Best Bowling ball for Synthetic Lanes

Best bowling ball for synthetic lanesWho doesn’t love to enjoy the scoring and performance advantages of synthetic bowling lanes? By now we all know how significantly better synthetic lanes can be. They aren’t high-maintenance like wood lanes, and most importantly they have less hook, less friction, and less oil-absorbing characteristics.

This helps you to experience the smoothest ball rolls. To actually enjoy that, you need the best bowling ball for synthetic lanes that rolls down without disruption. Also, it will boost up your game. With a perfect ball, you can show off your skills and amaze other bowlers at the same time.

Best Bowling Ball for Synthetic Lanes: Top 5 Reviews

1. Ebonite Game Breaker 3

Ebonite Gamebreaker 3 Bowling Balls, Black/Purple, 10lbs
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.336 L X 22.86 W X 23.114 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 4.513 Kilograms

Ebonite Game Breaker 3 is one of the masterpieces Ebonite ever produced. It is a must-have ball for Gamebreaker series lovers.

This great ball provides a stronger move in the mid lane with a strong continuous backend. The ball won’t disappoint you if you are looking best bowling ball for smooth and continuous down lane motion in synthetic lanes.

You can make a dream combination of GB3 and GB3 Pearl. Start playing in the fresh lane with Original Gb3 and when the lane begins to break down, move to your final weapon, GB3 pearl. In a shorter pattern, you can start with GB3 pearl as well.

It is the best symmetric ball among the GB3 series bowling balls. The ball is very clean through the front part of the lane. You will be surprised to see its amazing hitting power. In fact, it stores energy nicely and hits the pin deck later like a monster. It’s a great ball for medium oil lanes and when the lanes are drying up. The GB 3 Pearl is a mid-priced ball that will attract you with its all quality. So, no more delay and get one now!


  • Strong backend continuation
  • Strong Hitting Power
  • Very clean through the front
  • It’s more angular
  • Stronger Cover


  • Not recommended for big hook lover

2. Roto Grip Wild Streak Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Wild Streak 15lb
  • The Roto Grip Wild Streak introduces the Mutated Rotary core which has a higher RG symmetrical shape which helps to give...
  • Core: Mutated Rotary (14-16#)
  • Coverstock: SureTrax-S22
  • Finish: 3000-grit Pad

Roto Grip Wild streak is the latest great addition to the HP3 line. This ball comes with SureTrax-S19 Coverstock wrapped around the Mutated Rotary weight block.  The Wild streak is the first ball to design with a weight block (Not a core). There is a slight difference between weight block and core. The weight block is wrapped by coverstock only. There is no inner core which makes this ball the thickest coverstock Roto Grip has ever designed.

The bowling ball has really smooth and very predictable motion. This is another great ball that you will use on medium to heavy oil conditions in high frictions centers when other stronger asymmetrical balls are too early. You can play in medium or short patterns to keep your angles closed and get to the pocket consistently. It also works great on house lane. The ball is a benchmark ball for speed dominant bowlers or rev challenged bowlers.


  • The smooth and predictable reaction
  • Great Color Combination


  • Not recommended for big hook player

3. Enchanted Path Rising Hybrid NEW ITEM

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball (Aqua/Silver, 10 LB)
  • New Era 139 Symmetric Core, 2.54 RG, 0.032 Differential (Medium Flare Potential)
  • Path Pearl Reactive Coverstock with 1500-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish Finish
  • Gives Benchmark motion on Medium Lanes
  • Versatile drilling options for different bowling styles
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 181.30

Pyramid Enchanted Path rising bowling ball is the best hybrid entry-level bowling ball at a low price. The ball is clean through the heads and it looks outstanding going down the lane. You will be surprised to know how hard its hitting power. It hits the pocket with amazing hitting power like a truck.

The coverstock is wrapped around the New Era 139 symmetric core, providing versatile ball motions in any kind of lane condition for all levels of skilled bowlers. It will fuel your arsenal.

You will see a slightly earlier and stronger ball motion from Enchanted Path Rising compared to any Pyramid Pearl Rising Bowling balls. This ball motion permit you to get in somewhat deeper and change some angles. On top of that, the ball comes with an awesome 3 color combination -Black/Teal/Silver.


  • Good going down the lane
  • Stronger ball motion
  • Affordable


  • Not good for high hook

4. Hammer Flawless Bowling Ball

Hammer Flawless 15lbs
  • Color Pink/Blue/White
  • Reaction Length with Strong Backend
  • Cover stock Juiced Pearl
  • Factory Finish 500/1000 Abalone
  • Core 40 Watt

The name itself speaks everything about the ball. What can you say about this ball? Wow!! This ball is the first ball that comes out of your bag during league or tournament when you need a ball for transition and that reads the friction really quick. The ball comes with smoother polish which you generally can not get in most asymmetrical bowling balls.

The ball is more controlled and rolly than any other medium ball of Hammers. You will be amazed to see how it hits like a monster. Do yourself a favor and get this ball. The new 40-watt core wrapped around the Juiced Pearl coverstock that creates great length and good down lane motion. 

I highly recommend this ball for medium to dry lane conditions and when the lanes start to burn up.  The ball is super clean through the front and mid and gives you a strong but controllable backend reaction. You will be amazed at the angles that you can create with it

If I say something about its color, it’s a multicolored ball. The color combination comes with vibrant Pink/White/Blue which creates an eye-catching look.


  • Lovely Color Combination
  • Strong Backend Roll
  • Creates on-point angles


  • Not recommended for heavy oily lanes

5. 900 Global Honey badger Bowling Ball

900 Global Honey Badger Extreme Pearl 15lb, Red/White/Black
  • The Honey Badger Extreme Pearl features the same coverstock and core formulation as the Honey Badger Extreme Solid.
  • Cover: S74R Pearl
  • Finish: 1500 Grit Polished
  • Color: Grapnel Asymmetric
  • Included Components: Bowling Ball
  • Sport Type: Bowling

If you need a ball that is best for medium to dry synthetic lanes, then 900 Global Honey badge will be a great ball for you. And as per performance, it is undoubtedly one of the best bowling balls for synthetic lanes. Its strength is that the ball is very smooth through the front part of the lane and store energy to roll strongly in the backend.

The Honey Badger is the best pearl bowling ball you have ever with its exterior look. The gold color will easily catch your eye. Its breakpoint shape is controlled angularity.


  • Strong Backend motion with its continuation
  • Impressive color
  • So nice through the front of the lane


  • Not recommended for heavy lanes

7 Tips for bowling on Synthetic Lanes

Many bowlers face difficulties making adjustments on synthetic lanes. This is more troubling for those who didn’t play on synthetic lanes before. They may not find the right spots or perfect lines on a synthetic surface. This is why we’ve come up with some tips and tricks you can follow to play like a pro and help you get better on synthetic bowling lanes.

Understanding Lane Oil

First and foremost, you need to understand how oily the synthetic lane is.  Some lanes are less oiled, some lanes are medium and some are heavy oiled lanes. So you have to pick a ball that absorbs oil for medium to heavy oil lane. Polyester made ball or entry-level ball is best for a dry lane or less oiled lane. 

Bowling Lane Breakdown

Understanding the synthetic bowling lane breakdown is very much important for every bowler. If you know when bowling lanes are breakdown, it will be easier for you to pick the right ball.  Despite playing in the fresh synthetic lane, the lanes. The fast the lanes will dry up, the fast you need to adjust your lines in terms of angles. This helps your bowling ball go into the pockets carrying the necessary power to hit the corner pins.

Storing energy to knock down the pin at the highest Speed

Wooden lanes make the ball lose its stored energy and as a result, you don’t get a strong breakpoint. On the other hand, synthetic lanes allow your ball to rotate without distortion of energy and that’s why it can hit the target pin with full-energy. So, you have to understand the rotational energy concept and play according to that.

The ratio in Synthetic Lane

Another thing to keep an eye on for oil patterns on the synthetic lanes is the ratios. Sports Conditions are the ones that have a ratio of 3.0 and lower. This makes the lanes harder and less room for error. Challenge Shots are of 3.1 to 4.9 and the lanes are hard, but create more ways for error than sport condition shots. 5.0 and higher are considered the House or Recreational Shots which have the most room for error.

Carry your own bowling Shoes

Carry your own bowling shoes designed for sliding. Typically regular shoes do not support you on a bowling surface. Even you may get injured while playing. Besides that, Sliding bowling shoes will give a perfect grip to through bowling ball. 


Almost every lanes now are synthetic bowling lanes. If you’re new to this do not worry. And, don’t get intimidated by other above-average or pro-level bowlers and their skills on synthetic lanes. Don’t try to know down all pin at a time every time. First, learn how to throw the ball and how to knock down pin. 

Practice a Lot

Last but not the least, Practice, Practice, and Practice! Without hours of practice, you cannot switch to synthetic lanes and hope to play just the same. This is why you need to study the lanes and observe your shots. Only after that, you can fully adapt synthetic lanes and bowl with excellence.

What are synthetic bowling lanes made of? 

After shellac, lacquer, and urethane coating on regular wooden lanes, synthetic bowling lanes were developed to offer better gameplay. The surface of the synthetic bowling lanes is mainly made with silica-based agents. Silica has a tendency to fill the smallest of the pores and holes. It makes the surface durable, low-maintenance while ensuring smoother rolls with minimum friction than any other surfaces. The silicone-coating also makes the surface resistant to water and very safe to use.

How long do synthetic bowling lanes last?

Unlike wooden bowling lanes, synthetic lanes are hard.  Besides performance and scoring advantages, these bowling lanes are also advantageous for being durable. They are water-resistant and oils last longer on synthetic lanes. The surface doesn’t get damaged easily, which means you don’t need to sand, nor replace the boards very often. With proper care, synthetic bowling lanes can last for 10 to 15 years. Although some topography of synthetic lanes shoed that the tear and wear start after 7 years.

Are bowling lanes different from house to house?

Once the synthetic bowling lanes were brought to light in the 1990s, almost every bowling center changed their lane-setup. Now in most of the bowling houses in the U.S. you’ll find synthetic bowling lanes. But due to maintenance-related stuff, the lane condition differs from house to house. Oil machine, frequency of application of oil, types of oil, temperature, humidity, topography, etc. alter the lane a little and you’ll experience different performance in different lanes house to house.


The bowling balls we’ve included will give you better strength and motion on synthetic lanes if you like super-smooth gliding. These best bowling balls for synthetic lanes have strong backend rolls which will help you uplift your skills and play better than ever. Therefore, we would highly suggest you grab one of them today and see the better result yourself.

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