Bowling Pins for Sale: Top Quality Choices

Bowling Pins for Sale
Bowling Pins for Sale


Bowling is a sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, whether played professionally or purely for fun in social settings. Central to the game is the unique and iconic target – the bowling pin. Most bowling pins for sale are not the same ones that you would find in bowling alleys. The pins in bowling alleys are designed to be hit and knocked down by a heavy bowling ball, making their shape, size, and construction crucial to the overall experience of the game. Bowling pins for sale for consumers are lighter in weight and suitable for use in your game room by your family including your kids. No heavy balls needed to knock all the pins down that could also cause damage to the furniture.

Of course, if you are installing a bowling alley in your home, then you may want to buy regulation bowling pins for it, and we will tell you where these bowling pins are sold. There are also bowling pins for sale that can be used in your yard.

Types of Bowling Pins for Sale

Regulation Bowling pins are typically made of hard maple wood and coated in a durable plastic. The materials used in their construction have a significant impact on the pin’s stability, durability, and overall performance. As such, selecting the right set of bowling pins can enhance the game and provide a consistent playing experience.

When purchasing bowling pins for home use, it’s essential to consider factors such as size, weight, and where you will be using them. Official bowling pins must meet specific regulations for professional use, but casual players might seek out pins that are more lightweight, kid friendly, furniture friendly, or have unique designs for a personalized touch.

In this guide, we will discuss various aspects of bowling pins and navigate you through the selection process, ensuring that you make an informed decision and find the perfect set for your bowling needs. Let’s dive into the world of bowling pins and explore the options together.

Top Bowling Pins

We’ve compiled a list of the best bowling pins for sale. Our selection includes products with outstanding quality and performance, ensuring you’ll find the perfect set for your needs.

Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Pins

Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Pins

This versatile bowling pin set is great for both beginners and experienced players looking to refine their skills on multiple surfaces.


  • Full set of 10 pins for professional practice
  • Capability to add weight for stability
  • Suitable for kids and adults


  • Hollow pins may require weighting
  • Setup sheet may not lay flat
  • Ball not included in the set

The Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Pin set includes ten white pins made from durable plastic, offering a complete practice solution for players of all ages and experience levels. This set is perfect for those who want to develop their control and technique, whether for indoor use on carpets, outdoor use on driveways, or even in the backyard for a fun family activity.

One of the standout features of this set is the ability to add weight for stability. Each of the hollow pins has a ½” capped hole where sand can be added to increase their weight and ensure they remain standing until bowled over. This makes the pins adaptable to various surfaces without being easily toppled by wind or slight unevenness.

The set is designed to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, making it an excellent addition to any family game night or backyard birthday party. Its multi-surface compatibility allows everyone to join in on the fun, regardless of their bowling experience. Additionally, the set includes a setup sheet and score pad to keep track of everyone’s progress during play.

However, it is essential to note that the hollow nature of the pins may require the addition of weight for optimal stability, depending on the playing surface. Additionally, the setup sheet may not lay completely flat, leading to some difficulty in pin placement. And although the set comes with pins, it does not include a bowling ball, so that will need to be purchased separately.

In conclusion, the Champion Sports Plastic Bowling Pins set is a versatile and creative option for anyone seeking to improve their bowling skills or enjoy a casual game with friends and family. The ability to add weight for stability and its adaptability for different age groups make it a worthy investment for bowling enthusiasts.

Boley Kids Bowling Set

Boley Kids Bowling Set

A great choice for some backyard family fun, this kids’ bowling set offers hours of entertainment for children aged 3 and up.


  • Bright and colorful design
  • Lightweight and portable for easy setup
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play


  • Pins may be difficult to stand up
  • Color accuracy issue in some sets
  • Red stripes on pins may not stick properly

The Boley Kids Bowling Set comes complete with 10 vibrant and colorful bowling pins and 2 lightweight plastic balls, making it a perfect addition to any family’s outdoor game collection. The pins and balls are specially designed to be the ideal size and weight for children, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for the little ones in your life.

This bowling set is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, offering countless opportunities for exciting playdates and memorable family gatherings. The compact and portable design of this set also makes it a great option for taking it along on trips to the park, beach, or a friend’s house.

However, it’s important to note that some users have experienced issues with the pins being difficult to stand up, impacting the overall playability of the game. Additionally, some customers have reported discrepancies in the colors of the pins and red stripes not sticking properly. Despite these drawbacks, the Boley Kids Bowling Set remains an enjoyable way to introduce children to the classic game of bowling and provides endless hours of fun for the entire family.

Gamie Bowling Game for Kids

Gamie Bowling Game

Gamie Bowling Game for Kids is an entertaining and affordable option for young bowlers, though it may not provide the most realistic experience.


  • Hours of fun for kids and great for teaching them bowling
  • Cute and colorful design keeps children engaged
  • Durable plastic construction ensures longevity


  • Smaller size may not be suitable for older kids
  • Soft plastic can lead to dents in balls and pins
  • May not provide the most realistic bowling experience

Gamie Bowling Game for Kids offers a fun and engaging activity for children aged 3 and up. With the cute and colorful design of the pins and balls, kids will be drawn to this indoor and outdoor game, making it an ideal choice for parties and gatherings. The hours of entertainment provided by this set can help teach children the basics of bowling and encourage them to explore the sport further.

However, the size of the pins and balls may not be the most suitable for older kids. The smaller scale can make it difficult for them to throw the ball properly, which could impact their overall experience. Additionally, the soft plastic construction of the balls and pins can lead to dents and misshapenness that hinder their performance and stability.

Despite these drawbacks, Gamie Bowling Game for Kids remains a solid option for young children and those looking for an affordable and entertaining activity. Its durability paired with its fun design provides excellent value for the price, making it a worthwhile consideration for parents and party hosts alike.

YDDS Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set

YDDS Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set

A great addition to your shuffleboard table for endless fun with family and friends.


  • High-quality hardwood bowling pins
  • Durable triangular pinsetter for easy setup
  • Suitable for adults and enhances family fun time


  • Rubberized bottom bands might wear out over time
  • Not specifically designed for children
  • Limited versatility outside of shuffleboard tables

The YDDS Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set is made of 10 premium hardwood bowling pins that are built to last, ensuring that you get the most enjoyment out of your shuffleboard games. The high-quality material gives these pins a long-lasting use, making them a perfect addition to your shuffleboard table.

This set comes with a durable triangular pinsetter, which enables you to set up your shuffleboard bowling game with ease. Simply lift the rack, remove it, and you’re ready to play! The inclusion of this pinsetter makes the setup process much smoother and faster.

Suitable for adults, this shuffleboard bowling game offers a great pastime for family enjoyment. Whether you play with family members or friends, the YDDS Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set adds extra excitement and entertainment to your shuffleboard table, creating memorable experiences.

On the other hand, a potential downside to the YDDS Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set is the rubberized bottom bands on the pins. Over time, these bands might wear out, which could affect the stability of the pins. Additionally, this product is not specifically designed for children, making it less suitable for younger family members. Lastly, the bowling pin set’s applicability is limited to shuffleboard tables, reducing its versatility in other gaming situations.

In conclusion, the YDDS Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set provides a fun and engaging way to enhance your shuffleboard experience. With its high-quality materials and easy-to-use pinsetter, it’s perfect for adult family gatherings and friend get-togethers. However, it might be less suitable for younger children and those looking for more versatility outside of shuffleboard games.

Phobby Kids Bowling Set

Phobby Kids Bowling Set

Phobby Kids Bowling Set is a solid option for toddlers and young children seeking indoor and outdoor bowling fun.


  • Durable and safe PU material
  • Encourages DIY creativity with white pins
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play


  • May not be suitable for older children
  • Possibility of small parts posing a choking hazard
  • Limited color options

The Phobby Kids Bowling Set stands out among other similar products due to its safe and durable PU material, ensuring a fun and secure playtime experience for children. With its classic white bowling pins, this set allows kids to explore their creative side, as they can decorate the pins as they wish. This feature not only encourages fun but also helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

In addition to its indoor use, this bowling set is lightweight and can be comfortably used outdoors as well. Children can have fun learning how to bowl while improving their communication skills and building stronger relationships with family and friends. Although the set is recommended for ages 3-8, it may not be suitable for older children due to its size and simpler design.

One notable con is the potential choking hazard posed by small parts, such as the foam inside the balls if punctured. As an extra precaution, adult supervision is advised during playtime. Lastly, the set has limited color options, which may not cater to every child’s preferences.

In conclusion, we believe the Phobby Kids Bowling Set is a reliable choice for young children looking for engaging and safe indoor and outdoor bowling fun. Its unique features, such as the DIY aspect and suitability for various environments, make it an ideal gift or recreational option for kids aged 3-8 years old.

iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set

iPlay, iLearn Bowling Set

This iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set is a fun, safe, and educational option for young children looking to enjoy indoor bowling.


  • High-grade foam material
  • Lightweight and easy for little hands
  • Promotes motor skills and coordination


  • Requires adult supervision
  • Foam may be less durable than solid materials
  • Suitable for indoor play only

The iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set offers a great opportunity for toddlers and preschoolers to engage in an entertaining and educational activity. Made with high-grade foam material, these lightweight bowling pins and balls are easy for little hands to manage and manipulate, offering an age-appropriate challenge for young children.

This bowling set not only provides fun playtime, but also helps promote the development of gross motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination. The colorful design and numbered pins add an additional layer of educational value, encouraging number recognition and counting practice.

Though this set is made of foam, adult supervision is recommended during play to ensure safety. The foam material, while safe and lightweight, may be less durable over time compared to more solid materials. Additionally, this bowling set is primarily suitable for indoor play, potentially limiting its versatility.

In conclusion, the iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set makes a great gift for young children who are interested in bowling and can benefit from the educational aspects of the set. With proper care and supervision, this indoor bowling set is sure to provide hours of fun, learning, and skill development.

Decade Awards Bowling Pins Trophy

Decade Awards Bowling Pins Trophy

The Decade Awards Bowling Pins Trophy is a great choice for recognizing achievements in bowling tournaments or parties, with a high-quality build and customizable options.


  • Stylish and detailed design
  • Comes in 4 or 6-inch sizes
  • Customizable gold tone plate included


  • Plates shipped separately without tracking
  • Smaller than some may expect
  • Possible scratches reported by customers

The Decade Awards Bowling Pins Trophy features an impressive, single piece cast resin design that explains a black bowling ball zooming down the lane, striking some pins. It is available in both 4 and 6-inch tall sizes, making it a suitable award for various events and gatherings. The full-color trophy is visually captivating and serves as a fitting reward for exceptional bowlers.

One of the unique aspects of this trophy is the inclusion of a free gold tone plate with the option for customization. Buyers can provide engraving details with up to 3 lines and 30 characters per line to make the trophy more personalized. However, it’s essential to note that the plates are shipped separately without tracking and are expected to arrive within 4-8 business days, which may be inconvenient for some customers.

Although this trophy has an overall high rating of 4.3 stars with 91 reviews, it has some minor drawbacks. Some buyers reported receiving a trophy with scratches, and the size might be smaller than what some expected. Nevertheless, the majority of customers were satisfied with the product and praised its sturdy build and design.

In conclusion, Decade Awards Bowling Pins Trophy offers a stylish and customizable option for rewarding skilled bowlers. While it’s not perfect, its pros outweigh the cons, making it a worthy purchase for recognizing great achievements in bowling events.

Professional Bowling Pins

If you want to get professional bowling pins, these are made by manufacturers such as Brunswick. Another bowling pin manufacturer is Twister Pins. You would have to source the bowling pins through a distributor. You can also find used pins on Ebay.

Buying Guide

When looking for bowling pins, it’s essential to consider several factors to make the right choice. In this buying guide, we’ll help you navigate these factors to ensure you pick the best product.


The materials used in bowling pins play a crucial role in their durability and overall performance. Generally, wooden pins are made from hard rock maple due to its exceptional resiliency. It is then coated with a plastic cover to protect the wood and ensure a uniform weight. Be attentive to the quality of the wood, plastic cover, and the adhesives used in manufacturing. For outdoor use or on a tabletop, you can also choose wood. If the bowling pins will be used on a your floor or with small children, then choose plastic or soft foam.


The weight of a bowling pin is essential for a consistent experience. According to the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) regulations, the standard weight for ten pin bowling is between 3 lbs 6 oz (1.53 kg) and 3 lbs 10 oz (1.64 kg), with Duckpin and Candlepin bowling requiring lighter pins. Stick to these guidelines for a more professional and enjoyable bowling experience. For home use, you will want to purchase lighter pins.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of bowling pins are strictly regulated for an even playing experience. For ten pin bowling, the standard height is 15 inches (38.1 cm), with a maximum base diameter of 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) and a maximum middle diameter of 4.75 inches (12 cm). Duckpin and Candlepin bowling have their specific sizes, so ensure the pins you choose adhere to the proper dimensions for your style of play. The shape of bowling pins for home use remain the same. But bowling pins for sale for consumers are available in different heights.

Finish and Appearance

The appearance and finish of the bowling pins can affect your gameplay. Look for pins with a smooth, glossy finish and clearly marked stripes. This will not only make them more visually appealing but also ensure that they slide smoothly on the lane. On the other hand, bowling pins for kids can be very colorful. They are usually softer, sometime even made of foam.

Remember to prioritize the features that are most important to your specific needs and preferences. By carefully considering these factors, you can confidently select the best bowling pins for a more enjoyable and professional game experience.

Video – Types of Bowling Pins for Sale

Shuffleboard bowling is fun for the whole family. Watch this short video to see how kids of all ages can participate.

Bowling pins for sale video

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pins are used in a standard bowling game?

In a standard game of bowling, we use ten pins. These pins are positioned in a triangular formation, also known as a “pin deck.”

What is the difference between 5-pin and 10-pin bowling

The primary difference between 5-pin and 10-pin bowling is the number of pins used. In 5-pin bowling, there are only five pins arranged in a V-shape, whereas 10-pin bowling has a full triangular arrangement of ten pins. The ball in 5-pin bowling is also smaller and lighter, lacking finger holes, which makes it easier for players to handle.

How much do bowling pins weigh?

For 10-pin bowling, the standard weight of a pin is between 3 pounds, 6 ounces (1.5 kg) and 3 pounds, 10 ounces (1.64 kg). Meanwhile, 5-pin bowling pins typically weigh around 2 to 2.5 pounds (0.9 to 1.1 kg).

What material are bowling pins made of?

Bowling pins are primarily made from hard maple, a durable wood. The pin’s interior is often made up of pieces of maple glued together, while the exterior is coated in a plastic or synthetic material to enhance durability and facilitate smooth action on the lane.

How are bowling pins replaced during a game?

During a game, bowling pins are replaced automatically by the pinsetter, a mechanical device at the end of the lane. Once the player’s ball has knocked down pins, a sweep removes the fallen pins, and the pinsetter sets down a new set of pins in their appropriate positions.

What is the proper arrangement of pins on the lane?

In both 5-pin and 10-pin bowling, the pins are arranged in a specific pattern. In 10-pin bowling, the arrangement consists of four rows, with the first row having one pin, the second row having two pins, the third row with three pins, and finally, the fourth row with four pins. In 5-pin bowling, there are only three rows, with the first row having one pin, the second row having two pins, and the third row with two pins.


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