10 Best Outdoor Bowling Sets for Adults and Kids 2022

best outdoor bowling set for adults and kids

Tired of your regular bowling alley? Want to add fun to the good old bowling? Then, you definitely need to try out the outdoor bowling set for better entertaining moments. Indeed, these outdoor bowling sets won’t be the exact substitute for typical bowling games, but this is a great way to enjoy your favorite recreational game with your friends and family.

Even little children can play with some specialized ones. Here you will find your best outdoor bowling set for your kids and even for yourself. Incase if you don’t make any desicion which is best for your kids, GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set Outdoor Games is an ideal choice. If your first choice is lawn bowling, Long game Outdoor Giant Lawn Bowling Set is best option for you without any doudt.

Still you are not satisfied? For you, we have come up with the best outdoor bowling set for adults and kids, for people of all ages. 

5 Best Outdoor Bowling Sets for Adults and Kids [Top 5 Reviews]

1. Long Game Outdoor Lawn Bowling Set

NI-ROU Outdoor Giant Lawn Bowling Games Wooden Lawn Set Fun...
  • Lawn Bowling Game Material: hardwood. It’s a kind of nature hardwood and resistant not easy to crack,Allow for proper...
  • Product details :10 bowling pins,2 bowling balls,and 1 black carry bag.
  • Portability:carry bag makes portability simple and storage,Suitable for outdoors backyard games.but works best on short...
  • Outdoor Games for Family and Friends:This bowling ball toy is suitable as yard game, family games,party. Kids could also...
  • Great Educational Skittles Game: this classic lawn bowling game trains kids’ interest to love sports, and helps the...

Get occupied with the Long Game’s Outdoor Lawn bowling game set! From pins to balls to bags, this bowling set is packed with super-duper quality and has the ability to provide first-class entertainment. Whether it’s a sunny day in the backyard, or a gloomy day to eve go outside- well, I suggest you stomp the yard with the best outdoor bowling set for kids and adults.

Are you thinking, it’s only a child’s game? Absolutely not. There is no age limit for a happy and fun outdoor bowling game. This bowling set by Long Game comes in a very professional-looking bag, which you can use to just grab and carry or keep the equipment in the box-shaped bag for storing purposes. The pins and the balls come in the bag nicely arranged, so they are easy to take out and put back in.

Now let’s talk about the main stuff. The set includes 10 pieces of hardwood pins that are resistant to hit and crack. The body is nicely polished, but not dyed or painted. Although there’s a single black stripe on every pin to add a bit of style to them. Both balls and pins are 360-degree polished, blurred, and smoothed out.

Each pin is 8.9” long and 3.1” wide, which means you will be able to keep them steady on both hard and flat grounds (like floor and carpets, flat road) and other uneven surfaces (like- sandy field, short-length grass, etc). The ball diameter is 3.5” which is fairly big enough for big palms of adults, and also relatively handful for the kids to learn the basics of bowling. Surely,  you can’t go wrong with this bowling ball toy set. So, if you’ve never played with one of them, I’m telling you, you’re missing out a lot.


  •  Good for sports-loving adults and kids
  •  Crack and waterproof
  •  Can be a good substitute for educational lawn skittles
  •  Helps to boost physical movement and logical thinking
  •  Great for both indoor and outdoor amusement
  •  Affordable


  •  The balls sometimes bounce if not rolled properly, and consequently can’t hit the pins

2. TopEmp Wooden Bowling/Skittle Game Set

No products found.

Who needs a bowling alley, when you have it right in your own home? Enjoy the authentic bowling experience with the TopEmp Wooed bowling and skittle set for adults and kids. Are you and your kids tired of being locked down at home, and there’s nothing fun to do around? Well, we bring nothing but the good news. Say goodbye to boredom and jump into enjoyment with the best Lawn bowling set out there!

Similar to the Long Game ones, this set also comes in natural color equipment. All of the 10 pins are in nature/wooden color but highly polished and shiny. There is a single red-stripe design on only one of them. The balls are plain and smooth with a nice finishing. Both balls and pins are beautifully constructed good old high-quality Australian rubber-wood – designed to last forever.

One of the best parts of lawn bowling is it will improve your motor skills and hand-eye coordination, mostly applicable for kids. In a nutshell, this TopEmp bowling set will not only cheer your mind but also make your leisure time super fun! The set is sufficiently lightweight to carry round in the mesh bag it comes with, but at the same time, heavy enough as a lawn bowl pin.

As for measurement, the pins are 7.7” in length and 2.4” in width. The diameter of the balls is 2.8” which is a logical size for both adults and kids. Whether it’s a pool party, or picnic, or just a random indoor sports day, these bod boys will never tire you out.  


  •  Nicely constructed
  •  Suitable for players of all ages
  •  Heavy duty and great longevity
  •  Easy to wash
  •  Dent and crackproof
  •  Convenient to carry and store
  •  Can be reused for educational skittles games
  •  Inexpensive


  •  Doesn’t come in vibrant colors which children like
  •  May seem a bit smaller in size to adults

3. Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game Set

Backyard Lawn Bowling Game – Indoor and Outdoor Family Fun for...
  • BACKYARD GAME SET – This lawn bowling game is suitable to play both European Skittle Ball or Classic Ten Pin games -...
  • PLAY ANYWHERE – This bowling set is perfect for indoor and outdoor play, but works best on short cut lawns, dirt,...
  • DURABLE BUILD – This wooden backyard bowling game set is beautifully constructed out of New Zealand pine and then...
  • CARRYING BAG INCLUDED – With a mesh carrying bag conveniently included, you can easily tote this fun yard game along...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS – Materials: Pine Wood Pins and Nylon Bag; Set Includes: 10 bowling pins measuring 8” tall, 2...

Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game can offer you everything you need in a wooden bowling set. The set consists of 10 solid wood pins that are made of New Zealand pine wood, so you can guess how sturdy they are. The pins are not super long, which makes it easier for both adults and kids to enjoy a fun time in the backyard. They kind of look like those 20-ounce pop bottles.

Hey! Play! manufactures these particular bowling pins in various colors and sizes, 8”, 9.5”, and 11”. Of course, they don’t look exactly like the regular bowling pins but mimics the pin shape real good. The bottom is nice and flat for good balance. Hence, you’ll be able to enjoy it on both flat and a little uneven surface effectively. Moreover, this game set is suitable to play both European skittle ball as well as Classic ten pin games.

This yard bowling set comes with a pair of solid wooden balls as well. The 8-inch and the 9.5-inch set balls don’t have holes in them, and the funny thing is the balls of the 11-inch sets have 3 little finger-holes in them to grab like a bowling ball. The kids won’t have difficulty holding the balls with their fingers. You’re also getting a nylon mesh bag with straps to carry the set around easily.

As lawn bowling can be played anywhere, you can place this beautiful bowling set wherever you go- park hangout, picnic, pool/birthday party. Just place the 10 pins straight upright on the ground, then step back and roll with the balls the Hey! Play! offers with the set.  


  • Suitable for people of all ages kids, toddlers, teens, adults
  •  Durable materials
  •  Solid top-notch quality
  •  Easy to wash and store
  •  Great option for a super fun outdoor activity
  •  Available in multiple colors and sizes
  •  Inexpensive


  •  The ball’s weight of the 11” set should’ve been a little bit heavier. The holes make the ball quite lighter.

4. Draroad Wooden Lawn Bowling Game

No products found.

Failing to make your kid put down their iPad? Do you want to have fun playtime with your kid? Then bring the Draroad Wooden Lawn Bowling Game set home today. This particular bowling model is almost a dupe for the TopEmp bowling set we just mentioned earlier. This one also has top-notch quality and ready to deliver entertainment.

Draroad bowling set also includes 10 pieces of bowling pins and a pair of balls. Both the pins and the balls are made of rigid natural rubber-tree wood. The products are highly burnished, smoothed, and polished to make the natural wood tone look eye-pleasing. On top of that, the materials are highly durable and have an environment-friendly coating to prevent them from getting damaged due to rain or mud or dirt. Also, you can hit them as hard as you want, and use them for years without any visible dent or crack on them.

This complete lawn bowling set also includes a nylon fish-net bag with straps for easy carry and transportation. The hardwood bowling pins are 7.7” in height and the balls have a diameter of 2.8”. Both pins are balls are pretty standard for an ultimate outdoor or indoor bowling experience. When kids will play with their parents, or elder siblings, or even with other members, they will all love it. After all, who doesn’t like to have an exciting lawn bowling gameplay?


  •  High-quality build
  •  Convenience in portability
  •  Works as both indoor and outdoor bowling
  •  Suitable for players of all ages
  •  Heavy duty and great longevity
  •  Easy to wash
  •  Dent and crackproof


  •  Comes in only one color
  •  May seem a bit small in size for adults

5. Brybelly Wooden Lawn Bowling Set

Brybelly Wooden Lawn Bowling Set | Classic Outdoor Lawn Game for...
  • Roll Out: Lawn Bowling brings the fun of your favorite Bowling Alley to your backyard. You'll have everything you need...
  • Multiple Ways To Play: Play traditional 10 Pin bowling with 10 frames, or try playing Skittles! This 9 pin variant is...
  • Fun For Everyone: All materials included in this set aren't too heavy, allowing almost anyone of any age to get in on...
  • Maximum Portability: Set comes with a mesh carrying bag so you can take your games anywhere you want
  • Quality Materials: All parts of this set from pins to balls are made from safe, natural cuts of wood

Your favorite American Lawn Bowling originated from the game Skittles. With the Brybelly Wooden Lawn Bowling set you can play both European Skittles or American Lawn Bowl. Just for being multi-purpose, they’re undoubtedly the best outdoor bowling set for adults and kids.

As always this playing set comes with 10 pieces of pins. The 9 of them are plain wood color with two red stripes on top, and the remaining one comes in solid red color with two beige wooden color stripes on top. Made with durable wood, the pins are 8.75” in height, quite smaller than regular bowling pins. The bottom is 2.25” in diameter, which is pretty wide enough for the pins to stay balanced on various surfaces.

The balls this set offers are entirely made of safe and natural rigid wood and this is exactly what you need to law bowl. Both balls come in red color with a single stripe on both of them. The diameter of the balls is 2.75”, so you can guess they are at the right size.

Overall, as a wooden bowling set, they are quite lightweight. Moreover, the nylon mesh bag makes it easier for carrying it around. Whether it’s a kid’s party or a family afternoon, this Brybelly Wooden bowling set got you covered for an amusing and hilarious fun time.


  •  Indestructible materials
  •  Suitable for people of all ages no barrier
  •  The balls knock down the pins pretty well
  •  Can be used as an outdoor or even indoor bowling set
  •  Versatile and rigid
  •  Comes with an instruction leaflet
  •  Easy to store and wash
  •  Affordable


  •  Comes in only one color
  •  Might not work well on a hilly lawn or rocky land

Top 5 Inflatable Bowling Set Reviews for Kids:

1. GIGGLE N GO Indoor and Outdoor Kids Bowling Set.

No products found.

Remember the inflatable jumbo toys you used to love when you were a kid? Now, are you smiling because you still love them? Well, there’s no age restriction for having some laughs and giggles. Speaking of giggles, today we’re here to amaze you with the best inflatable outdoor jumbo bowling set for kids by none other than Giggle n Go.

This huge bowling set comes with 6 huge inflatable bowling pins, each 22” tall (when inflated). The set also includes a durable, yet lightweight 24” diameter bowling ball. The ball is constructed of roto-molded PVC plastic which will stand up to every strike- indoors and out! You’re also getting a hand pump and a repair patch, in case you puncture anything from the set.

Giggle n Go Kids Bowling set will add big fun and see how your kids will laugh the entire time. The gigantic pins are much larger than standard bowling pins and give kids a unique twist to traditional bowling. The pins are made of strong PVC with a flat sand-weighted base to keep them standing during the light wind. Unless you strike the pins with the ball, they won’t get knocked down.

So, get your children/toddlers off the couch and make them play with you, or on their own with the exclusive Giggle n Go Jumbo bowling set. Set them up in the living room, or in the back/front yard, or a party, or even on the sandy beach, these bad boys will ensure some quality time.


  •  Not heavy, kids can carry easily
  •  Durable and water-resistant
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Suitable for people of all ages
  •  Attractive and colorful for kids
  •  Will develop kids’ handeye coordination
  •  Will stay inflated, no air leakage
  •  Won’t fall down
  •  Affordable


  •  None

2. Etna Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Etna Giant Inflatable Bowling Set
  • Jumbo Bowling Set - Strike up buckets of family fun at your next picnic with this inflatable bowling set. Simply pump up...
  • Weighted Bottom and Durable PVC - Lightweight kids bowling set made with high quality PVC and a flat and weighted base...
  • Fun For The Whole Family - Use it as fun backyard games for family game night, lawn games, camping games, beach...
  • Oversized Bowling Pieces - Everyone can join in the fun-encourage active play that helps develop hand-eye coordination,...
  • Perfect Gift - The larger-than-life giant bowling set for adults and kids make for an ideal Birthday gift, Christmas...

Want to improve your kids’ motor skills? Or logical thinking? Or their hand-eye coordination? You can do it all with the Etna Giant Inflatable Bowling Set. This jumbo inflatable is guaranteed to educate your kids on the basics of bowling, and at the same time, make the outdoor activity super fun.

So, let’s find out what you’ll get in a set. First, you’ll find some white PVC plastic huge inflatable pins. The pins are pretty tall when inflated, as giant bowling equipment supposed to be. Additionally, you’re getting a super-sized 25” diameter bowling ball, wrapped in black fabric, to play with. Instead of a hand pump, you’re getting a foot pump, which is easier to use. Kids are gonna love it when they’ll throw the balls to the inflated pins.

Since the oversized pieces are hard to miss and easy to knock down, everyone is a champ. Plus, they are nicely constructed so the whole set is very safe for kids. Adults can join them, or even play with them- indoors or outdoors. Whether it’s a kids’ party or a family gathering, don’t forget to bring them out from the storage for some quality entertainment and a good laugh.


  •  Very lightweight, easy to carry
  •  Great longevity
  •  Easy to clean, waterproof
  •  Suitable for the whole family
  •  Attractive and colorful for kids
  •  Great way to make your kids do some physical activity
  •  Will remain inflated, no air leakage
  •  Won’t fall down
  •  Inexpensive


  •  The fabric on the ball isn’t tear-resistant.
  •  If inflated tightly, the pieces might burst

3. Novelty Place Giant Inflatable Kids and Adults Bowling Set

Novelty Place Giant Inflatable Bowling Set for Kids & Adults, One...
  • Elevate Your Party Game - Our inflatable bowling set is perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings, birthdays, and office...
  • Hassle-Free Fun - The quick-inflate valve and anti-deflation valve make it easy to set up the bowling set in just...
  • Durable and High-Quality - Our inflatable bowling set is crafted from premium heavy-duty vinyl material, making it...
  • Specification - Each set includes 6 pins, a large 14-inch diameter bowling ball, and 22-inch high bowling pins. it...
  • Commitment - We stand behind our products! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

If the giant inflatable bowling sets are a little oversized for your 2-year-old, then you should definitely get the Novelty Place Inflatable bowling sets for your kids and yourself. This set is a must-have if you’re throwing a party for your baby or a hilarious fun party with your friends. Even the grumpy ones won’t stop laughing while playing this bowling.

Novelty Place made the bowling pins of this set 22” in length, and the ball is 14” in diameter, which makes it convenient for little kids to carry them around. All the pieces have quick-inflate valves which make your job hassle-free. Moreover, you can keep them inflated for days, and they will remain the same without letting any air out.

Introduce your kids to a new challenge, and make them run, and play with other kids as a part of socializing and physical exercise. Get them off their phones and tell them to knock all the pins down with the bowling ball the set comes with. Made from heavy-duty vinyl materials, with plastic weighted bottoms, make them easy to set up, and carry around. If you see them start bopping with the pins or the ball, let them, because it’s completely safe for kids.


  •  Improve your kids’ physical-mental coordination
  •  Cheering, and entertaining
  •  Suitable for children, toddlers, teenagers, or even adults and elders
  •  Great for any fun social party
  •  Easy to carry and clean
  •  No air leakage
  •  Stays still
  •  Ball size is perfect for little kids
  •  Super affordable


  •  The out fabric of the ball doesn’t protect the ball from puncture or tear
  •  Doesn’t come with a pump=

4. Kleeger Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Kleeger Giant Inflatable Bowling Set, 6 Huge Life Size Large...
525 Reviews
Kleeger Giant Inflatable Bowling Set, 6 Huge Life Size Large...
  • HILARIOUS GAME FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - This Giant Inflatable Bowling Set is the perfect indoor or outdoor game for Kids...
  • CARDBOARD BOTTOM - Yes, that's right, the pins have a flat cardboard base that provides just the perfect balance. It's...
  • QUALITY PVC - Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, so a high-quality PVC was chosen to make our huge inflatable...
  • WHATS INCLUDED - 6 jumbo inflatable bowling pins measuring 24 inch tall, and one extra big inflatable bowling ball...
  • OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU - At Kleeger, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you are not happy with this product,...

Create joy and good time galore with the best outdoor bowling set for kids out there! Explore the spectrum of super-fun gameplay with the Kleeger Giant Inflatable Bowling Set. They’re just the right equipment for indoor or outdoor lawn bowling, but with a fun twist.

Like any other jumbo bowling set, Kleeger ones also come with 6 big size bowling pins, and a black bowling ball- of course, inflatable. The pins are white and 24” in height, and the bowling ball has an 18” diameter, which makes the ball big enough for unlimited strikes. Both adults, teens, or kids of all ages can jump right into it and have the time of their lives.

Thankfully, the bowling set comes with a pump to reduce your hassle. Just pump them up and let your kids handle the rest. The high-quality PVC material is great for the bowling equipment’s longevity. If this couldn’t exceed your expectations yet,  know that the bottoms of the pins have cardboard bases to keep them still and balanced. You can use them as a lawn bowling set. And, if it’s raining, you can take them indoors and use them as an indoor bowling set. No limitations, only unlimited happiness.


  •  Encourages active, fun physical playtime
  •  Durable and waterproof
  •  Suitable for children, toddlers, teenagers, or even adults and elders
  •  Great for any fun social party
  •  Easy to carry and set on the ground
  •  No air leakage
  •  Stays still
  •  Inexpensive
  •  The pump can be operated by both hands and feet


  •  May burst if pumped a bit too much

5. WEY&FLY Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Game Set

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Kids don’t listen to what you tell them to do? Tell them to play, they can’t say no to that. Turn regular old bowling into tremendous fun anywhere with the Wey&Fly Jumbo inflatable bowling set for kids and family. This extra big bowling set is well-known for its variety of ways to enjoy outdoor or indoor bowling.

This toy bowling set offers 6 beautiful pieces of (27”) inflatable bowling pins for kids, toddlers, and adults. Each pin has flat support at the bottom to hold its position on the ground. You can easily place it on lawn grass and play on a windy day without any trouble. The diameter of the eye-pleasing red ball the set included is 24”, big enough for everyone.

The materials of each piece are 0.25 mm thick non-toxic PVC plastic, which makes them completely safe for kids to play with. It will also make a great gift for the birthday or Christmas. Inflatable toys are always a great option to win a kid’s heart, also super hilarious for adults. So get them today, for your little one, or your nieces or nephews. You’ll surely become their favorite person.


  •  Develop gameplaying and critical thinking ability
  •  24hours leakage-free guarantee
  •  Easy to carry around and clean
  •  Suitable for people of all ages
  •  Attractive and colorful for kids
  •  Super affordable
  •  Weightsupportive bottom
  •  High-quality material enhances durability


  •  none

Buying Guide of Outdoor Bowling Set for Adults and Kids

Now that you have learned that outdoor bowling set can be two types: Wooden- which is for adults and kids both, and Inflatable- particularly for kids. So, which one do you want to buy? Once that’s decided, then you can go through the in-depth guidelines. Although these bowling games are played for fun, what the standard bowling may not able to deliver, you need a complete and clear guideline. So, take a look. We’re here to lead you to your next successful purchase.

For Wooden Lawn Bowling:

Pin length and Balls’ diameter:

Lawn bowling pins typically mimic the regular bowling pin style, so they’re not huge in size nor the same as standard bowling pins. A good size for the pins is a minimum of 8” and a maximum of 12”. The balls’ diameter should be at least 2.8” or the highest 3.2”.

Product Materials:

The wooden balls and pins are generally made of hardwood. Some of the best woods that are used to manufacture lawn bowling equipment are- Australian rubber-tree wood, New Zealand pine wood, etc.

Standing ability:

Usually, wooden pins have a very flat bottom, the pins will stay straight and remain standing up on the relatively flat ground. So, if you’re planning to play lawn bowling on hilly ground or rocky land, wooden lawn bowling might not be the best option for entertainment.

Overall weight:

Overall weight should be lightweight even though the lawn bowl sets are made of wood. Both kids and adults are supposed to carry them in the bags they come with. Easy portability is a must for lawn bowling sets.

For Jumbo Inflatable Outdoor Bowling:

Pin length and Ball diameter:

Inflatable bowling pins are supposed to be huge in size. So make sure the pins are more than 20” when inflated. The height of the pins can go up to 28”. Then check the ball’s diameter, it’s supposed to be at least 14”.

Weight Supportive Pins:

The bowling pins are supposed to stay standing straight up, instead of constantly falling. Pins with sand-weight, or cardboard-weight, or thick plastic weight bases are superior if you want your pins to stay straight and standing.

Staying Inflated:

Leaks are one of the most common problems for Inflatable toys. What air leakage does is slowly let the air out of the micro-holes. A well-built inflated bowling set is supposed to last more than 2 days or at least 1 day. Any sort of air leakage is the sign of a poorly made bowling set.


The PVC plastic and vinyl materials are the best for a durable inflatable bowling set. These materials are generally non-toxic, easy to wash or clean, and therefore, safe for kids to play with. So, when you’re buying your next inflatable bowling set, make sure you check the materials if you want to last them for a good amount of time.

Why Lawn Bowl is one of the best outdoor recreational activities of all ages?

Lawn bowling may seem like a simple outdoor sport. But there is a tremendous amount of health benefits for lawn bowling. Lawn bawling helps you improve your kids and your fitness, enhances, eye-hand coordination, develops aims and skills, boosts your self-esteem and confidence. This cheerful sport also can ensure a sound mind, consequently good mental health. It teaches you to be social and let you connect to people. Many health professionals nowadays recommend playing lawn bowls, especially for kids and older people. As it can provide a number of benefits, lawn bowling is considered one of the best outdoor recreational games.


If you’re still reading this, thanks for your patience. We have gathered all the best outdoor bowling set for adults and kids. They are great for summer and spring breaks, and now that almost every kid is at home, you cannot go wrong with them. First, check what kind of bowling your kids might be into, and then just grab one and let them have the best kind of fun. Good Luck!

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