Top 15 Reasons Why Bowling Is a Great Fun Indeed

Is bowling funAt some stage of your bowling career, a question must arise in your mind. Is bowling fun?

Yes, bowling is a fun game indeed. This exciting sport is the most popular game worldwide. People enjoy bowling all year round. This accessible sport is fitted for people of all ages. The simple and easy-going style of the game makes it fun for all ages. Being so easy for everyone to reach, it makes a great summer activity as well as throughout the year.

Why Bowling is Fun?

There are plenty of features that make bowling so popular and fun, like-

1, A fun way to spend leisure time:

No doubt why it’s so popular among all ages. It does not have a critical scoring method or does not require strategies and planning like other outdoor sports. Bowling is laid back and easy-going, just like hanging with your best friend.

2.. A great activity to have light-sport:

Unlike many other outdoor sports, bowling does not need a lot of stretching or warm-up, neither it needs to lift heavy or running and jumping.

3. Very convenient and safe option for kids:

No denying that outdoor activities are essential for the physical and mental growth of the kids. Bowling is also very enjoyable for toddlers. Also, a bowling center is a great place to host kids’ birthday parties. The kids love bowling. The game pushes them with little adrenaline and that keeps them spirited and focused. This also helps to develop their social skill, behavior, and perception of people. If you use a lightweight bowling ball for your son or daughter, injuries will be unlikely to occur.

4, Doesn’t need to have any particular skill:

This is one of the most interesting features of bowling. Most sporting activities need some technical or rehearsed skills to excel in sport. However, bowling is not like that. A few trials for the first time will get someone accustomed to it.

5. Suits people of all ages, thus an excellent family activity:

Instead of the usual Sunday brunch at aunt’s place or going to the beach, this can be a fun addition to family outings. Every member can find a weight-appropriate ball to lift as per ability.

6. Thrilling pass time with friends too:

Looking for something fun to do with friends? Bowling is the way to go. Everyone loves bowling!

7. Friendly competitions are fun:

Be it, friends or family, an extra burst of excitement mixed with some competitive zeal never hurts, right? Spontaneous bursts of laughter and cracking jokes among each other are what make the memories fun, and bowling is definitely a good way to cater to that.

8. Easy to schedule:

Bowling alleys are abundant and have long hours as per everyone’s convenience. Be it Saturday morning or weekday evening, after school or work anyone can enjoy some light recreation.

9. No hassle of any equipment or accessories:

This has to be the most favorite feature of mine. Sporting made fun without the added baggage of equipment, accessories, or any special shoes. Which is both convenient and budget-friendly.

10. Satisfying utilization of time instead of only being indoors:

I admit, sometimes we do need some time to relax and unwind at home. But for other times, instead of the usual time pass with Netflix or tv, it is great to have some outdoor fun with the company. This works great as a mood booster if you are going through a rough time at school or work.

11. It’s very pocket friendly:

This versatile feature makes bowling so accessible for so many people. It costs about $20-$40 for an unlimited alley and $5-$7 for shoe rental, which is quite less than other sporting activities. Besides that, as mentioned earlier that it does not require any accessories to buy personally makes it even more friendly for wallets.

12. Access to drinks and snacks:

This probably is the most efficient and effective thing that makes bowling more enjoyable and attracts a crowd. Nothing livens up a social gathering as food does and not many games and sports can include this merriment.

13. Exercising made fun:

This is my most favorite feature of all. People like me who are guilty of not exercising regularly, this is a subtle stress buster. Due to the continuous movement of the body, it is a good replacement activity for exercise. Besides, there is no heavy training or workout needed for this, thus do not leave a strain on the body.

14. Exciting summer sport without the heat:

Precisely, bowling is available all year round. But summer is the time when it is most crowded and everyone enjoys it the most. Where all the other outdoor sports involve a lot of physical stamina and sweating, bowling is a sport completely off the heat.

15. Fun activity for dates:

Choosing a fun date activity can be cumbersome and often people make the mistake of choosing the wrong activity or wrong place. If that is a problem you are having currently, going on bowling for a date can be an interesting choice.

You will surely enjoy bowling with or without some fun, friendly competition with your partner. It is also great if you feel nervous on first dates. 


Bowling is suited for all age groups and that makes it so inclusive and fun. With the company of dear ones, friends, and family, it is a fun escape from daily monotony. It is easy to do, exciting, crowd-pleaser, and all the other good things we all want in our favorite pass time. It is as good for adults as it is for children or teenagers. The sport can be a great outlet for excess energy, aggression, and frustration. It can help develop their social skills and behavior and also helps to improve their perception of people. Here is barely anything to not like about bowling!



I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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