Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Review With Pros and Cons

Are you interested in bowling balls that can revolutionize your performance? Storm Timeless Bowling ball is designed just for that. The ball first entered into the Storm’s brand new Signature series in 2017. It was designed for two-handed bowlers like the PBA superstar Jason Belmonte. Jason came forward and collaborated with Storm to design the Timeless bowling ball. This Storm Timeless review will give you a detailed and panoramic view of everything you need to know about this unique bowling ball. Just a heads-up – it’s a lot!

Why is this bowling ball the best?

Designed to deliver finesse and to create some unique, never-before-seen angles as well as pin trajectories. Also, packed with maximum strength, superior quality, firepower backend reaction, and flawless ball motion.

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The coverstock that is used for Timeless isn’t new. In fact, you’ve seen it before on the very famous Storm Hy-Road. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s none other than the fan-favorite R2S Hybrid Reactive coverstock. This has been hyped by bowling enthusiasts ever since the Storm Hy-Road was dropped in the market.

The R2S Hybrid Reactive is mainly known for its durability, strength, and adjusting capability to pretty much any lane conditions. Plus, it also offers unique reactivity, pro-level performance, and firepower at the backends. To take it on a different level, the R2S Hybrid Reactive cover is paired with an impeccable 1500 grit polish factory finish, same as Storm Hy-Road and Storm T-Road. The finish is just the right for medium-heavy lane conditions. It goes down the lane easy and strong and is not squirty in oil at all.

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Core Type

What really excites us about Storm Timeless is its brand new symmetrical “Dual-Drive” core. The word “dual” indicates that it has a core inside the original core- how interesting is that? Out of all the strongest fired ceramic cores we have encountered, Dual-Drive is by far the most impressive one to us. This new core has a unique energy storing capacity, meaning, the weight block inside the ball displaces energy with the perfection that you’re bound to receive the hardest pin knockdown you’ve ever seen. The ball’s high-level energy transmission to the pins is noteworthy. High rev bowlers who want the ball to match with their rev rate, Storm Timeless is just for that.

This core nothing but an absolute genius. It’s wonderful how flawlessly the Dual-Drive core has united with the R2S Reactive coverstock! While the core ensures controlled aggression, the cover is up for being more effective and potent for a pro-level bowling experience. One more thing- Storm Timeless comes with this core type for 14-16lbs ones only, and the 12-13lbs ones come with the Centripetal core as the weight block.

Storm Timeless is hands down one of the most exquisite-looking bowling balls. The combination of Solid Blue, Platinum and Black Pearls is something no one has seen before. Also, it has a refreshing Aromatherapy – Citrus fragrance to help you keep calm when the match gets intense. Besides, Storm’s official logo, you’re also getting the original Belmo logo at the back that signifies the collaboration with Jason Belmonte.

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

Like Storm Drive, Storm Timeless is designed for medium-heavy patterns. The ball clears through the fronts easily and then starts to pick up a tad bit late in the midlane, and later it rips left when the ball arrives at the end of the pattern. When this ball reaches its breakpoint, it maintains a Predictable Angularity with Max Continuation breakpoint shape. The Storm Timeless bowling ball keeps the pins low and delivers an amazing pin reaction despite your angle.

One thing we noticed is that the ball sometimes tends to overreact or flare out to lane conditions. But it keeps its line on the lane when it turns friction into a heavy pin impact at the end of your shot. This also highlights the fact that Storm Timeless is an aggressive beast when it comes to the backend. The backend won’t overly snap but will read the lane nicely and hit the pocket as if it came off the corner.

Total Hook

With a low RG of 2.57 and a high differential of 0.050, the ball doesn’t really claim a higher hooking potential compared to other Storm balls from the Signature series. But the numbers here make perfect sense and let us predict its hook action profile. Not to mention, but Storm Timeless has a high flare potential (5”-6”) similar to Storm Pro-Motion and Storm Drive.

If the RG of the ball was a little lower and oppositely, if the differential was a little higher, Storm Timeless would have hooked earlier. But since this ball is all about a strong backend, and destructive pin knockdowns, we get it where Storm mainly tried to focus on.


  • The ball’s biggest strength is to ensure a faster rev rate for high rev rate players, and a higher level of energy transmission. Every pro-bowler wants to score strikes particularly. Jason Belmonte is about to make your dream come true with the Storm Timeless bowling ball.
  • The lane length Storm Timeless provides is very uncommon in the market, let alone its ability to handle challenges on the fresh oil patterns (medium-heavy). We were surprised because of how easily this ball can be controlled, even after it gets into a groove from the very beginning. The Storm Timeless doesn’t sacrifice control for the truck-like impact. It’s reactive and controlled dynamite.
  • The real superhero of this ball is the backend reaction – exactly what a perfectly crafted Storm bowling ball should do. Storm Timeless doesn’t spend any of its energy until it hits the breakpoint. The Dual-Drive core does an amazing job to save up the energy and momentum for a furious ending when it leaves the oil patterns and gets close to the impact zone.
  • This pro-performance ball is immortal. The ball will last you for a long time. You may get tired of or get weak to bowl, but this bad boy will never disappoint you.


  • Storm Timeless isn’t ideal for dry lane conditions. This is because its primary source of power is its oil reactivity. It’s not totally unusable on dry lanes, but you won’t be able to enjoy any o fits advantages on the dry pattern.
  • As it’s one of the high-performance bowling balls, beginners who haven’t encountered heavy reactivity shouldn’t go for this yet. Although the Storm Timeless is quite easy-going than most, plus, the learning curve is pretty sharp for those who are uninitiated.


All in all, the Storm Timeless is very promising if you’re a pro-level bowler. Bring it out on tournaments or league games and surprise your opponents. If you have just discovered this ball, delay no more. If you are a serious bowler, you can easily score better with the Storm Timeless, and if the luck is in your favor, who knows, you might end up scoring a 300 like Jason Belmonte

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