and hits the breakpoint effectively.


  • Perfect transition
  • Suitable for low rev bowlers
  • Shines in different conditions
  • Firm control over the ball


  • Less comfortable in a dry lane
  • No other disadvantages found

2. DV8 Turmoil 2 Solid Bowling Ball

DV8 Turmoil 2 Solid Blk/Roy/YEL 16lb
  • Made in Mexico
  • Package height :23.622 cm
  • Package length :22.225 cm
  • Package width :23.114 cm
  • Package weight :7.521 kg

Are you playing a league tonight? You need luck with the DV8 Turmoil 2Solid Bowling Ball.

Are you Surprised? Don’t be. This bowling ball comes with a perfect balance of its core and cover. The outer shell (or coverstock) is solid and allows you to react while rolling down.

When you need some typical shots, rely on this bowling ball. It performs very well on the lighter hits. However, you may see some changes in the performance when the hit is a bit heavier.

If you want to dominate the scoreboard on the league night, don’t you need a versatile bowling ball?

Nobody will disagree on this particular point. When you will split 8-9 pockets, how would you feel? It will remain hidden that what was your style or how you took the shot all the time. When you have this DV8 Turmoil Solid Bowling Ball, you are the winner.

Experts prefer this ball as it has better performance than its ancestors. Solid symmetry is an added advantage, and it is 500/ 4000.

The performance of the ball is up to the standard in various bowling conditions. Slight angular motion can ensure your victory in the leagues.

Also, it has an extraordinary look. The stiff structure, smooth continuation, and predictability – all are advantageous here.


  • Super predictable
  • Solid construction
  • Versatile application
  • Big motion


  • Needs perfect drilling
  • Colors too bright

3. 900 Global Boost Bowling Ball

900 Global Boost Bowling Ball

Can you explain in brief that what is an essential part of a bowling ball?

Well, the answer may vary. But to me, it is the coverstock. Many of the pro bowlers consider the coverstock before anything.

This symmetric 900 Global Boost Bowling Ball comes with S43 pearl coverstock. It has a 1500 Grit, and that is polished.

Therefore, the bowling ball provides the right length on different oil conditions. If you need the back end breakpoint, this is the right weapon for your bowling arsenal.

The manufacturer takes humble pride for its superior performance in drier conditions. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can perform naturally with this reactive ball. For the symmetric core, there is a snap in the back end.

Sharp turn on the back end is another plus in this bowling ball. For the turning, you can roll down the ball at the right angle to hit in the pin deck. Controlling the ball during the rolling is almost effortless.

Drilling it at any corner is possible. The smooth head significantly changes the direction in the last part of the alley. The friction of the ball takes it directly towards the pocket without any overreaction.

Do you love to see your bowling ball exploding energy? You can have it on this ball. You can consider this as the best hammer bowling ball. The readable motion is another plus with this bowling ball. If you are a straight player, you need not chase the pattern. The ball will do that for you.


  • Clean, controlled motion
  • S43 Hybrid shell
  • Perfect pin hitting
  • Color available


  • No visible cons available

4. Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball

Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball
  • Skull Design Core Visible From Outside
  • Clear Polyester Coverstock
  • Finely polished for striking design visibility and clarity

Are you a hook lover in your leagues? Well, this symmetrical Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball is the perfect combination of strength, pace, and explosion.

The most impressive aspect is that it comes with a visible skull design. Don’t worry; it will not create panic among your mates in the bowling alley.

Interestingly, the coverstock is from clear polyester, which ensures the visibility of the skull. Also, you will enjoy the feature of this polished bowling ball. It reaches straight to the pins and strikes them like the hammer bowling balls.

This bowling ball gained popularity among the pro players for its classic feel. With the exclusive design, you can see the core. Or, if you want to be the center of attention, it’s the right bowling ball for you. It rarely misses the pins on a lengthy deck. With an average strike, you can reach your target.


  • Cool performance as spare ball
  • Hits effectively
  • Clear look
  • Fine polishing


  • A bit fragile
  • Coating damage

5. Radical Counter Attack Solid

Radical Counter Attack Solid Purple 13lb
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.59 L X 22.86 W X 22.86 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 6.26 Kilograms

Are you a hard-core bowler?

Radical Counter Attack Solid is the last best symmetrical bowling ball in this review list, and you can pair it for extreme hits.

It comes with Core Rack Attack 2 Symmetric with the combination of Ai-20 solid coverstock. Also, you can have finishes like 500, 1000 and 3000 Siaair.

Do you how this bowling ball performs? It reaches in the hooking motion right after crossing the mid lane. The ball can perform better in medium-heavy conditions. And if you are a beginner, you can easily flat the pins on the deck with a simple shot.

The design of the ball lets it cover all the pins with a massive explosion in the end. The cover stock formulation is another plus in this bowling ball.

Though the design is a bit similar to its ancestors, there are some subtle changes. The ball rolls down smoothly to the alley. The continuation of the ball is smooth, and it goes through the pins effectively.

When you play in lower volume but want to control the lanes, this is the right bowling ball for your arsenal.

It has lots of friction but with smooth power generation. The ball motion is attractive and can handle the oily surface in a better way. The ball moves naturally with a smooth transition.


  • Ai 20 coverstock suits oily surface
  • Natural progression
  • Efficient transition
  • Explodes after crossing mid lane
  • Follows exact pattern


  • No cons available

Symmetrical Bowling Balls vs. Asymmetrical Bowling Ball

It’s a matter of debate that which one is the best – the symmetrical bowling ball or the asymmetrical bowling ball.

Did you ever ask your mates what that means? Most of us don’t.

If you seek my opinion, as a bowling expert, I would rather say that both bowling balls are necessary. They have their respective features and advantages. Do you want to know which one suits you? Well, then you need to know the critical difference between a symmetrical bowling ball and an asymmetrical bowling ball.

Here they are.

1. Small differential ratio

The symmetrical bowling balls have a small differential ratio. For the small differential ratio, the ball provides a smooth motion. Also, you can control the motion easily.

On the other part, an asymmetrical bowling ball has an angular motion. They have a wide breakpoint and responds to friction quickly.

 2. Weight block shape

Usually, an asymmetrical bowling ball has a well-balanced shape. The weight block of the ball is balanced.

But an asymmetrical bowling ball is different. The weight block is centered on any particular position.

Symmetrical weight blocks are shaped like a light bulb.

But the asymmetrical weight blocks have a different look. It appears they are spreading their arms.

3. Difference of cores

There is a slight difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical cores. Usually, the radius of gyration (RG) in asymmetrical cores differ over 5 percent between the high and low axis.

But in the symmetrical core, the RG differential is lower than 5 percent.

There are many more differences available between a symmetric ball and an asymmetric ball. But now, I am giving up the debate here, and we shall discuss the matter in a future post.

4. Hooking Potential: 

An asymmetrical bowling ball provides high hook potential. Thus it is called an aggressive bowling ball. 

Symmetrical bowling ball is specially designed for low hook and controllable motion

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does RG affect a bowling ball?

The radius of Gyration (RG) is a measurement of the bowling ball. It gauges the distance from the axis of rotation.
The bowling balls with a higher RG number has extensive length. But the bowling balls with lower RG numbers can move faster and hook within a short time.
So, if you want to hook early, you need to have the bowling ball with a lower RG number. But if you want more length, you should prefer the higher RG number.

2, Who need symmetrical bowling ball?

Bowlers preferring a more stable and continuous motion, select the symmetrical bowling balls. When you need a durable ball reaction from the mid lane, you need not select the symmetrical balls.
But if you need a less aggressive ball with hook potentials, the symmetrical bowling balls are for you.

3. Who need asymmetrical bowling ball?

Bowlers who need an aggressive movement in the bowling alley, prefer asymmetrical bowling balls. They are reliable and perform in heavy oil conditions where there are fewer frictions. They have high hook potential. If you are a big hook lover with great control, asymmetrical bowling ball is for you.

4. Which oil lane works best for symmetric bowling ball?

Generally, medium to dry lanes is the perfect ones for the symmetric bowling balls. In the medium bowling alley, there are fewer frictions with the cover stock. So, the ball can skid perfectly and reach the deck to hit the pins.

5. Which oil lane works best for asymmetric bowling balls?

An asymmetric bowling ball can work in different soil conditions. But it plays a better role when you roll the bowling ball on a heavy oil condition.

Final words

How are you feeling now after going through the long texts?

I hope you have the right idea about Best Bowling Balls. Both versions of symmetrical and asymmetrical bowling balls have their distinctive features and application. So you have a variety of options from where you can select the best bowling ball for yourself, your friends and family members, But remember, they will work perfectly when you have the right way of hitting.

If you need the best benchmark bowling ball, but you lack the skill, you cannot have the best result. Among many other preparations, you need to have the best bowling ball that suits you.

So, I can say you need to practice a lot—practice, practice, and practice.

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I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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