Best Bowling Ball for House Oil Pattern [Updated for 2024]

Best bowling ball for house oil patterns

House oil pattern is the standard oil pattern bowlers use. Though the pattern is different from lane to lane, the bowler maintains a common oil pattern. In this pattern, there is more oil in the middle and less oil in the outside.

Top Pick

Want to know which is our top choice for house oil patterns? It is with none other than Storm Pitch Purple Bowling Ball. The ball is hyped for its RAD technology- something you’ve never seen before. While the other balls are a bit too snappy and long, Storm Code Red is the superhero, who will always be there to save the day. Throw this best bowling ball for house oil pattern, or in any pattern, it will keep its mid lane read entry angle intact. Similar to other Code balls, Code Red is a weapon for bowlers to attack and survive any unexpected conditions they might face with pride.

5 Best Bowling Ball Reviews for House Oil Patterns.

Storm Match Up Pearl:

You already know how a strong brand storm is in the bowling sector. Storm has brought you a stunning ball. It is the new and updated version of the original match solid and Pearl.

First, look at the outside cover of this bowling ball. The coverstock of the Match up pearl is cleaner through the front of the lane with a strong backend reaction. Its coverstock is the same as the original match pearl, but it has some variation. It is wrapped with a new Stinger 2.0 core. It is finished with 1500 grit polished.

It gives you high RG and high differential. It will store enough energy and give you a nice readable but strong motion down lane. The ball is able to give you great arcing and smooth-rolling motion throughout the entire pattern. It has a strong pin reaction.

This ball is definitely for those bowlers who are looking for a rapid response time

The ball is inexpensive and high-performing. The ball is an excellent choice for house oil patterns and short oil conditions. It is not only for beginners, but advanced bowlers can also use it in the tournament. It has a cool color combination of black, orange, and silver.


  • Clean through the front of the lane
  • Strong coverstock
  • Great color combination
  • Great arc and smooth-rolling motion
  • Strong Backend movement
  • Reasonable Price


  • Not suitable for heavy oil lane

Roto Grip Nuclear Cell:

Roto Grip Nuclear Cell 14lb
  • Core: Nucleus (14-16#)
  • Coverstock: eTrax-P20 Pearl Reactive
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil-Medium/Heavy Oil

Roto grip has released a new bowling ball with a popular nucleus asymmetric core. This is one of the most versatile core design Roto grip has ever produced. It looks awesome. It has a great shelf appeal. The balls cover are wrapped up with eTrax P20 pearl. The coverstock is an enhanced version of the 2019 eTrax.

It is the most awaited bowling ball for Roto grip Cell Bowling lovers. This ball is not only clean through the front of the lane, but it reads the mid-lane very well. If you are looking for a lot of down lane angle and motion in a heavy volume house oil pattern or sports pattern, then you must keep this bowling ball in your bag.

Another great advantage is that the ball hooks a lot more. The ball does not disappoint anyone who is looking for a strong asymmetrical pearl. The flare potential of the bowling ball is high. The ball is more angular than its predecessor, the Hyper Cell Fused. This ball is a house shot killer because it offers you an easy length and backend. It will fill the gap in your arsenal.


  • Cleaner though the front part
  • Nice shelf appeal
  • The balls reaction is great
  • A lot of down lane angle and motion
  • High flare potential
  • Strong and continuous motion
  • Versatile breakpoint shape


  • Probably not best for light oil

900 Global Boost Bowling Ball

If you can find it, the 900 Global boost is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a bowling ball for a dry house oil patterns. It performs great on a drier lane. The combination of the symmetric core and the S43 Hybrid cover creates an awesome pair for that ball to use on drier lane conditions

The ball is perfect for broadening your arsenal for dry lanes. It is highly recommended for the down and in players. You will be amazed at how controlled it is getting down the lane. This ball is clean through the fronts, and you will be surprised to see that it has more energy on the backend. It does not overreact and provides you a very controllable ball motion. Straight players can play longer in the dry lane without having to chase the pattern in. And the price also is not too high. The price of the product is definitely worth the value.

The S43 hybrid coverstock is perfect for a dry lane. It enables this ball to read a little more than the Blue Hybrid Boost, but a little less than the solid boost. The ball gives you the best result on a medium to heavy house oil patterns. The ball is most versatile. People of all ages can use the ball in the house oil pattern. The ball gets through the lane smooth in fresh house shot or broken down pattern. So we can say that the ball is the best bowling ball for house oil pattern. The ball is so versatile that everyone can play with this bowling ball.


  • Smooth and controlled motion
  • Works great on dry lane
  • Read the mid lane
  • Nice clean reaction
  • Amazing but controlled hook


  • Not best for heavy oil lanes

Radical Outer Limits Bowling Ball

Unleash your full potential on the lanes with the Radical Outer Limits Bowling Ball, a masterful creation for bowlers who thrive on house oil patterns. This high-performance ball is engineered specifically to tackle the varied and often challenging conditions found in typical bowling centers. Its unique design ensures exceptional control and power, making it an ideal choice for those looking to dominate in their local leagues or casual games.

This innovative ball is not just an addition to your arsenal; it’s a game-changer on the lanes. Crafted for bowlers seeking unmatched performance, the Outer Limits is engineered to push the boundaries of ball motion and power. The Outer Limits isn’t just about enhancing your game; it’s about redefining it. With features designed to optimize ball motion and striking power, this ball is a testament to innovation and excellence in bowling technology. Whether you’re a professional or a passionate enthusiast, this ball promises to elevate your game to new heights.

Radical Outer Limits Bowling Ball 13lbs
  • EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN: The Outer Limits features a new core concept designed to enhance backend motion and continuity.
  • STRETCHING THE REALM: The Outer Limits features a low-RG and High-Diff Asymmetrical core. The core numbers were…
  • POWER AT THE POCKET: Features DynamiCore outer core technology to mimic thick shell hitting power and durability. This…
  • SHINY STRENGTH: The Outer Limits features our new HK22 base material. This cover provides rich, impressive colors and…
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: The Outer Limits carries a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Storm Code Bowling Ball, Red, 14 lb
  • The Storm Code Red is the second of balls released in the Code series following up the popular Code black
  • The ball is finished at 1500 Grit Abralon and left with a dull finish to get the midlane roll that bowlers are looking...
  • The R2S Hybrid Reactive cover stock is on the Code Red and is paired up with the RAD4 Core

Storm code red is another masterpiece from Storm Brand. This time Storm takes it to the next level with a Storm code red. It is surrounded by proven R2S Hybrid coverstock, which has already been found on Hy-Road and Timeless. It will give you more roll in the mid-lane with a strong backend motion. The Hybrid coverstock allows you to move in and create more angles with continuous drive through the pocket splitting the 8 to 9 pin. The Hybrid cover also creates a lot of friction, allowing an earlier read into the mid-lane.

The ball works great on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. It is the premier line of Storm code red. The main difference is the coverstock besides color and fragrance. It gives you an earlier read and more hook than Storm Code black. It is the most versatile ball with a strong asymmetric core. The ball is not only good for house shots, but I also recommend it for any tournament. If you are a Storm code black fan, you will never miss out Storm code Red. Believe me, you will not regret buying it.


  • Strong backend movement
  • Strongest Core
  • Lot more motion
  • Does not overreact
  • Great color combination


  • Slight weak on break down lane

 Roto Grip No Rules Bowling Ball

Roto Grip No Rules Pearl Bowling Ball, 15 lb
  • Amped Pearl Reactive Cover stock
  • Chaotic Inner Core
  • 1500 Grit Polished Finish

It is the last product review for house oil patterns. Though it is in the last position, the quality of the product is not worse than the other 4 balls. No rule doesn’t play any rule. Roto grip has designed the ball with the all-new Chaotic Core and Micro DNA coverstock combination. It is the new and updated release of  Roto Grips HP4 line.

The ball has high hook potential. It provides you a strong mid-lane roll and strong backend reaction that is continuous through the pin deck. This ball also gives you hooking power and motion in the longer oil pattern. The ball is highly recommended for bowlers who need more roll and control in heavy oil. It is considered to be the best bowling ball for heavy house oil pattern.


  • High hooking potential
  • A great choice for heavy oil patterns
  • Great color selection
  • Read the mid-lane with strong continuation through the pins


  • Not Recommended for Light oil conditions

Why You Should Select House Oil Patterns?


If you are a beginner you can choose an entry-level bowling ball for an easy house oil pattern. The entry-level bowling ball works excellent in house oil conditions. The lane is very forgiving. If you miss the lane, the oil retracts back the ball to the pin. This kind of ball gives you amazing controllability and backend reaction. Beginners can not control the bowling ball in tough conditions because of inexperience. But if you are confident to manage in tough conditions, you can choose a high-performance bowling ball as well.

Experienced Bower:

Generally experienced or pro-bowler know how to control the ball in tougher conditions. So Aggressive hooking bowling ball will fit you in house oil pattern if you are a pro bowler. Experienced bowler bowls both in the house oil pattern and tournament. So they should make a choice such kind of bowling, which is not only suitable for house conditions but also best for the tournament.

Women and Kids:

Generally, women and kids like to bowl in easy house oil patterns. It is the best oil pattern to learn bowling. If you are want to be a pro bowler, practice bowling in this pattern. For women and kids, the oil can be erratic. They also should choose an entry-level bowling ball like beginners. The reason is the same. It is controllability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long is the House Oil Patterns?

The longest house oil pattern length typically ranges from 42 to 45 feet and the shortest pattern range from 32 to 35 feet. But the length varies from house to house. There are 2 types of lane. They are sports conditions and long oil patterns. The bowling is easy in long oil.

2. What volume of oil should you use in your house pattern?

You can use heavier oil in the middle part of the lane and light oil in the outside portion of the lane. It helps bowlers to stay his ball near the pin and to hook more and to knock down pin. When you bowl a typical house shot, you will generally see a ratio ranging around 9:1. It means that there is 9 times more oil on the middle portion than the outside portion. Usually, the higher the ratio is, the easier the pattern is. This is because when you miss inside, the heavy oil holds the ball in the line, and when you miss outside, light oil allows the ball more of an opportunity to bring back to the pocket

3. What volume of oil can you use in sports patterns?

We can see a 3:1 ratio as a standard pattern in the sports conditions. It means the heavier oil in the middle part is 3 times more than the outside part of the lane. If you are a pro bowler, it is the best pattern to use for your house shot.

Who can bowl in house oil pattern?

Generally, house oil pattern is made with easy length pattern. It is also measured as standard length. Players from the league to 5 years kids can play comfortably in this pattern.


House oil pattern is a standard oil pattern all over the world. Now you have a complete idea about the house balls. Finding the best equipment for proper bowling is very important. Whether you are a beginner or pro-bowler, the wrong choice of bowling ball ultimately leads you to collapse. So to keep in mind, I have reviewed the best bowling ball for house oil pattern to be a better bowler.

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