3 Best Bowling VR Game Reviews [Updated for 2022]

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How fascinating VR games are! If you love to play video games, you’re surely a big fan of VR games. Typically, players play various simulations or action games. With VR headsets you get to enjoy the most realistic experience of those games. But what if you are a bowling player and you’re willing to play VR bowling? Well, don’t worry. We are living in a  technologically advanced time where anything is possible. Today, we’ll let you know about some of the best bowling VR games. These VR games will help you learn the basics and if you have no bowling alley near your home, these VR bowling games will save the day.

For convenience and ultra-realistic trajectories, golf VR games, tennis VR games, etc. are prevalent. Many of us played at least one of them, but the good news is that now you can play bowling with your VR headset too. Unfortunately, you cannot play these VR bowling games with projectors like the way golf is played with golf simulators. You can see many top golf simulators for golf but you can not find a single stimulator for bowling. let’s take a look at highly raved bowling VR games.

Top 3 VR Bowling Games Reviewed

Premium Bowling

Premium Bowling by the developer Sadetta can give you the most true-to-life bowling experience. Supported by Oculus Quest and Oculus touch, this game is- “as close to real bowling as you’ll get without picking up a physical bowling ball.”

After installing the game, simply put on your headset and see the beautifully designed bowling alley. Besides basic VR features, this game has physics properties to take your gameplay to the next level. No bowling alley nearby? Stuck at home but badly need to practice bowling? Just start playing Premium Bowling at home. Without going to a bowling center physically and not picking up a ball, and not putting on your bowling shoes, you can play this game. Crazy, right? And guess what? The resolution of the graphics is so high, you’ll probably forget if it is a VR game or you’re actually in the bowling center.

Due to the physics properties, you can hook the ball in the bowling lane. It also lets you choose lane condition, surroundings, ball weight, etc. Depending on your ball release, the ball will roll down the lane and hit the pins. You can also mimic your approach and arm swing in your home while playing this realistic VR bowling. Overall, they’re a great alternative if you want to bring a bowling alley to your own home.

Video Review of Premium Bowling for Oculus 2

Let’s Bowl VR – Bowling Game 

Released before Premium Bowling, this VR bowling game is also super cool. Developed by Rising Fun Game, this game won the hearts of many bowlers and players. This game contains realistic graphics as well as physics.

The number of pins you’ll be able to knock down totally depends on how you approach and how you release the VR bowling ball. Hold your controller steadily and keep your head straight for that. You can play the single-player mode, or you can play with your friends and families at home. Like Premium Bowling, this game also lets you pick the lane condition, surrounding, lane length, etc. Your ball will go straight or hook according to your ball release in the game.

Another special feature is that you can play tournaments with other online players which is pretty amazing. There are some more crazy features under development and will be released soon. You can also play various modes in the new updated version. So keep an eye on their official website once you love this original one.

VR Mini Bowling

Even though this VR version of bowling was released right after Let’s Bowl VR, this one lacks many options and features like the other two I have mentioned above. If you look into the trailer of the game you’ll see, it’s basically a kid-friendly VR bowling game. So if you are a bowler this game might not be a great option for you to practice. But what you can do with this game is, gather your family and friends for a fun joyful evening and enjoy bowling without going to the bowling center physically.

Despite being kid-friendly, this VR game is quite colorful and has good graphics. Packed with different kinds of fun modes that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. You customize the ball, pin, sound effect, physic properties, and lane color, etc. Developer Brian Macumber gave this game arcade mode so that you can play bowling in different styles and in a very fun way.

As mentioned before, this game is not really ideal for practicing bowling. But in the updated normal bowling game-mode you can enjoy the traditional bowling. It offers various types of ball and lane conditions so that you don’t have to miss going to the bowling alleys too much. Overall, this game is a good bowling VR game and you should definitely give it a try for entertaining purposes.

Video Game that is not Virtual Reality

Brunswick Pro Bowling for the PS4 is a very highly rated video game, but it is not VR:

Brunswick Pro Bowling - PlayStation 4
  • Play a single bowling match outside of Career mode
  • Accurate ball and pin physics using the Bullet physics engine make this the most realistic bowling simulation you can...
  • Special bowling balls that have incredible powers including the Blast Ball, which virtually guarantees a strike and the...
  • Colorful and detailed bowling alley environments featuring a realistic style and unique themes
  • Dynamic Lighting, normal maps, spec maps and real time shadows for spectacular lighting and effects!


The game development industry needs to come up with more VR bowling game like the golf VR ones. Your option for a realistic indoor bowling game option is limited, but plenty. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled player, you should try these VR games out and feel the pleasure of lifelike gameplay.

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