Roto Grip Halo Pearl Review [Bowling Ball Guide] 2021

If you’re familiar with Bowling Ball Brand Roto Grip, then you must know, they are the best at making posh and stylish bowling balls. Like any other top-selling bowling ball, The Halo Pearl is to-graded and packed with versatility. It has been considered the perfect complementary piece to the previous and original Halo. A better and improved ball, Halo Pearl by Roto Grip won many bowlers’ hearts. Pro Bowlers who prefer to play with style and passion, the Roto Grip Halo Pearl will undoubtedly be an amazing option.

Roto Grip Halo Pearl 15lb
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Roto Grip Halo Pearl 15lb
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If you look back on the Idol Pearl you will surely remember its coverstock. As previously seen, the Halo Pearl is combined with the eTrax-P18 pearl reactive coverstock. This coverstock allows the ball to cut through the oil like a beast. It gives the Halo Pearl effortless length, and thankfully the coverstock doesn’t over-read the lane.

When you’ll throw this beauty on the bowling lane, it will just glide with high maximum energy stored in it. It will provide you a good pin carry. The eTrax-P18 coverstock is engineered to make this ball one of the best bowling balls for professionals and advanced bowlers.

Factory Finish

The eTrax-P18 Reactive Pearl Coverstock of the Halo pearl comes in a 1500 Grit polished finish. Right off the box, you will be impressed with the cover and surface combination. It is technologically developed to give you the right amount of length and angle and will give players a much different and improved ball path compared to the original Halo. This is because, the Halo Pearl provides extra skid through the front portion of the lane and a greater reaction to the medium to heavy lane conditions, and at the same time provides a strong backend reaction.


Roto Grip has brought back the asymmetrical Centrum core which is used for most of the high-performance HP4 lineups. Although, this asymmetrical Centrum core acts differently due to its modernized coverstock design especially done by the Halo Pearl. The forever-famous Centrum Core has earned a great place in the market over the years. Now, it is one of the best asymmetrical cores ever used in bowling in Roto Grip’s history. But how did it become a fan favorite? Well, it is because of the radial disc that helps to increase rotation or continuation for bowlers of all styles. Also, you can drill this ball in any standard way you want, it won’t impact the ball performance.


Here comes one of the best features of this beautiful ball. The color of this ball something you have probably never seen before. The color is so unisex, any bowlers of any gender can play with Halo Pearl with style.  The Coal Pearl, Fuchsia Pearl, and Sky Blue Pearl- these three gorgeous color makes the ball looks super unique. Halo pearl is truly something to show off in your bowling alley, or to your friends, and league mates. The pearly effect comes from the mica which also reduces the microscopic holes of the ball. This allows the ball to not absorb any oil from the medium or heavy lanes.

Hook Potential

Before I jump to tell you about your higher chance of strikes, you must know about this ball’s flare and hook ability. With a 2.49 RG and 0.050 Differential, this ball has high flare potential. The ball is never going to go into the gutter if thrown right. You will be allowed to enjoy a firm and straight gameplay right inside the track.

However, if you want to move in for a slower hook, you can do that from the fourth arrow. You’ll see excellent carry from both zones. For Rev dominant bowlers, the Halo Pearl will be ideal as it has the capacity to handle such force and hook nicely. The shape of the hook is called length with a strong backend. So you can guess what you’ll experience. In a nutshell, it will be an awesome ball in terms of transition when you need help in lane breakdown, and when you need the ball to hook enough down lane.

Overall Performance           

The coverstock and the core combo are pretty much a solid match. The continuous ball motion is significant because it doesn’t respond too much to the friction. If you see the lanes having started to transition, don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep your performance up with the Halo Pearl. The ball goes down the lane just the way a professional bowling ball should.

Halo Pearl, with very little deflection, faced up strong to the pocket and knocked down the pins with full force. It will give you a great entry angle for maximum carry down lane, which many players often fail to create. Overall, this beauty will get to the weak corners and provide you a clean and easy length, a quick mid-lane read, and a very sharp down lane, and finally, make the bowling pins fly.


  • Suitable for medium to heavy lane conditions
  • No oil absorption due to pearl reactive coverstock
  • You can customize the coverstock finish any time you want if you’re not happy with the default
  • No problem in different hooking styles
  • High flare potential
  • Highly recommended for rev dominant players
  • Reads the lane fast
  • Durable and finely constructed
  • Comes in various weight ranges


  •  Due to the customized finish, this ball won’t work well on the dry lanes


This pro performance ball isn’t that old and thankfully still sold everywhere. Right after the launch, the ball became the ultimate fan-favorite bowling ball. The outlook and performance are to die for. Many pro bowlers have rated this gem a 5/5. So look no further, this ball will worth every penny!

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