5 Best Low Rg Bowling Ball Comparative Reviews

Low RG Bowling BallHow well do you think low RG bowling balls perform? Because it says ‘low’ in it, many new bowlers might think low RG bowling balls aren’t player-friendly. But that’s a misconception. A low RG bowling ball has its own specialty. Unlike high RG balls, low RG bowling balls are actually center-heavy. Hence, you’ll see a much earlier roll. So if you’re in for a ball that will react to the lane as soon as it hits the surface, you’re in the right place. Here is the shortlist of some of our favorite and top-rated low RG bowling balls. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the reviews.

5 Indepth Reviews of Best low RG Bowling Balls

1. Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball

Motiv Jackal Legacy Bowling Ball 15lbs, red/Black
  • WEIGHT: BLOCKPredator V5
  • COVER STOCK: Coercion MXC Solid Reactive
  • FINISH: 2000 Grit LSS
  • Without a doubt, this is one of the strongest covers in bowling today and what makes it truly special is not just the...

Can’t get enough of Motiv’s Jackal line? Good news for you then! After Motiv’s back-to-back success with Alpha Jackal and Jackal Ghost balls, they have come up with the ultimate Jackal Legacy. This pro-performance bowling ball offers maximum hook and flare potential, so just imagines how fierce it can be on the lanes.

The reintroduction of the Predator V2 core makes the ball super luxurious. With a low RG value of 2.47 and a low differential value of 0.054, the ball’s mass is spread more towards its asymmetrical core than its cover. The brand new Coercion MXC Solid Reactive coverstock is finished at a 2000 grit LSS (sanded) to be played on heavy lanes. No matter how tough the lane gets, Jackal Legacy isn’t going anywhere till it makes you a winner. So without any trouble, get ready to take this ball out to tackle even the toughest of patterns.

So, how about its performance? This exceptionally strong bowling ball reacts immediately after it touches the lane and reads the midlane on time. The core and cover pair and its low RG keeps the movement consistent from the release till its entry into the pin deck. Besides amazing backend reaction, you’re gonna enjoy the smooth and controllable breakpoint the ball has to offer. Oh, almost forgot to brag about how predictable the ball’s motion is down lane. And continuation? Also top-notch. So keep your bowling legacy intact with the best low RG bowling ball in existence!


  • Incredible energy and terrific moves
  • Very clean through the fronts
  • Suitable for advanced and pro-level bowlers.
  • Opens up space on the lanes
  • Smooth rolls with adequate speed
  • Expected results with every shot
  • Beautiful colors for an attractive look
  • Hits the pins hard, therefore more strikes


  • As this ball is recommended on heavy lanes due to its sanded finish, you might have to avoid dry lanes as it will not perform well.
    A bit on the pricey side

2. 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

What if we tell you about a ball that can boost your average? If you’re hunting a high-performance first quality bowling ball, the Zen bowling ball by 900 Global is your light at the end of the tunnel. So what’s so great about this ball? In summary, it’s a silent killer. Starting with the S77R Pearl reactive coverstock and the symmetrical Meditate core duo is the ultimate show-stopper.

Because it has a low RG (2.49) and a 0.051 differential, the ball is more prone to start revving up quicker than most bowling balls in the market. By reading the lane fast, it promotes an earlier roll that later makes the ball move to the pockets pretty fast, followed by a very strong and relatively larger arcing motion. It gives you plenty of lengths with a strong backend motion at the breakpoint.

The 1500-Grit polished finish is just the thing you need in medium-heavy lane conditions. Even if you generally have a slower ball speed, this Zen bowling ball will be very aggressive on the lane and hit the pins hard. The midlane reaction of Zen is very impressive. It won’t show any signs of skid in oil, will rev up properly (almost like a solid ball), and then flip (similar to a pearl ball) like a pearl. If it seems a bit long, remember, it will deliver a lot of snaps on the backends. After it rolls down the lane with intact energy, its entry angle into the pockets will blow your mind. In my opinion, it’s a nice opportunity to show off a little speed if your fellas know you’re a slow player. Enjoy seeing their jaws drop.


  • Aggressive rolls with unbelievable speed
  • Great skid and a strong hook phase
  • Pretty easy to control as it gives you plenty of lengths
  • Smooth angular breakpoint
  • Opens up the lane for more angles
  • Hits the pins hard, therefore more strikes


  • Not recommended on drier lanes. It will still be playable but expect a poor performance

3. Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball

Storm Proton Physix 12lb
  • The Storm Proton PhysiX high-performance bowling ball was designed to offer traction and hook on just about any heavy...
  • This bowling ball is the third in the popular PhysiX line and continues the success of the Atomic core
  • The low RG of the core assists in producing spin on the ball and when combined with the NeX Solid Reactive coverstock...
  • Made Of High Quality Materials

Looking for a crowd-pleasing bowling ball? We have just the thing for you from Storm’s Premier line. Following the two superstars- Astrophysix and Physix, Proton Physix is another massive success among the bowling folks. The NeX Solid reactive coverstock (finished at 2000 Grit Abralon), combined with the asymmetrical atomic core, this ball is just the thing you need in your bowling career, trust me!

Like an ideal piece of bowling equipment, it has high flare (6”+) and hook potential. Thanks to its 2.48 low RG and 0.053 low differential. No doubt the ball is core-heavy, meaning the Proton Physix is more prone to deliver an earlier roll through the front part by reading it quickly on the lane. You can expect a much better lane read on the midlane without having to compromise any backend reaction. So if you’re in search of a low RG ball, bag it right now!

So, how great is this ball at the breakpoint? You’re getting the continuation, that’s for sure. The overall strong angular hook is quite rare. In comparison to the Physix and Code X, Proton Physix performs relatively better while delivering a flawless motion. Although the overall performance of this ball will remind you of Halo, this particular baby is glides through the heads and shows the most unique reaction defying the laws of physics. You just know you have to get this masterpiece before it is discontinued.


  • Undeniable versatility and speed
  • Great for seasonal, low rev bowlers and speed dominants
  • Amazing popping at the backend
  • Smooth and angular hook
  • Lets you control the ball’s motion pretty well
  • Pro-level performance with consistency


  • Not suitable for dry lanes. You’ll even see a significant change in ball reaction when the lane starts to dry up. But hey, it’s still playable.

4. Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball

Storm Phaze III 15lb
  • A never-before-seen cover and core combination of R3S Hybrid and the Velocity Core shines above all else. It reveres its...
  • Coverstock: R3S Hybrid Reactive
  • Weight Block: Velocity Core
  • Fragrance: Grapevine

Tell your opponent to come at you. Why? Because you have the best low RG bowling ball in your hands, so there’s nothing out there that will stop you from getting the medal. Yes, I’m talking about the Storm Phaze III bowling ball. After the massive success with Phaze II, the long-anticipated Phaze III won everyone’s heart as soon as it hit the market. It is positively a piece of equipment to have in your arsenal.

The R3S hybrid reactive coverstock is taken from the Storm’s Intense Fire. It comes in a polished finish at a 1500-Grit. To offer you nothing but the best, Storm has included the supercharged and fast-revving Velocity symmetric core. Since it also has a higher differential (0.051) and a lower RG (2.48) [same as Phaze I and Phaze II], the core powers the ball up with maximum power as it goes downlane and simultaneously attain energy wherever it’s needed the most.

Phaze III is currently the strongest ball from Storm’s Master line, edging out the Proton Physix and Astrophysix. Right after the release, the ball is very clean through the fronts and provides an immediate reaction. The level of consistency in ball motion and performance will shock you! On heavy lanes, Phaze III will deliver an energetic sweeping hook with an enormous backend reaction. Besides heavy lanes, you will be pleasantly surprised to try it even on a medium condition. What will make you happy the most is the ball’s total hook. So, highlight the next “phaze” of your bowling career with the Phaze III bowling ball by Storm.


  • Amazing length without any energy loss
  • Aggressive continuation with speedOpens up the lane for you
  • Satisfactory results with every shot
  • Smooth, angular, and sharp hook
  • Packed with versatility and durability
  • Performance advancing with its amazing control


  • Remember, Phaze III is friction-friendly for its low RG and high diff. So when it comes to dry lanes, this isn’t the ball you should go for.
  • Some professionals seem to have avoided this ball for not hitting the pins with the highest force possible

5. Ebonite Futura Bowling Ball

Storm Phaze III 15lb
  • A never-before-seen cover and core combination of R3S Hybrid and the Velocity Core shines above all else. It reveres its...
  • Coverstock: R3S Hybrid Reactive
  • Weight Block: Velocity Core
  • Fragrance: Grapevine

Join the glorifying future with the greatest low RG bowling ball, the Ebonite Futura. Ebonite has used its GSV-1 Hybrid reactive coverstock. You’ve probably seen this shell on the Ebonite Choice before. On the inside, you have the symmetrical Futura HD (not high definition, it’s High Density) core. Its 0.053 high differential, 2.48 low RG core is modeled following the Game Breaker’s Enhanced V2 core and for that, the ball has a higher track flare potential.

The Futura ball’s 500/2000 Abralon box finish (matte) is just the thing for getting enough traction in the midlane. On a medium-heavy oil pattern, you’ll see its exceptionally smooth and strong arc that goes down the lane. At the breakpoint, Futura will promote a strong overall hook that you need in a low RG bowling ball. If you have played with Hammer Scandal before, let me tell you, this ball is basically a Scandal ball but on steroids. Yes, it is that strong!

So, it is a must-have? Definitely! Despite being strong, the ball is highly predictable, even on the toughest lane pattern. Every time you throw this ball, you will be able to square back up and then, play a direct and consistent line to the pockets. And its backend reaction? Indeed, it has a pretty good backend reaction. If the lane seems to get a bit transitional, take this baby out from your bowling bag and show the magic!


  • Enables surface adjustments for players, meaning great versatility
  • Spectacular performance with consistency
  • Extremely predictable, continuous and clean
  • Easy to control and adjust
  • Effortlessly strong backend reaction
  • Smooth and aggressive turning in the mid-lane
  • No loss of energy throughout the ball travel


  • Not for dry lane conditions. Plus, it shows the best possible results on a fresh oil pattern

What to consider before purchasing lower RG bowling Balls?

Buying a bowling ball is indeed a big decision, especially when you particularly want one that has low RG. So what are the first things you should know? Are you confused as you got lost on the web after reading countless researches? If you’re facing something similar and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help you. So keep on reading to know these few factors before you make a purchase.

Ball Specs:

Always, and I repeat, always check the ball’s specs before buying a bowling bag. Generally, you will find that in the bowling ball websites under the RG, differential, flare potentials, etc. If you’re buying it from a physical pro shop, go through the spec sheet carefully. Numerical values like- 2.460” – 2.570” indicate low RG, 2.570” – 2.680” indicate medium RG, and 2.680” – 2.800” indicate High RG. If you know these ranges, finding a low RG bowling ball will be very easy.

Ball’s Performance:

Of course, a high RG and a low RG bowling ball never perform the same way. With a low RG bowling ball, you will see the ball is reacting to the lane as soon as it hits the surface of the lane, and therefore, it delivers a much earlier roll. Instead of an earlier hook, a bowling ball with a low flare will give you more length as the ball rolls over the same part of the ball’s cover surface. So if you’re fine with that, you can’t go wrong with a low RG ball.

Bowling Lane:

Lane is also another important factor that you should take into consideration. Balls with lower flare touch the surface of the lane comparatively less than a high RG ball. That’s why it revs up pretty quickly. When the ball is in contact with the lane surface, it produces more frictions than a high RG ball. More surface equals more friction, and less surface means less friction. That’s why high RG balls are slower than low RG balls. The less friction on the lane makes a low RG bowling ball faster by promoting more length.

Your Rank and Skill:

Are you a beginner or a professional? Honestly speaking, rank has nothing to do with a low RG bowling ball. There can be low RG bowling balls or pro-level low RG bowling balls. Just check the specs carefully and you can have a good low RG bowling ball for yourself.

Your Bowling Speed:

Are you a high rev bowler? Is your bowling style speed dominant? Well, great news for you! You will absolutely love how a low RG ball moves down the lane. Just a heads up, expect a less forceful pin break at the pockets.

How to pick the Low RG Bowling Ball with a High Differential?

Low RG bowling balls have amazing characteristics. Typically, a low RG bowling ball with a High differential is more likely to promote an earlier roll in comparison to other bowling balls. If you want your bowling ball to start revving up as soon as you release it, then a ball with a higher differential and a lower RG is just the thing for you. The ball will move to the pockets pretty fast and before it does that, it will show a very strong and relatively larger arcing motion. So don’t forget to use this opportunity to show off your speed-dominating gameplay.

How to pick the Low RG Bowling Ball with a Low Differential?

A ball with a low RG, paired with a low differential is pretty similar to what we just discussed. But there’s a slight difference. When you play with a bowling ball with a lower RG as well as a lower differential, the ball will have less strength and a small arcing motion. So it is less likely to hit the pockets like a ball that has a high differential. Apart from that, a low RG + low Differential bowling ball also promotes an earlier rolling and fast revs.C


There you go, folks! That’s everything we have to tell you about low RG bowling balls. If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask us and we will get back to you. I will highly suggest you do your homework well before buying a new piece of bowling equipment. Other than that, keep on rolling and don’t forget to have fun!

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