Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review [An In-depth Guide]

While you may feel like everything depends on your aim and swing when you are bowling, that is not the complete truth. In fact, a lot depends on the lane conditions and the bowling ball you use as well. This is the very reason people put so much emphasis on choosing the right bowling ball for yourself.

It is not only the size that you have to take into consideration. There are a lot of other important things as well. Plus, there are so many options in various forms available that you will find it quite difficult to choose one for yourself.

One of the bowling balls that have gained a lot of attention recently thanks to its predecessors is the Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling ball. Now, through this Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review, let’s find out what this ball is good for and not good for. Finally, let’s answer the question if it is for you or not.

Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review: The Features

 It is mainly the build of the ball that makes it what it is. So, let’s find out how the various materials and features of this ball contribute to its performance.

1. The Camber Core.

Let’s start from the inside. The core of the ball will determine how it transitions on the lane. And, the Camber core despite various negative thoughts that considered quite weak, gives a very smooth performance. In fact, the ball transitions quite smoothly on the lane. Thanks to the camber core.

Apparently, the core has a unique shape that all the Breeze bowling balls have- an inverted light bulb shape. This shape helps to create a balance that you seek in such balls. Therefore, you will enjoy quite a smooth movement of the bowling ball when playing.

2. The Cover. 

As you may already know, even though the core has a lot to do with the performance, it is the coverstock that plays the king’s role. And, the coverstock of the Tropical Storm Breeze bowling ball serves a very specific purpose and does an excellent job at it.

In fact, it has a proven reactive pearl coverstock with a 1500 grit polish finish. So it is the best option for entry-level bowlers as it does not give the ball a lot of hooks. As a result, this ball is not a ball you can use on the heavy oily lanes or the lanes with a moderate amount of oil. In fact, the greatest weakness of the Storm Tropical Breeze bowling ball is oily lanes.

However, it does a great job on dry lanes. In fact, this is the specific purpose I was talking about just a while back- this ball is meant for extremely dry lanes, lanes in which balls with a bit of hook will pretty much move like a tortoise or get stuck.

So, that is where the contribution of the coverstock lies. Apart from that, some professionals consider the coverstock a bit weak compared to the other bowling balls in the series. You may not consider it the most durable either.

3. The Overall Reaction. 

While yes, the bowling ball is quite weak compared to the other balls in the same series. But, it still, somehow, manages to give quite a decent performance. It is the best bowling ball for those people who are looking for bowling ball under $100 . The RG rating is 2.57 and the ball has a differential of 0.009. The weight of the ball is 15 pounds.

You see, you can control the ball quite easily. That is one of the best things you get from this Storm Tropical ball- control. However, you can only enjoy the full control when you use the ball on the right lane for itself.

Other than that, many people use this ball as a spare ball. They use it when the conditions are too light for what they usually deal with. However, the ball is not a spare ball to be exact say. 

It does way better than a spare ball and is good enough for beginners or serious light moments in the tournament where you need a specific shot that only this ball can achieve beautifully.

Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review: Pros and Cons


  • An excellent choice for dry lane conditions.
  • The Core has a unique design with an inverted light bulb shape.
  • The material of the core helps the ball to make a very smooth transition.
  • For the core, the center of gravity of the ball is quite balanced.
  • The coverstock makes the bowling ball suitable for a very specific purpose.
  • The weight of the ball is ideal.
  • It is quite easy to control.
  • The reaction is way better than expected.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Good choice for beginners or as a spare ball.


  • Not at all good for oily lane conditions.
  • A bit weak compared to other balls of the series.
  • Not the most durable.

Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review: Frequently Asked Question

1. Does it come drilled?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. It does not come drilled. You have to do it yourself at an extra cost.

2. Does it bear a fragrance?

Answer: Apparently, yes, it does come with a fragrance with it. A candy one. And, the fragrance is quite stubborn. It stays with the ball for quite a while. It also gets into spaces you keep the ball in. And, it is nothing unpleasant but something you will come to like.

3. How well does it hook?

Answer: It does not have a lot of hook potential. If you throw it straight, it will most likely go very straight. But, if you try and hook it, it won’t disappoint either but won’t perform as well as the bowling balls with a greater hook to them.

In conclusion

The Storm Tropical breeze bowling ball is not the best for any bowling conditions. It is quite different from the rest of the ball in the series. But, it sure is a great one for whatever conditions it is made for dry lane conditions. 

Furthermore, you do not have to pay a lot to get this ball. You can use it as a spare or as an important ball for a specific technique. It has its area where it excels.If you want to buy this product click here to buyOpens in a new tab..

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