Low Rev, Medium Rev or High Rev Player – Which One are You?

low rev medium rev and high rev players

Ahh bowling! Is there really any other game more entertaining and enticing than bowling? From hanging out with friends for a competitive game or simply just playing by yourself at an alley, bowling can act as that one-stop destination when it comes to seeking an adrenaline rush for all the good reasons. 

Some people prefer playing this amazing game just to waste time, while others take a more competitive route. Whatever it may be, everyone likes to see their name at the top of the scoreboard. And in order to achieve that, they want their bowling skills to be the best. 

However, you cannot really achieve that milestone simply by honing your own hand skills, as a lot of things also depend on the kind of bowling ball you are using, and how you are making use of that bowling ball.

You might have heard the word “rev” a lot of times upon entering the world of bowling. But for the newbies out there, this simple word can spiral them into a vortex of dilemma. “What does it really mean to be a high/medium/low rev player? How does it affect my game-play?”

Well, do not worry any longer. In this article today, we are going to cover all you might need to know about being a low, medium, and/or high rev player. Stick around, for, by the end of this article, we assure you, you are going to be firing up that alley with your newly gained knowledge!

Who are Low Rev Bowlers? 

Firstly, let us take a look at what it means to be a low rev bowler. Well, in simple terms, a low rev player/bowler is someone who creates minimum or small amounts of friction and/or traction with his or her bowling ball on the lane. They are also called rev challenged players.

What this low amount of traction really does is merely just present a low rev player with a lower hook result. People who play with a low rev (also known as revolution) rate tend to use around only 200 RPM per shot. This rate varies, and can even be much less at times. Since the ball speed here is really low, it will have more time to hook initially. Casual players usually play with a low rev rate as it is purely meant for fun. 

Who are Medium Rev Bowlers?

On the other hand, we have medium rev bowlers. A tad bit different than low rev bowlers, a medium rev player or bowler is someone who tries to create more friction in between their bowling ball and the lane they are playing on. Therefore, the bowling ball here will strike with more hook potential. Generally, medium rev rates tend to range around 300 to almost 400 RPM. But sometimes, this rev rate can lessen and increase too, hence ranging around only 200 to 300 RPM and 400 to at least 500 RPM respectively. Therefore, the actual rev rate for a medium rev bowler can vary, since they have the option to be flexible when they play. They can either increase their rate or even decrease it whenever they want to. 

Who are High Rev Bowlers?

Finally, we have a high rev bowler or rev dominant players. Players who seek competition while playing go for high rev rates. This means the friction or traction between the bowling ball and the lane will be really high, resulting in a really strong and sharp hook in the end. The high revolution rate ranges around 500+RPM. If you are going to take part in bowling competitively, then this is the rev rate you should go for as it will allow you to be fiercer on the lane. Whom do you follow for higher rev rate? Who has the highest rev rate in bowling? Your answer is Robert Smith (bowler) whose rpm is 550 to 600.

The Difference between Low Rev, Medium Rev, and High Rev Players

It is quite easy to differentiate between each rev players/bowlers as they come with their very own distinct styles and skills. 

When it comes to dissecting rev rates and their functions, the main difference to remember is the speed. Therefore, players who play with different rev rates will also exhibit different speeds when bowling. Generally, low rev players bowl with low speed and high rev players play with higher speed. But it does not always mean that low rev player can not bowl with high speed. It is an exception.

A low rev player will generally play on the down-low; hence they will throw their bowling ball with a speed range of around 15 to at least 16 miles per hour. This speed in result will exhibit an RPM (revolutions per minute) of approximately 200 to 250

Due to this, you can easily see the lower hook potential of their bowling ball. If you want to play bowling just for casual purposes, then this is the rev rate you should be going for. 

Medium rev players, on the other hand, throw their bowling balls with a tad bit more acceleration. Their bowling ball speeds tend to range around 16 to 18 miles per hour. This results a bowling ball RPM of around 250 to 300 at most.

It means their bowling ball will have an average hook potential. It will neither be too slow as a low rev rate; neither will it be too high as a high rev rate. This rate is perfect for those who wish to play casually but just on the brink of competition. It is all fun and games, but you will still be able to achieve your name around the top of the scoreboard for sure!

High rev players, however, prefer staying at the very top of the scoreboard and not coming back down. That’s why they like to show off that high hook potential whenever they are on the alley.

High rev players will showcase a ball speed of approximately 17 to 18 miles per hour. Due to this, the high rev rate will be around 300 to 400 RPM. 

Pattern change plays also an important role for high rev players. High rev players  have the ability to change the pattern quickly and do it in their favor making it harder for oponent and take full advantage from pattern change.

But sometimes, high rev players will take it up a notch and play at an even higher ball speed of around 19 to at least 20 miles per hour!

It will result in an even higher hook potential consisted of a rev rate that ranges around 400 to 500+ RPM!

How to choose a bowling ball for Low Rev Players?

With the advance in technology and product booms in the market now, it is not hard at all when it comes to finding the right bowling ball for your specific rev rate style. 

Rev challenged players should look for asymmetrical bowling balls as they tend to roll quicker than your symmetrical bowling balls. However, you have to note that asymmetrical bowling balls are also more expensive than the alternative design. 

But on the other hand, if you want to keep your RPM constant yet slow down the ball speed, you should check out pearl symmetrical bowling balls. 

When it comes to the type of bowling ball for low rev players,  we would recommend the less hook reactive bowling ball for low rev players.  we would also recommend you seek products made out of hard plastic or polyester as they tend to decrease the number of rotations. Therefore, the hook is going to be low. Plastic balls are great as spare bowling balls too, as they are not too heavy and can easily be used as an alternative ball if you do not want to use your main game ball at the start of the game. 

How to choose a bowling ball for Medium Rev Players?

Medium rev bowlers have the most flexibility when playing, as they can smoothly go for low rev balls as well as bowling balls meant for high rev players. The opportunities are almost endless for medium rev players!

The best kind of bowling balls for medium rev players tends to be urethane ones as they are slightly heavier than plastic ones, yet they give a strong and nice hook whenever desired. 

Urethane bowling balls work to provide more reaction when thrown in, so they have more control over the speed and revolutions rate. You also have the option to play outside of your usual bowling alleys when dealing with urethane bowling balls as they tend to be more flexible and versatile when it comes to the environment. 

Hence, this kind of bowling ball is the most suitable for the equally versatile medium rev player.

How to choose a bowling ball for High Rev Players?

Lastly, we have bowling balls for high rev players, which are poles apart from low rev bowling balls, yet slightly similar to medium rev bowling balls. 

The best kind of high rev bowling ball has to be symmetrical ones. They have the perfect shape meant to gain speed and revolutions while playing. Thus, you will result in a high hook potential. 

Symmetrical bowling balls are the most sought after ones by high rev players, that is why they are found so easily in stores. Symmetrical bowling balls are also much cheaper than asymmetrical bowling balls. We guess the affordability is due to the higher availability of this kind of bowling balls in the market. 


Bowling can be a lot of fun for every kind of player if you know which kind of bowler you are in the first place. That in turn, will allow you to go for the right kind of bowling ball, be it for competitive reasons or for casual hangouts. 

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it really did help you out in discovering exactly what kind of a bowler you are yourself. Thanks for sticking till the end with us. Now go and fire up at that alley you want to conquer next!

Video: How To Find Your Rev Rate


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