Storm Hy-Road Pearl Review [An In-Depth Bowling Ball Guide]

Storm Hy-Road is obviously a proven winner since it has been on the market for so long. First launched more than a decade ago, Hy-Road is still dominating the market with its exclusive never-seen-before performance. Ask any pro or advanced bowlers who have played with Storm Hy-Road Pearl and they will say, this is one of the best hybrid bowling balls they have ever come across. After the original Hy-Road, Storm modified the specs of the ball a thousand times better. So why this ball is still active? Let’s find out.

Why is this bowling ball the best?

Hy-Road Pearl provides excellent skid through the front and a strong back end motion. Fasten up your belt, because in the mid-lane this bad boy is going to turn the corner hard, and then floor itself to the pockets.

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You will automatically think of T-Road Pearl right after looking at the Hy-Road Pearl. But unlike the T-Road Pearl, Hy-Road Pearl features the R2S Hybrid Resin coverstock. Although the original Hy-Road was plain, this time the coverstock has a pearlized outlook which makes it a very good-looking bowling ball. Just so you know, the R2S Hybrid Resin is a combination of 50% solid and 50% pearl. So, it offers both the mid-lane reaction of a solid and the backend reaction of a pearl coverstock.

Similar to T-Road Pearl, Hy-Road Pearl also comes polished. Out of the box, it has a 1500-Grit Polish factory finish. The finish is absolutely suitable for medium to heavy lane conditions. It goes down the lane easy and strong and is not squirty in oil at all.

You’re going to be very happy to know that Storm has implemented the symmetrical Inverted Fe² Technology core for the Hy-Road Pearl. After the original Hy-Road, the core was inverted multiple times in the Victory Road and Crossroad. If you’re looking for a flip/skid motion bowling ball, this Hybrid coverstock and the Inverted core duo will surely give you what you want.


Storm never fails to make their bowling balls pop! Popping doesn’t mean it always has to be bright red or pink, you can impress your fellow bowling friends with the Hy-Road Pearl’s Black and Ultramarine Blue combination. The color contrast is on point and gives the ball a classy outlook. On top of that, Hy-Road Pearl smells like delicious boysenberries. What else is there to ask for?

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

Don’t underestimate the Hy-Road Pearl just because it is not the most latest bowling ball in the industry. Compared to some of the most recent and technologically advanced bowling balls, Hy-Road Pearl can perform much better. The ball will give you plenty of rooms to work with. As soon as it hits the ground, it will show its clean skid through the heads and aggressive turnover at the backend. Whether it is typical house shots or sports shots, this baby will do just fine as long as you’re on medium to heavy lanes.

Compared to Storm Virtual Gravity, Hy-Road goes clearer and straighter. But at the breakpoint, the ball shows maximum predictability. It will almost seem effortless when you want the ball to roll through the fronts, and as soon as it reaches its breakpoint, Hy-Road Pearl is gonna make an expected and strong move and hit the pins like a wrecking ball.

Total Hook

The best thing about this ball is- you get to control its hooking a lot. Hybrid Resin bowling balls are usually quite tough to work with. But that mainly happens if you never played with reactive resin before. Advanced and pro-level players will have no difficulty in that case. You’ll have overall control on the ball’s motion, hooking, and till it rolls to the pockets. Moreover, the ball’s high RG (2.570) and mid-high differential (0.046) are just perfect for the amazing continuous back end. On top, it has a high flare potential of 5”- 6”, which is certainly exceptional. Surely, you will enjoy its top-notch operative performance when it comes to the ball’s hooking ability.


Excellent Control

Clearly, Hy-Road Pearl is a mid-performance bowling ball that moves like a high-performing bad boy. In every step, from beginning till the end, the ball is on point. It maintains its movement without any sudden significant change, meaning, you not only get to control it fully but also receive your desired results. What more is there to ask?

Energy Store

So how come this ball is still ruling over the other bowling balls? The answer is simple. The ball just never loses its energy and hits the pins while maintaining the perfect angularity. Indeed, it hooks hard, but the ball’s recovery is something one should witness in a lifetime.

Powerfull Back end Reaction

Oil pattern is the ball’s best friend. You can make it work on both medium to heavy lane conditions. The ball will skid through the fronts clean and smooth and then recover fast for a powerful back end to hit the pins with aggression.

So how long they will last? Since the ball is a powerful beast, you must be worried whether it will lose its potential over time. But let us assure you, the ball may retire from its Thunder line but is never going to retire from working. It has a score of 74-76 Rex D-Scale, as per the Durometer. Certainly, Storm Hy-Road Pearl wasn’t born to die.


Not Recommend for Dry Lanes

We recommend you avoid dry lanes at any cost. This bowling ball is oil-friendly and can hook best only when it is rolling on mid-heavy oil patterns. If you see your lane drying up, make sure the oil is redistributed on the lane before you throw your next shot.

Not for Beginner

Recently promoted to advanced level players might find this ball a little intimidating. Because even though it’s a mid-range bowling ball, Storm Hy-Road Pearl surely can rip off a high-range ball’s performance.


Doesn’t this ball give you the impression of the most perfect bowling ball? Well, we do think so. Now it’s up to you. The first time we tried the ball, we fell in love with it completely- no question asked. Now, it’s time for you to feel the ball’s superiority, and we promise you, Storm Hy-Road Pearl is never going to disappoint you, not even on your bad gaming days. We hope this Storm Hy-Road Pearl Review was helpful for you to pick your next favorite bowling ball.

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