Best 4 Ball Bowling Bag With Wheels 2022

4 ball bowling bagAre you a perfectionist? Are you never a risk-taker? Then you surely would love to enjoy bowling with excellence despite the circumstances. And what is the best way to do that? Expect the unexpected! Therefore, you always need to be prepared with various bowling balls to overcome any challenges you might face. Bowling centers or tournaments may not always have bowling balls that suit your bowling style or skill. So it’s wise to bring your own. But how do you carry four bowling balls? Of course, in the best 4 ball bowling bag. Just load a bowling bag up that can hold 4 balls and get ready for an ultimate battle of bowling!

5 Best 4 Ball Bowling Bag Reviews

1. KR Strikeforce Hybrid X 4 Ball Roller Bowling Bag:

KR Strikeforce Hybrid X Four Ball Roller Bowilng Bag with Shoe...
  • Wide 6" molded plastic wheels
  • Removeable top bag becomes a full featured premium 2-ball tote
  • Large top shoe compartment holds up to size 15 shoes
  • Large front accessory pocket
  • Retractable square locking handle extends to 42.5"

KR Strikeforce wins the crown! Their Hybrid X 4 Ball Roller Bowling Bag is thoughtfully made. One of the greatest attractive factors is its 600D polyester fabric with a high-strength molded base made out of plastic. The molded plastic wheels are 6” in width which ensures stable movements of the bag under normal walking speeds. Let’s not forget to thank the telescoping handles for that.

What you’d absolutely love is the easy access to all of your four bowling balls. Moreover, the unit separates into two bags. Not only does it make it easier to lift but also you can just one of the bags when you feel like taking two balls to your bowling alley. The bag pieces have some attachment straps for extra protection. The top bag has pegs that let the bag sit properly in its place. No chance of falling off!

With a dimension of 20.5″ W x 32″ H x 15″ D, the bag has plenty of space in the top bag for a pair of size 15 men bowling shoes. While the top compartment opens on the top, the bottom one features an open front load system for comfortable access. Both bags have enough padding and space for the balls. For extra convenience, KR Strikeforce has added some big accessory pockets to carry the gears you need. Since the top bag sits on top of the bottom bag, the retractable handle extends to 42.5″. As a result, you move easily while walking, despite your speed.


  • Anti-abrasive and waterproof materials
  • Easy loading into and unloading from the car
  • The removable top bag can be used as a 2- ball tote bowling bag
  • Comfortable movement
  • Great accessory storage
  • Comes in 2 colors
  • Compact design and durable


  • The side pockets may not fit large objects (like water bottle)

2.  Case Club x4 Bowling Ball Case Bag

Case Club 4 Bowling Ball Heavy Duty Wheeled Travel Case - Store,...
  • [Case Fits] 4 Bowling balls, shoes, tape, wrist brace, grip sack, and more in a convenient, wheeled, heavy duty case.
  • [Custom Foam Features] Foam insert is made of a non-abrasive, closed-cell, military grade polyethylene which can be...
  • [Case Features] Case Club's rugged 4 Bowling Ball travel case is waterproof (IP67), crushproof, dustproof, compact,...
  • [Case Hardware] Shell is made of injection molded high strength copolymer polypropylene plastic with ribs for additional...
  • [The Perfect Gift] Great gift idea for travel bowlers, friends, family and most importantly...yourself!
  • [The Competition] Do not settle for soft-sided zipper bags to protect your bowling balls and equipment! During airline...
  • [Lifetime Warranty] Case Club's 4 Bowling Ball Carry Case comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Your bowling equipment &...
  • [Disclaimer] Bowling Balls and equipment shown are not included. This product is the carry case with custom foam only.

The x4 bowling ball case by Case Club is hands down the best 4 ball bowling bag in the market. Think of the most sophisticated bowling gear that screams your professional bowling rank. Yes, this Case Club bag can successfully portray that. The case can perfectly hold 4 of your favorite bowling balls, bowling shoes, wrist braces, sack, towels, grip, ball cleaner, and more.

To keep your bowling gears protected at all times, there is military-grade polyethylene foam insertion. That makes the case super easy and fast to clean. The outer exterior of the case is made of hard material which makes it heavy-duty. On top of that, it is airtight, waterproof, and the pressure on the inside and outside with the bowling equipment is equalized for the highest-level protection. You can even drop the case, and it still would not shift the ball and keep everything spotless.

The special bowling case has two tote wheels with an extended handle. This makes transportation really easy for you. For extra security, there are also some padlock holes. You can padlock your valuable bowling balls to prevent theft if you want.


  • Solid strong built
  • Indestructible
  • Easy to clean, waterproof
  • Maximum protection from any sort of damages
  • Best security money can buy
  • Extremely professional looking


  • This bowling case weighs almost 95lbs once it is fully loaded. So keep in mind that you can’t travel by air with it for free as it will be considered oversize.

3. Element Premium 3-4-5 Option Roller Bowling Bag

Do you need to travel quite often for your league games and tournaments? Then I bet you always look for comfort and convenience. So what can be a better option than the premium 3-4-5 option bowling bag by Element? Loved by many bowlers, no doubt it is one of the best 4-ball bowling bags, thanks to the versatility it offers.

This roller bowling bag gives you great choices. Why? Well, you can either carry 3 or 4 or 5 bowling balls at a time. How cool is that? The bag’s dimensions are 15″ W x 32″ H x 20″ D. So it’s not even that bulky. Now, are you wondering how it looks? Let me elaborate. The bag is made of 600D stone and 1680D black polyester fabric. The velcro straps and padding are enough to protect and secure your balls at all costs.

The sleek inline bag is designed to hold 3 bowling balls like the usual 3 ball roller bag. You’ll see a bottom front pocket that holds the 4th ball. And, when you need to carry the 5th ball, you have to use the add-on-bag that is attached to the extended handle of the bag. Don’t worry the retractable handle extends up to 42″. The shoe compartment can hold a pair of size 15 men shoes easily. To ease your movements, the 5″ KRuze urethane quiet wheels do an amazing job!


  • Packed with deluxe features
  • Superior materials and durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious accessory compartments
  • The pick-up handles are comfortable when you need to lift it up
  • Moves smoothly with the ultimate balance


  • When you load the bag with more than 3 balls and other accessories, and you need to fly on a plane, you will have to pay the extra weight charge as it will be considered oversize.

4. Elite Deluxe 3-4-5 Blue Roller Bowling Bag

If the Element bowling bag didn’t impress you with its look much, let us introduce you to the best 4 ball bowling bag, or should I say 3 or even 5 ball bowling bag. Yes, you can fit up to 5 balls in the Elite Deluxe 3-4-5 blue roller bag. This means you will have plenty of flexibility with the number of balls you would love to carry.

The bag is separated into a few compartments, yet the dimensions are only (L: 30.5″) (H: 22″) (W: 15″), which means it isn’t bulky at all. On the base, you will find a 3 ball roller bag. When you need to carry 4 balls, you can just zip another ball compartment with the base bag. Moreover, you can even add a 5th ball carrier that is attached to the top of the bag. Let’s not forget the roomy and vented shoe compartment. You’ll also have multiple accessory pouches/pockets to carry your bowling gears.

So what’s so unique about this first-class 4 ball bowling bag? Well, the oxford construction with the 600D polyester and the hideaway and telescoping lock-up handle and of course, the 5″ enclosed Urethane wheels. This sleek, eye-catching design, with surely turn some heads around when you walk into the bowling center. So when you have the chance, why not ride with style?


  •  Easy to move and carry
  • Great organization system in the compartments
  • Superb quality and durable construction
  • Versatile and extra roomy
  • Flawless-built and protection
  • Very professional-looking


  • When the bag is fully loaded, you have to pay the extra weight fees in the airport for being overweight.

5. KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 4-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

Strikeforce Royal Flush 4-Ball Roller Bowling Bag USA (USA)
  • 1680D Fabric with Leather acccent panels
  • 5" Smooth Kruze Urethane Wheels for the most stable ride in the industry
  • Removable top bag becomes a full featured 2-ball tote bag
  • Comes with three accessory pockets and a large shoe compartment on top
  • Retractable square locking handle extends to 43“

Are you planning to purchase a roller bowling bag that offers comfort, performance, and a good look? Then, KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 4-Ball Roller Bowling Bag is the way to go! The good look comes from the royal blue and black color scheme, set on the 1680D Ballistic fabric which is tear and waterproof paired with fine leather accent panels – indeed the exterior is the KR Armor!

This 4 ball bowling bag features the premium YKK zipper pulls- the most durable there is! With a dimension of 22″ W x 32″ H x 16″ D, the bag is very spacious. The balls are protected with a foam padding system and the accessory pockets are designed to fit any bowling equipment. Even the shoe compartment is large enough to fit a pair of size 15 shoes.

This beautiful bowling bag is built on top of a strong and durable molded plastic base that rolls on the 5” Smooth KRuze urethane Wheels. The telescoping square handle extends up to 44” which is pretty impressive. For easy access, the top bag has a top opening design whereas the bottom bag has an open front-load design. How cool is that!


  • Anti-abrasive and waterproof materials
  • The removable top bag can be used as a 2- ball tote bowling bag
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Plenty of accessory storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable movements
  • Compact design and durable


  • When the bag is fully loaded, you have to pay the extra weight fees in the airport for being overweight.

Four ball bowling bag vs Double ball bowling bag vs Single ball bowling bag

Now let’s talk about one of the most common uncertainties most bowlers encounter. Yes, you guessed it right. What is the right bowling bag for a bowler? To summarize, that depends on two major factors. One is how many bowling balls you own and you want to carry it to the game, and the second factor is your bowling rank.

Usually, professional bowlers who have years of experience can play on any bowling surface. They can even control almost all kinds of bowling balls. Besides the strike and hooking bowling balls, they often need to carry one or two non-hooking straight bowling balls. And, those balls can be of different finish, matte (sanded) and polished. So whenever it’s a tournament or league game pro bowlers attend, they bring all of their favorite bowling balls. This is when they need a three or four-ball bowling bag. Plus, these sorts of bags can be used as double or single ball bowling bags as well if needed.

Most of the average bowlers, or performance-level bowlers, or someone who is practicing to be a pro bowler someday needs to carry a double ball bowling bag. This is because they need one ball for strikes and another to pick up those spares. Besides two bowling balls, the double ball bowling bag also lets you carry a pair of bowling shoes. You can either get the roller ones or the ones with shoulder straps for your easy movements.

Lastly, the single ball bowling bags are entirely for newbies and seasonal bowlers who have got one bowling ball and like to take it every time they go out to play. The bowling industry actually manufactures various kinds of bowling bags that only can carry one ball. Bowlers mostly prefer the single ball bowling bag in tote style. And like a double ball and 4 ball bowling bag, single ball bowling bag can offer shoes storage system as well. So based on your bowling skill, performance, and quantity of bowling ball, choose your bowling bag wisely.

Which bowling bag is perfect for beginners and pro bowlers?

If you’re a beginner, you surely won’t be up for carrying multiple bowling balls for your daily practices. Beginners are most likely to own one or two bowling balls. So when they carry their own bowling ball, they carry the best single or double ball bowling bag. As for professional bowlers, they often need to carry more than two bowling balls. This is when they need a bowling bag that can fit and carry 3, 4, or even 5 bowling balls. So there you have it! Are you a new bowler? Then, go for a single or double ball bowling bag. And what about pro bowlers? Well if you often feel the need to carry more than two bowling balls, invest in a bag that can fit at least 4 bowling balls easily. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

What are the other items you can carry in your 4 ball bowling bag?

Like any other bowling ball bag, these 4 ball bowling bags we have mentioned include accessory pockets and the possibilities of carrying any bowling equipment are unlimited. Staring with bowling ball towels, ball cleanser, your bowling wrist braces, sports drinks or water bottle, your personal belongings like glasses, watch, wallets, tape, powders, keys, etc. So basically, you can carry almost any relevant items that you might need during bowling.

Is it comfortable to carry 4 ball Bowling Bag?
Oftentimes bowlers struggle to simply carry a double ball bowling. So any bowling bag that contains 3/4/5 bowling balls, it’s definitely not gonna be comfortable. Even if you think you can carry a 4 ball bowling bag, I’d highly suggest you not. Carrying such a heavy bag will incur physical pain, followed by discomfort. It may even leave a long-term impact on your health unknowingly.


We are always here to recommend you the best of best products. None of these premium 4 ball bowling bags is gonna disappoint you. So grab one of these bad boys before your next big day. Tournaments and leagues are great places to show off your special bowling gears that no one has seen. So what’s stopping you? Shine bright and good luck!

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