Best Single Bowling Ball Bag with and without wheels 2022

bowling bag singleHave you recently gained an interest in bowling? Are you loving it so far? If yes, I assume you have recently purchased an entry-level bowling ball and to carry that with comfort, you need a bowling bag. But not just any bag, you need the best single bowling ball bag with and without wheels. Today we have reviewed just the thing you are looking for! We know there are so many 1 ball bowling bags out there in the market and it’s normal for everyone to get confused. So fear not, we have short-listed some of the greatest single bowling bags you can ever find. Have a look at them yourself!

Top 4 Single Bowling Ball Bag Without Wheels [At a Glance]

Best Single Bowling Ball Bag With Wheels [At a Glance]

Best Single Bowling Ball Bag In-depth Reviews

1. Athletico Single Ball Bowling Bag

Athletico Bowling Bag for Single Ball - Single Ball Tote Bag With...
  • ALL YOUR BOWLING GEAR IN ONE PLACE - The Athletico Bowling Bag is large enough to carry all your bowling equipment...
  • CARRY YOUR GEAR IN COMFORT - The padded, adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag with ease, without...
  • PROTECTS YOUR BOWLING BALL - The center compartment is equipped with a foam ball holder to cushion and protect your...
  • BUILT TO LAST - The Athletico Bowling Bag is built with the highest quality materials. Reinforced stitching and metal...
  • BACKED BY THE ATHLETICO 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If your are not satisfied with your new Athletico Bowling Bag for...

Time for some of the best single bowling ball bags without wheels! Many of you don’t feel the need to go for a roller bag when it comes to carrying a single piece of a bowling ball. Generally, if you are not carrying anything too heavy, a one-ball bowling bag shouldn’t weigh more than 18lbs (even if the ball is 16lbs). And, carrying an 18lbs with a shoulder or hand strap is pretty easy. That’s why we have the Athletico Single ball bowling bag for you! Let’s have a look.

Made of jacquard weave fabric and 600D polyester- this material may be something you have never seen before. Moreover, the adjustable strap is padded, so no discomfort on the shoulder at all. Besides the strap, the bottom of the bag is padded too- but that’s for your bowling ball, of course. To prevent wear and tear on your bag, you will get plastic feet on the bottom.

Like any other bowling ball bag, this also lets you carry a pair of bowling shoes (up to size US men’s 14). The side pockets can fit all of your bowling gears easily. To ensure maximum durability, the metal hardware acts like a charm! It can keep the bag from breakage even when you’re loading it up with heavy stuff.


  •  Strap is adjustable and padded
  •  Safe from damage and moving inside the bag
  •  Wear and tearproof, built to last.
  •  Stable and heavyduty
  •  Great breakage prevention
  •  Easy travel by car or air
  •  Comes in multiple colors


  •  None

2. BSI Nova Single Ball Tote Bag

BSI Nova Single Ball Tote Bag (Black/Purple)
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Extra wide zippered ball opening
  • Foam ball cup
  • Fits small pair of shoes
  • Heavy duty handles

Are you looking for a much affordable option for the best single tote bowling bag? Then you must know about this beauty- the Nova Single Ball tote bag by BSI. Unlike other tote-style single ball bowling bag, this particular bag is extra wide with zippered opening for easy access for players. The zippers glide down and up super easily, so when you’re in a rush, no need to worry.

Similar to other good quality 1 ball tote bowling bags, this BSI bag is constructed with 600D polyester fabric, known to be durable, wear and tear-proof. Instead of having a separate shoe compartment, you can just keep your pair of shoes on top of the ball. Keep in mind, the bag only supports shoes that are not too big. Therefore, the bag is perfect for young bowlers.

You will get some metal hardware for the bag’s durability. So what about your bowling ball? Well, just place it on the foam ball cup and don’t even worry about it. The bag’s padding, and foam cup will keep your valuable ball safe and secured. Since the bag itself is pretty lightweight and is designed by focusing on youths, the bag is mainly for lighter bowling balls. That’s why you will only have a strong handle and no shoulder strap.


  •  Very spacious
  •  Heavyduty handles
  •  Keeps everything in place and protected
  •  Great for young bowlers
  •  Easy to carry and travel by car or air
  •  Comes in multiple colors (6 colors)
  •  Very affordable


  •  No extra side pockets for bowling gears
  •  The lack of a shoulder strap is problematic for some players
  •  Can’t hold bigger US men’s shoe sizes

3. Moxy Delux Single Roller Bowling Bag

Moxy Bowling Products Single Deluxe Roller Bowling Bag-...
  • Moxy, no pin left standing is our exclusive product line and bowling bag. We stand behind this quality bowling bag as...
  • For an affordable, yet durable bowling bag, choose Moxy. Single ball roller bowling bag color coordinated locking...
  • (Most competitors single roller bags do not have a locking handle)
  • On the bottom of the bag is an additional heavy duty handle for ease in lifting the bag into your vehicle, trunk or...

Are you looking for single roller bowling bag which gives you elegant look? Yes, Moxy delux sinlge roller bag is for you. The biggest advantage of this bag is extra large capacity. There are three main compartments to store all of your gear and accessories that you need for a day of bowling. The first compartment is a large main compartment, where most of your items go. The second compartment is a smaller top shoe compartment that holds up to size 13 shoes. The third and final compartment is a front zippered accessory pocket that can hold your phone/keys/wallet/etc.

Featuring a durable polyester exterior, this bag is built to last, and keep up with any amount of abuse you can throw at it. It has  large reinforced handle which makes it easy to carry this bag around, and keep your back from hurting. The top compartment is also roomy enough to hold up to size 13 shoes, and other accessories such as balls, shoes, and more. It store your valuables in the zippered internal pocket for safe keeping


  • Roomy Compartment
  • Durable
  • It has coordinated locking Retractable square handle which extends up to 39 inches


Their customer service is not good.

4. KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote with Side Shoe Compartment

We have a super cool single tote bowling ball bag  for you! It’s none ther than the Rook Single tote  Bowling Bag by KR Strikeforce. So what makes this bag in top 5 position? Well, we would say it’s all about its good look and great performance, and yes, that’s what you get with this bag.

Constructed with the unique 600D polyester fabric, this bag comes in a Grey Camo color to match your style. Let’s not forget the slide shoe compartment where you can carry your one pair of shoes up to 11 size (Men). This bag also have top little compartment for carrying towel and other tiny accessories

You can easily fit this little bag in your car, and of course, near the sitting area of your bowling lane. So is this bag worthy for your next purchase? Definitely, they are worth every penny!


  •  Decent shoe compartment side accessory pocket
  •  Comes in standard Color
  •  Supportive and roomy on the inside
  •  Sturdy, stylish, and compact build
  •  Smooth zippers allow easy opening and closure
  •  Comfortable movements


  • The only problem you will face is the bottom of this bag. There is less cushioned support in the bottom.

5. BSI Single Ball Roller Bowling Bag

If you’re a minimalist, you will fall in love with this great one-ball bowling bag by BSI. This Prestige bowling bag offers everything you need in a bowling bag that is for carrying one ball. Besides its smooth soundproof rolling wheels, there is also a non-slip, adjustable, and detachable shoulder strap for those who don’t want to roll it around.

What adds style to this simple-looking bowling ball are the high-performance metal hardware and the square telescoping handle which is obviously retractable. On the inside of the bag, you will see plenty of padding that is inserted to protect and secure your favorite bowling ball at all costs. The tasseled zipper pulls add more convenience to open and close the bag when you’re in a hurry.

While most bowling bag supports bowling shoes that are up to size 15 (US men’s), this particular bag only holds up to size 12. This can be a downside for those who have bigger shoe sizes. And as for other bowling accessories? Well, the side organizer pockets are roomy enough to support most of your bowling equipment. If you’re in search of a bag for your kid, or a teen, this bowling bag will be perfect. This is because it appears a bit smaller in size than other average single bowling ball bags with wheels.


  •  Heavy-duty performance
  •  Minimalistic outlook, gets the job done
  •  Comes in 6 different colors
  •  Smooth zippers allow easy opening and closure
  •  Sufficient ball and gears protection


  •  Comparatively smaller shoe compartment
  •  The handle may seem a bit short if you’re over 6 feet tall.
  •  Not entirely waterproof, so be careful in the rain

6. Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

Storm Products Rascal 1 Ball Roller Bowling Bag, Pink/Black
  • Package length: 21.59 cm
  • Package width: 34.29 cm
  • Package height: 41.91 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

This little devil right here is many new bowler’s all-time favorites. The Storm Rascal 1 Ball Roller Bowling Bag can be your new best friend as well. So what’s so cool about this product? Well, from top to bottom, inside and out, this single ball bowling bag is everything one can ask for.

Right off the box, this 1 ball roller has the superior 600D polyvinyl fabric that highlights its stylish and bold look. Since the dimensions are W:17″ x H:20″ x D:10″, the ball gives a cute school bag vibe. But don’t worry, it doesn’t look like a kid’s bag. The dual color embroidered “Storm” logo and their very own Storm Bolt badge make the bag look super professional even though it’s mainly for entry-level bowlers. How great is that!

To provide you with the best level of convenience, this bag features a pair of 3” smooth-gliding wheels and long dual-stage retracting and locking handle. No, doubt, this is the best single bowling ball bag with wheels. The foam inserted base will keep your balls secured and supported. Let’s not forget the spacious pockets and shoe storage facility. In conclusion, this little Rascal will surely rock your world!


  •  Great protection on the inside
  •  Nicely finished zippers and stitching represents its high quality
  •  Easy opening and closure
  •  You can put shoes that are up to U.S. men’s size 15
  •  Sufficient storage compartments
  •  Durable and easy to clean
  •  comes in 5 different colors and style
  •  Anti-abrasive


  •  None

What to consider before purchasing a single bowling ball bag?

Buying a single bowling bag may seem easy at first, but it can get really tricky if you don’t know about the bag’s anatomy and its must-have features. So when it comes to purchasing a single-ball bowling bag, you need to make some smart moves with enough prior knowledge. Without that it will get very confusing, won’t it? So, before you add the best single bowling bag with and without wheels to your shopping cart, these are the things you should know:

  1. Bag’s support: 1/2/3/4- doesn’t matter how big your bowling ball bag is, make sure whatever the quantity of the ball the bag is designed to carry, it can carry the ball(s) with maximum support. Are you a beginner looking for a 1 ball bowling bag? Well, then note it down- your ball’s proper support is something you should never compromise. Hence, you should never buy a bowling bag without acknowledging its support.
  2. Protection system: Beginner bowlers tend to be less careless when it comes to protecting a bowling ball. That is because they are inexperienced and still learning. If you’re here, let us tell you the biggest hack for a bowling ball’s longevity- Protect it at all costs! When you’re carrying your ball, the bowling bags need to make transportation super safe. So do you understand how important it is to prevent your bowling ball from scratches, rubbing, and damage? So, please don’t forget to check if your bag has ample padding and foam.
  3. Wheels/Rollers: Whether you want wheels in your single bowling bag is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to carry it with your hands or shoulder, go for a roller-style bowling bag. If you don’t mind doing that and think a roller will be easier for you, then I’d highly suggest you buy a bowling ball bag with wheels. If you think a roller bag will slow you down while moving, get a bag that has a strong shoulder strap.
  4. Materials: Like any product, materials are always highly prioritized, especially when it comes to cleaning. If you want a bag with wheels, you’re gonna roll it on the floor. Therefore, it will get dirty more easily. But with or without wheels, bowling bags are placed on the floor that may not be clean always. So do check if the material is washable. If you don’t want to risk it getting wet in rain, go for a waterproof bag.
  5. Inside Space: Now that is a big factor. You should never get a bowling bag if putting things will feel a bit stuffy in there. So, always go for a roomy one that can fit your ball and your bowling accessories conveniently. Do a double-check whether it lets you carry bowling shoes, wallets, towels, keys, etc.

What are the differences between a single tote bowling bag and a single roller bowling bag, and which is best for you?

To be honest, the choice between one ball bowling bag with and without wheels is totally up to a bowler. Tote bowling bags are those that don’t have any wheels on the bottom of the bag. So you either carry with your hand (with the handle) or your shoulder (with the shoulder strap). A tote bowling can have some side pockets and a bowling shoe compartment, but not necessarily.

A single roller bowling bag, on the other hand, has wheels and a telescoping expandable handle for your convenience. If you don’t want to put weight on you, meaning, carry it with your hand or shoulder, a bowling bag with wheels does an amazing job. Most of the roller bags come with the shoe compartment and of course the side pockets to carry all of your bowling equipment. So what do you think is best for you?


So what do you think? Is any of them suitable for you? We have scrutinized all of the top-level single bowling bags and mentioned their features. We hope this article was helpful enough for comparison purposes. If yes, then don’t overthink. Just grab the one that’s best for you and dive right in for bowling!

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