5 Best 2-Ball Bowling Bag With Wheels [Reviews Inside] 2022

The two most important and expensive pieces of the bowling game are balls and shoes. However, most people are open to spending a lot of money on the two but not their protection. Whereas, if you are purchasing something expensive, you should look into buying a protectant for it.

That is why it is wise to spend money on a bowling bag. You can find various options in the market for a bowling bag, but not all of those are durable and strong enough to carry more than one ball.

To make your decision easy, we tried some bags and found the best 2 ball bowling bags with wheels that are ideal to carry the ball for you. Top-quality bags are very hard to find, therefore, if you ever find one don’t let it go!

Best 2-Ball Bowling Bag with Wheels: Top 5 Reviews

No professional will ever deny the use of a good dual spaced bag, which is why here is a roundup of the best double roller bowling bags for you!

The list below is in the order of its rank according to us. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller with Oversized Accessory Pocket Bowling Bag

Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller with Oversized Accessory Pocket...
  • Durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction
  • Wide 3" rubber wheels for easier maneuvering with wide wheel base for stability
  • 21.5" Extendable square handle - 5 1/2" longer for easy rolling
  • Holds one pair of shoes (up to Size Mens 16)
  • Dimensions (L: 21") (H: 15") (W: 13")

Any professional player would agree that keeping more than one bowling ball is essential and depending on the criticality, it could make a paramount difference in the game, it could sometimes even define if you would win or lose the game.

That being said, if you are looking for durability and stability, the Pyramid’s path deluxe double bag is an ideal carrier for you. It checks out in the style and quality department and is the newest addition to the Pyramid’s family. The bowling bag on wheels is made using over 600-thread count polyester and is extremely sturdy. It also features wide 3” rubber wheels, which are designed keeping easy maneuver in mind. Carrying two balls simultaneously can be pretty hard, which is why this feature could come in handy. You can easily pull the bag instead of having to carry it all the time.

Due to the weight not being an issue anymore, the bag features a set of multiple pockets that can carry other bowling essentials including a pair of shoes. The handle is also adjustable with its 21 and a half-inch length that provides easy rolling.

The two ball rolling bowling bag is also available in multiple color options, and for the price tag that it comes for, it checks out in all boxes. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about your bag stinking, as it has proper ventilation.

For us, the pyramid path deluxe double roller bowling bag is an ideal bag to carry two balls. And in our professional opinion, this bag will keep you going for more than a couple of years, whether you use it professionally or personally. So no one can deny it as the best 2 ball bowling bag with wheels


  • Easily maneuverable
  • Spacious and easy to carry
  • Multiple compartments to carry things
  • Durable and stable
  • Includes sliding wheels


  • Heavy to carry
  • A little on the steeper side price-wise

Pyramid Prime Double Roller Bowling Bag

Pyramid Prime Double Roller Black/Royal Blue
  • Two ball bowling bag with durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction
  • Wide 3" rubber wheels for easier maneuvering with wide wheel base for stability
  • 21.5" extendable square handle
  • Separate shoe compartment stores and protects up to US Mens Size 16 Shoes
  • Dimensions (L: 21") (H: 15") (W: 10.5")

If you are seeking a bag that is easy to carry and is not on the pricier side, then you have found the ideal fit for you. Carrying a bag with two bowling balls is very hard, therefore a rolling bag with double compartments is better for the purpose.

Pyramid Prime Double Roller Bowling Bag is a no-frill bag with a special compartment dedicated to the bowling shoes. It is light enough to carry easily and can also fit in a whole lot of equipment. Agreed, that it is not as huge as other pyramid bags, but it sure does carry a lot. It has double compartments to carry two bowling balls and has a separate space for bowling shoes. And if your shoe size is not too big, that you can easily fit in two shoes at a time. However, there are no pockets to store the trinkets. 

Other than that, the bag features a set of rubber wheels which makes moving the bag around very easy. It is no longer essential to carry a bag, you can easily roll it. It also features a soft handle, which means you can carry it on the stairs without an issue. 

In our opinion, this two ball bowling bag is an optimal solution for your bowling bags. It might be on a little steep side, but it is worth an investment. 


  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Cradles keep the ball secure inside the bags
  • Handle locking technology


  • A little expensive
  • No extra pockets

BSI Double Ball Roller Bowling Bag

BSI Double Roller Bowling Bag
  • Padded Ball compartments
  • Retractable square tubular handle
  • Separate shoe compartment-holds up to men's size 14
  • Personal organizer pocker
  • Smooth rolling wheels

If you are looking for quality, then BSI double Ball Roller Bowling Bag is an ideal fit for you. The bag is rather large and can carry more than one ball at all times as the name suggests.

The best feature of this bag is that it has padding to save your bag from harm, unlike other bags that only have a foam. This padding protects the bag while traveling and during transport. The padding also saves the ball from touching each other and as a result, the ball stays scratch-free. The bag is extremely sturdy as it has been made using top quality heavy duty material and has a stylish flair that sets it apart from all the other options available in the market.

Another redeeming quality of the bag is that it features a personal holding zipper on the front. It is ideal to carry your keys and other small things. It also has a Velcro pouch with a 3” by 5” handle and an elastic flap that can be used to store microfiber towels. The shoe zipper can hold shoes as big as men’s size 14.

There are three different color options to choose from. In our opinion, the brand is trustworthy and should be invested in. This bag will be good for more than a couple of years and would carry your balls safely. There are no shoulder straps with this bag. If you need it, you have to buy it.


  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Easy to maneuver and carry
  • Includes 2 extra compartments


  • Can only cater to people with a smaller shoe size
  • Little expensive

Ebonite Transport 2 Double Roller Bowling Bag

Ebonite Transport II Double Roller Bowling Bag, Purple
  • Gold ion-plated with black Leather strap
  • 3 tam water resistant case
  • Presented in gift box
  • Features gold medallion of official licensed collegiate seal/logo
  • Dimensions: watch face approx. 1 1/4 inch

Ebonite Transport II Double Roller Bowling Bag is made with high-quality heavy-duty tear-free fabric. It has a 600D oxford construction and has a couple of 3” sturdy rubber wheels.

This excellent quality, top use bag is an ideal bag for individuals who are looking for a good dual compartment bag. This bag comes with a separate shoe compartment for better storage. The bag is made with thick fabric which makes it durable and also ensures that it won’t give up under pressure. It also ensures that you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear factor. There is an additional zipper on the side that lets you carry any other equipment that you might need during a game session.

The bag has ball molds on the base that helps in holding the balls in place. They are also padded thinly so that the balls do not knock each other and in turn wear them down. This would save your expensive balls from tearing down due to pressure.

The bag is really good from both a professional and casual point of view, it is also long-lasting due to functionality and foam factor. You can be at ease knowing that your balls are at peace.


  • Thin foams to protect bowling balls
  • High-quality life span guarantee
  • Excellent functionality


· Little heavy

Hammer Premium 2 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

Hammer Two Ball Premium Roller Bowling Bag
  • Product Type: SPORTING_GOODS
  • Package quantity: 1
  • No batteries required
  • Country of Origin: China

Hammer Premium 2 Ball Roller Bowling Bag is a double compartment roller bowling bag, which has big 5 inches wheels so that it is easy to carry. The wheels are also excellent support and provide stability so that the bag does not give in under pressure.

The bag also features a locking handle, large accessory pockets to carry other bowling essentials and is made with durable heavy-duty top-notch material. This material will ensure that both of your balls are in place all day and do not dent under any circumstances.

The bag also has a shoe compartment that can carry men’s shoes up to size 15, it also has rear lift handles to carry the bag upstairs. Storm bowling bag replacement handle also comes with the bag so that even if the handle breaks down you can always get a new one. The bag is stitched nicely and does not give up under pressure. It has a padded inner lining that keeps the ball in its place. The bag is also water-proof. The bag also comes with a lock to keep it safe. The bag is also available in multiple colors so that people can have different options.

In our professional opinion, this bag is an ideal two ball bowling bag that can be very handy to carry your bowling gear. Also, the price point is great and there is so much that you could do with this bag! Though it is at the bottom of the list, I will give it equal importance as the best 2 ball rolling bowling bag.


  • Just the right size
  • Wheels hence easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy handle
  • Comes with a replacement handle


· Can be a bit bulky at times

What To Look Before Buying?

Shopping for the perfect bowling ball bag can be pretty hard if you don’t know the right things to look for. You need to understand all the aspects that make up a great bag. To help you further we have a list of all the things that you should look for when getting a bag. 


The top thing to check while getting a bag is the material, which is the primary thing to ensure durability. Consider the material while purchasing so that you don’t leave a chance to complain. Usually, these bags are made up of fabrics such as polyester and nylon but the quality of the fabric plays a vital role.

The material also depends on the brand to brand. You should spend extra time to find a bag with durable material so that it lasts you for a good period and would be a victim to wear and tear. Also better material will hold the equipment better than below par material.


It is important to have a bag that looks good because it is going to be with you at every game. As you move up ranks while playing professionally, the double ball bags come into play.

Double bags will also be beneficial if you like to have family bowling sessions. You can carry two bags simultaneously. Other than that roller bags are better because you don’t have to carry, therefore, no issues with the weight.

The bag should be professional looking and also intimating so that you can form an impression on your opponent.


Another thing to focus on is the number of compartments. A bowling bag should be capable of carrying multiple types of equipment at once. A bag with a decent glove and shoe bag will be better.

With more compartments, the bag will be less compact. Look for something that has not too many but neither too few compartments. So that it is the perfect bag.

Wheels and handlebars:

Carry a bag around can get pretty overwhelming, especially when you have to save all your shoulder strength for the match. Therefore, a bag with rollers is optimal as it divides the weight uniformly.

That is why sturdy wheels and handlebars are important while looking for a bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we felt people are confused about. Therefore, we decided to answer those here.

1. What is a bowling bag used for?

Bowling bag is not only used for carrying a bowling ball. You can easily carry your bowling ball, bowling shoes, and other small bowling stuff such as wrist guard, towel, grip tape, and nail clippers etc.

2. What should you prefer between tote bowling bag and roller bowling bag?

If you have a single ball you do prefer tote bowling bag because it is lightweight and easy to carry.
If you have more than one ball you should choose roller bowling bag. It will not put pressure on your shoulder and back, no matter how heavy it is.

3. Does these bowling bags have shoe compartment?

 Yes, All the above-mentioned roller bowling bags have shoe compartment. But the compartment size is different.

4. Is Brand Important?

This depends on personal preference completely, but this does not have any impact on the bowling bag. As it does not have a major impact on the bag.
However, when it comes to the other bowling gear, the brand is important. You can choose the brands that we have mentioned above, but you should keep your budget in mind while selecting the brand. Prices fluctuate greatly when it comes to brands.


While purchasing the best bowling bag, think of what is the paramount interest to you. Consider the number of balls you carry, your budget, what other equipment you would carry in the bag and then make an informed decision. Make sure to get a bag that checks all your boxes and can accommodate all your belongings. 

Do proper market research so that you don’t end up with a cheap bag that would tear after a few uses. A good quality bag will last you a good five years or more. If you have more than 2 bowling ball bag, you can try these 3 ball bowling bags here.

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