Top 8 Amazing Bowling Gifts for Occasional and Pro Bowlers

Is your bowler friend’s birthday just around the corner? Did your dad win a league game this weekend? If you can relate to any of these or a similar scenario, then you’ve come to the right place. So, do you want to surprise a bowler? Honestly, it can get tricky and confusing. So, then instead of giving them a tie or a wallet, why don’t you give them a bowling present that will be meaningful for them. The best way to win a bowler’s heart is by buying bowling equipment for them. If you have no bowling gift idea, then go through this guideline where we have talked about the 10 amazing gifts for bowlers.

Bowling balls are undoubtedly the most effective gift you can give a bowler. Everyone needs a ball for bowling, therefore, bowling ball as a gift is very much appreciated all over the world. The person who you’re planning to gift a bowling ball surely will love having it, even though he/she already has a shelf full of balls at home. But how do you pick the best one?

Bowling ball Gift

Bowling Ball for kids and beginners:

bowling ball gift

One of the best bowling novelty gifts for kids and beginners is a polyester or plastic coverstock bowling ball. The one we can suggest is The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball– has a rating of over 4.7/5, extremely lightweight, and durable. Whether the player is a kid or an adult, there are plenty of lighter versions of the ball that are available. For those who are just getting started with bowling and doing straight shots, a beginner bowling ball will be great. Getting such a bowling ball, will brighten up their day, and boost their passion for bowling instantly.

If you want to gift really unique bowling ball for your beloved persons, you can gift some customized bowling balls.

Bowling ball for professional bowlers:

Be extra careful if your bowler friend is a professional player. It will surely be more difficult to impress them with a bowling ball. So you have to choose the professional bowling ball wisely. Of course, it’s not possible, nor you have time to go through all the bowling ball articles to buy this gift. That’s why go for the super versatile and adaptive Storm Phase III Bowling Ball– loved by the pro and advanced players ever since it was launched. Plus, it has a rating of over 4.8/5. The Hybrid Reactive coverstock will make them fall in love with your precious gift immediately.

Bowling shoe Gift:

bowling shoes gift

The person who you’re planning to gift bowling shoes- let me tell you, he/she is lucky to have you in his/her life. As soon as they unwrap your gift box, and see a pair of Brunswick Vapor Bowling Shoes, they are gonna hug you. These shoes are nicely constructed, good-looking, and performance-enhancing. They are probably tired of wearing those tacky rented bowling shoes from the bowling center, and you don’t even know it. Hence, bowling shoes definitely make one of the best bowling presents. All you have to do is, get to know about their shoe sizes secretly and surprise them! Every step they will take wearing your gifted shoes, the happier they will feel.

Bowling Shirt Gift:

Next, we have for you is bowling merchandise. There are many bowling product manufacturing companies that make classy bowling outfits. A bowling shirt as a gift is always a great option. Is the bowler playing professionally? Or a beginner who is really getting into the fun world of bowling? Either way, a shirt will be an amazing gift for bowlers, especially if the bowler is one of your parents.

Everyone, at least once gifted our dads’ shirts. Oh! How much they love that! So, if you’re wondering about bowing gifts for dad, a top-notch quality shirt is the winner. The Hilton HP2243 – Cruiser Bowling Shirt is a traditional-designed black and white shirt. This well-made shirt will give your dad the taste of an authentic bowling experience. While you’re at it, if you have a higher budget, you can include the black and white bowling shoes too, and amaze them with your thoughtful bowling gifts.

Is it your mom who the bowler in the house? Or your sister? It can be your female friends too. The good news is you can get them a bowling shirt too as a gift. The SAVALINO Women’s Bowling Shirt / Jersey will make a very beautiful gift for any female bowlers.

Bowling Toy Gift for Kids:

Do you have a little champ at your home? Are they really into fun bowling games? Hmm, so how are they going to play bowling? Of course, we all know how heavy a bowling ball can be. It’s completely impossible for a kid to carry it. They can’t even carry the pins. So what are the ways to keep their spirit up for bowling? The answer is simple- a toy bowling set. Currently, our favorite one in the market is the iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set. The set is absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching with colorful ball and bowling pins. Kids love these kinds of funny bowling gifts. On top of that, these kids’ toy bowling set will enhance their motor skills, improve their hand-eye coordination, and teach them patience and basic mathematics.

You can also go for the wooden or hard plastic lawn bowling set. Those would be one of the most impressive gifts for lawn bowlers. The best part of lawn bowling is- kids and adults both can enjoy that. Plus, you can use the equipment to play traditional European skittles. The only thing you have to keep in mind- when kids are playing alone, make sure you supervise them for their safety.

Desktop Bowling Ball Gift:

Desktop bowling games are the ones that can be played on a desktop or on a tabletop. You can also play them on the floor or on the kitchen counter. Basically, any flat surface will do. Since the pandemic is going on, many of your bowler buddies still can’t go to the bowling alley. So what can you do for them? Certainly, you cannot run out of bowling gift ideas. So, what you can do an as ideal friend is, buy them a desktop bowling game. The 3 Otters Wooden Mini Desktop Bowling Set is an absolute winner for us. The set is manufactured with non-toxic, environment-friendly, and rigid materials.

Many bowling enthusiasts love to have an indoor bowling set as a representation of their passion for bowling. So, here is your chance to dazzle them with your amazing bowling gift idea. Typically, tabletop bowling sets can be played by both adults and kids. So it will be a great gift for people of all ages. Whether it’s a family and friend reunion party, a cookout, a birthday party, they can take it out make the arrangements for indoor fun activities.

Bowling Bag:

You know your friends or family the best. You can assume they will love and what they won’t. A piece of plain and simple bowling equipment may make them happy. But what if you give them personalized bowling gifts? We’re talking about bowling bags. This is the most convenient piece of equipment that every bowler wants but often forgets to get one for themselves. So, here’s your chance to shine in their life by gifting them a bowling bag. You can customize it, add some fun logo or sticker that matches the gift receiver’s personality. This would make them super happy.

But what if they are not into flashy designs? Well, as I said, no one but you know your loved ones the best. So if you think they will be more into good old plain solid color bowling bags, you should get them the Athletico Bowling Bag for a single ball. This heavy-duty and durable ball will carry the bowling ball with pleasure. No matter how heavy your friend’s bowling ball is, the bad boy will carry it nicely with its shoulder strap. No more hand-carrying hippy tote bowling case. Make their life easier with a bowling bag, where they can keep everything.

Bowling Towel Gift:

If it’s a big gift you’re planning to give your favorite person, a bowling gift basket will be an interesting option. You can make the gift funny, or professional- that’s up to the one who will be receiving it. If the player is a kid or a teen- you can include a desktop or a toy bowling set. If you’re thinking about making a meaningful and series gift basket, you can add any of these amazing bowling gifts. But while you add the other stuff, do not forget a bowling towel. As mere as it sounds, the performance and value of this thing are quite the opposite.

Those who play for a long period of time, need to wipe and clean their bowling ball from time to time. Especially, if they’re playing with a matte finish ball on an oil bowling lane condition. The ball may pick up the oil easily and hence, they need to keep the ball clean after every few shots. A precious piece of bowling towel will remind them of you every time they will use it. Go for a plush professional bowling ball cleaner. IMPRESA Bowling Ball Towel is a stunning option. The player will be able to polish their bowling balls just by putting in in the towel and move the handles up and down like a see-saw motion. So, write it down- a bowling towel is a must.

Ball Cleaning Kit Gift:

Bowling equipment requires a lot of attention and care. Usually, bowling enthusiasts look after the products they own very carefully. They make sure, no product faces any sort of damage. Besides bowling costumes and shoes, what a bowler cares about the most is a bowling ball. Since a bowling ball is the heart and centerpiece of a bowling game, bowlers love to keep them squeaky clean.

Generally, after every match, they should clean their bowling ball before putting it back in the bowling bag. So gift them the Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner Spray Kit. This product is USBC approved as it will retrieve the life and tack of a bowling ball. Let your friend get rid of the oil, scuff, and belt mark from the bowling ball with this amazing product. Moreover, the ball cleaner comes with a hand towel, so it’s a clean 2 in 1 product. Indeed, a great deal as an impressive bowling gift.

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The bottom line is- “Gifts are gifts”. There is no good or bad in them. It’s the efforts and thoughts you put into a gift that matters the most. We are not denying that buying a bowling gift is hard for a non-bowler. But if you wholeheartedly want to give someone a meaningful present, choose the gift wisely. Whether you’re buying bowling gifts for high school seniors, or teens, or elderly bowlers, or kindergarten kids/toddlers- we have got you covered. Here you can find the best bowling gift ideas in every category. Just pick any of these and put a smile on your fellow bowler’s face.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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