Top 5 Mini Desktop and Tabletop Bowling Sets [Updated for 2022]

Best Desktop and Tabletop Bowling Set

Do you know you can bowl on the tables/desks? Wait, don’t get your regular heavy bowling ball and start rolling them on your study desk or coffee table. The desktop and tabletop bowling sets we are going to talk about are actually miniature-sized. They are made in a way that allows you to play bowling by putting them on a table, or on a desk, or even on the floor. You can carry these mini bowling sets anywhere you want. Since it’s a fun recreational game for adults and kids equally, I’d suggest you choose the best ones for yourself. Here are the top 5 mini desktop and tabletop bowling sets that are highly demanded in the market right now.

Best Desktop and Tabletop Bowling Set: Top 5 Reviewed

1. 3 Otters Wooden Mini Desktop/Tabletop Bowling Sets

Tabletop bowling is certainly more fun than you think it is. For kids who haven’t played bowling yet, this mini bowling is a great way to start. 3 Otters undoubtedly makes the best mini desktop/tabletop bowling sets. Indeed, a nice gift for your kids and they’re gonna have a great time.

The 3 Otters set contains a base that is made of natural solid wood, an adjustable wooden ramp, a high-grade stainless steel ball, and 10 pieces of bowling pins- also made of wood and then painted. The length of the base is 11.5” and the width is 3.9”. Both the ball and the pins are 1.2”, and the ramp is 2.5” in length.

These high-quality materials are safe to use. Kids over 3 years old can play but of course under an adult’s supervision. Let the good times roll with this desktop bowling set- anytime and anywhere, as it is small and compact, and easy to carry with you.

Just set up the pins and the ramp on the marked areas of the base and roll the ball. As the ramp is moveable, you can adjust it to your desired direction and enjoy unlimited strikes! Is there any upcoming office party or kids’ party? Then get this mini toy bowling set before it’s too late.


  • Non-toxic paints and wood- safe for kids
  •  Sturdy built
  • Can be played by kids, teens, adults
  • Easy portability
  • Very lightweight
  • Great bang for the price
  • Motor-skills enhancing
  • Durable


  •  Some of the pins are wobbly and hard to set up
  • The pins are too small for someone with bigger fingers

2. GoSports Tabletop Mini Bowling Game Set

If the previous set seems a bit too small for you or your kids, then you should go for the GoSports Tabletop Mini Bowling Game Set. Mainly suitable for toddlers, this GoSports bowling set weighs 5 pounds, and the dimension measures 45″ x 10″ which is big enough for kids who are 3 years and older.

As the base is quite bigger in size, so are the pins and the ball. The bowling pins are 2.5” tall and 0.90” wide. The ball diameter is 2.7cm. The set also includes an elevated launch ramp that allows the metal ball to hit the pins with the highest force, thereby, your kids and you score nothing but strikes!

The premium wooden playing surface and wooden pins ensure an authentic bowling game experience for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether it’s a family game night, or a camping trip, or just your kid’s holiday hangout with friends, set this mini desktop and tabletop bowling set, and let them break out strikes after strikes.

Unlike some other mini desktop bowling sets, GoSports’ base doesn’t have a barrier to hold the pins from getting out of the board, What they have instead is additional square space behind the pins setting area. The set also includes a dry-erase scoreboard with simplified bowling scoring to help your kids keep track of the scores.


  • True to scale
  • Simple and thoughtful design
  • Super fun family activity
  •  Will enhance kid’s motor skills
  •  Easy to play and carry around
  • Well-made and lightweight
  •  Durable material
  • Can be set on any flat surfaces


  • None

3. A Game Sports 3 in 1 Tabletop Shuffleboard, Curling Game and Bowling Set

Bring the big fun of bowling, curling, and shuffleboard- all at once at home with the ‘A Game Sports’ 3-in-1 Tabletop game set. On one side, you’re getting bowling and curling board/base, and on the other side, you’re getting spaciously placed shuffleboard. So, if your kids get bored of bowling, they can just switch to the other games within a second.

This uniquely designed and innovative gaming base is actually a mat that can be rolled without any wrinkles on it. Just spread out the mat and place the equipment of the game you or your kid wish to play. The mat is 40” x 10” which is pretty big. This multi-purpose game set is simple and easy, yet very thoughtful.

Although we have selected this set as one of the top 5 mini desktop and tabletop bowling sets, you can place it on any flat surfaces, like the floor. As their base is larger than most of the similar board games in the market, players find it more realistic and entertaining.

Come with 10 pieces of bowling pins (2.26” x 0.85”), 1 heavy-duty steel ball (1.42”), 8 chrome-plated pucks- all of these are made of high-grade ABS material. So you can guess, they will last for a great deal of time.


  • User-friendly and sleek design
  • Foldable, easy to store
  • Multi-purpose
  • Packed with high premium entertainment
  • Suitable for people of all ages, and kids over 3 years old
  • Premium quality and durable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Doesn’t have any ramp to place the ball before rolling
  • Have no guard to hold the bowling pins and pucks, so they may fall down from the table

4. New Entertainment Desktop / Tabletop Bowling Set

Looking for a mini game-set to keep in the rec room? Or in your family playroom? A desktop bowling set can be a perfect option for that. Made with beautiful hardwood, the base is given a mahogany finish to make it more realistic. The New/Intex USA Desktop Bowling Set is perfect for a relaxed and fun break-time for everyone!

Comes with 10 bowling pins, 2 stainless steel balls, 1 launcher, and also a bowling lane that has a magnetic plate right under it. You can just throw the pins at the pin area and almost half of them will stick and stand straight due to the magnet. Oh, yes, the bottom of the pins have magnets too that also work as the weighted base.

The movable ramp ensures effortless aiming which is very advantageous for kids to learn hand-eye coordination. The base dimensions are 13.8″ x 5.9″ x 2.4″. You can fit the whole set perfectly on your computer or study desk, and score strikes every time you take a break.

People over 13 and older should get their hands on it today! Packed with innovation and high quality, this family-friendly indoor bowling set is great for bringing people close, forming bonds, creating opportunities to learn, play and enjoy one another at the same time.


  • Adjustable launcher is easy to aim with
  •  Magnetic pin-reset system makes setup fast
  •  Beneficial for both mind and body
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Space-saving desktop bowling
  • Portable, and easy to store
  • Superior quality
  • Affordable


  • The magnet plate under the lane may have poor gluing

5. Elite Sportz Indoor bowling game set

Now we have the most exotic-looking and vibrant bowling set which is the last of our top 5 mini tabletop and desktop bowling sets. Elite Sportz- known for producing challenging gaming equipment for delight players despite the age. The same goes for this beautifully made indoor mini tabletop bowling set that is supposed to bring joy to your monotonous life.

Feel the excitement and heat of real bowling with this miniature bowling set. Can be enjoyed by both kids and adult, the bowling set is way more interesting than it looks! If you cannot go to a bowling alley due to the pandemic, bring the bowling to your home and play with comfort. Plus, you can travel with this bowling set in the draw-string travel bag it comes with and play anywhere you want.

The set includes a rollout surface (2 ft. x 4 ft.) that doesn’t take much room to play or to store. It also has 6 bowling pins, 2 puck-like bowling balls (each in different colors). The setup is easy and fast, thanks to the magnetic base. Just throw the balls with force and knock all of them down for the strikes! So, create a fun atmosphere and healthy competition and let the kids gain some helpful skills and learn simple maths.


  • Fun, easy and fast setup and cleanup
  • Portable and convenient in storing
  • Skill-developing
  • Premium quality tabletop bowling set


  • The guard isn’t good enough to prevent the pins/balls from falling off the table

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between a desktop bowling game and a tabletop bowling game?

The answer is no. There is no difference between a tabletop or a desktop bowling set. All of the best tabletop bowling sets and desktop bowling games can be set on desks, floors, porches, coffee tables, kitchen counters, dining tables, etc. Just place them on a flat surface, follow the same rules, and you’re good to go.

What are the pins made of in the desktop bowling set?   

The pins of the mini desktop bowling sets are made of hardwoods. The wood type varies from company to company. Some are even made of ABS, and other poly or plastic materials that give the pins the longevity they need. Some of the desktop bowling pins have a magnetic base to hold them on the base. This gives the pins support.

Can you feel the same experience in a mini-bowling game as a real bowling game?     

To be honest, no. You can’t experience the regular bowling feel through the mini bowling game. Regular bowling is much more critical than tabletop or desktop bowling. In real indoor bowling, the balls and the pins are much heavier and bigger in size. The rules are more complex as well. Moreover, you have to use a lot of your physical power, and there are lots of specific hand and leg movements that you need to follow. Overall we can say that bowling is a sports. On the other hand mini bowling game is not a sports at all. At best you can take it as a fun. You can just sit or stand near a tall table to play the game.


Add the spark of cheers and joy with the ultimate mini tabletop and desktop bowling sets. One can never go wrong with a top-notch quality bowling ball. Gather your friends and families and get your kids off of their phones, and play a game that is truly educational. And, if you’re a real bowling enthusiast, and want your kids to become the next one, desktop or tabletop bowling is a great way to make your kids get started. So, why wait? Just grab a  set and dive into the fun world of mini bowling.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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