How to Choose the Right Bowling Bag?

how to choose bowling bag

Bowling can be a lot of fun if you have the right gear by your side. It means purchasing the right shoes, the best balls, the best cleaning cloths, etc. But, what about something to keep all those gears safe? 

A lot of times, we forget to purchase one of the most important things required to keep all our bowling gears safe and sound from external damage. And that is a bowling bag!

Not only does a bowling bag manage to keep all our prized bowling gears in place, but it also allows us to travel with all we need at one go. This way, we can prioritize what we need and when we need it. 

Some people do not really value a bowling bag because they think it is a waste. But seriously, without a bowling bag, you are pretty much lessening the longevity of your prized possessions yourself! Without a bowling bag, you will be speeding up the process by allowing your bowling gears to be out in the open. This way, they might rust faster or even be prone to scratches and marks. 

Take the smarter route and invest in a bowling bag. There are plenty of high-quality bowling bags on the market now, so we are sure you will not have a problem with finding one that suits your needs. However, we will still help you by discussing how to choose the right bowling bag for your specific requirements. 

So enough blabbering and let us get started right away!

What to keep in mind when buying a bowling bag?

Type of bowling bags

First, decide why you need the bowling bag and to carry exactly how many gears at the same time. Will you be carrying only one bowling ball or multiple at the same time?

Once you decide what you want to carry, you can take a look at the types of bowling bags. 

There are usually two types of bowling bags on the market now. The most popular type is the roller one. These are the most convenient kind as they come with wheels and a pull-on handle on one end. In a way, they sort of imitating a travel suitcase, don’t you think?

You have to keep in mind that this kind of bowling bag is slightly expensive; however, they are worth every penny in the long run. A roller style bowling bag can easily accommodate up to 3 or 4 different bowling balls as they come with a lot of space. But You can also buy 2 ball roller bowling bag at a little lower price. So if you are someone who prefers playing with different types of bowling balls for each round, then this is the type of 3 ball bowling bag you should go for. But if you want to buy double ball bowling bag, I recommend you to grab the best double roller bowling bag from Amazon.

The other type of bowling bag is the tote bag. This kind of bag comes with either two handles or a shoulder strap that is padded with soft foam.  This kind of bag is less expensive than roller bag. It is also best for carrying single ball.

Unlike roller style bowling bags, tote bowling bags can accommodate up to only 1 or 2 bowling balls at once. Therefore, this kind of bowling bag is perfect for people who prefer going, lightweight. These bags are also inexpensive. If you are finding the best tote bag within budget, here is the best one which can also carry bowling shoes with two balls. 

The brand

Of course, the brand of the bowling bag matters. High quality bowling bags are manufactured by renowned brands with great reviews and customer feedback. These high-end brands have a lot to lose. Therefore they will make sure to provide customers with only the best products every time. Bowling bags are surely not excluded in this case. 

Some brands which provide bowling bags are Hammer, Storm, Brunswick, Ebonite etc. These brands are highly reputed and come with their very own warranty periods. 

What to keep in your bowling bag 

Bowling bags are great for people who prefer organizing their bowling gears whenever traveling to the alley and back home. Bowling bags come with different compartments where you can easily store your essentials.

There are various things you can store in a bowling bag

Firstly, you can store the bowling balls. A lot of bowling bags will allow you to carry more than two bowling balls at once. Large bowling balls may cost a tad bit more than small ones, but they are also much worthy long-term wise. 

The range of different compartments will allow you to organize as you might be required to. Hence, you can easily carry your favorite energy drinks with you, your favorite bowling balls, your best pair of bowling shoes. Maybe you can throw in some towels and an extra pair of clothes, some munchy bars, etc. 

Some people go as far as packing in food from home! But we think you should not do that as it might break the rules set by most bowling alleys! However, you can surely pack in dry foods such as candy bars and granola bars for extra energy. You can also carry your meds if you really require some. It is a good idea always to carry a few band-aids and pain relief ointments so that you can get some quick relief in-case you sprain an ankle or hurt a finger or two. 

This way, you can always stay well prepared and focus on your game instead of worrying about what might go wrong!


We all know how invaluable bowling gears can be to bowlers. It is almost as if their lives depend on those bowling gears! So why gamble on their longevity instead of opting for something that will keep those gears safe and sound? 

Get your very own bowling bag today, and thank us later! Say goodbye to worrying about scratches and marks. On top of that, you will be able to carry more than just one bowling ball for every match. Oh the relief!

We hope you had a good time reading this article. We sure had fun coming up with this for you! Thanks a lot for sticking around with us till the very end. Have a great time practicing. And oh, go get that bowling bag already! 


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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