Storm Physix Bowling Ball Review With Pros and Cons [2022]]

Want a crowd-pleasing bowling ball from the Storm’s Premium line? Without a second doubt, go for the 2018’s Storm Physix bowling ball. This Storm Physix Review is here to help you set up your mind. Ever since it was dropped, Physix is sold out most of the time. This hook-heavy ball ticks all the boxes. So, surely, this ball is one of the masterpieces by Storm. Now let’s get to know about the very popular Storm Physix in detail before you make your purchase decision.

Why is this bowling ball the best?

Best for heavy lane conditions, this Hybrid coverstock with the asymmetrical core is perfect for physics-defying stunning reaction, aggressive hooking, and perfect angularity.


On the outside, this heavy-duty ball has a throwback of the NRG Hybrid Reactive Coverstock. The NRG Hybrid has a reputation of being highly aggressive, meaning this ball is a hook monster. Right outta the box, this sanded-to-matte bowling ball comes in a 3000 Grit Abralon factory finish. You can easily make a mistake by thinking of it as the Motiv Trident Horizon bowling ball. If it wasn’t for the logo, color, and slightly different Hybrid coverstock, you can get confused by their looks.

So how strong and durable Physix’s coverstock is? We all know how hybrid coverstock is dominating the bowling industry in the recent decade. Of course, the hybrid coverstock bowling ball is extremely well-performing. Hence, all the rave. If you’re a sucker for precision and angularity, this coverstock is your friend.

Core Type

Can you think of something that may defy the law of physics? I have 4 words for you- Storm Physix Bowling Ball. Why is it so? Well, when it comes to the total differential, intermediate differential, and RG; the asymmetrical Atomic is a perfect match for the NRG hybrid reactive coverstock. The asymmetrical core design is nearly identical to the RAD-X core of the Storm Sure Lock ball. Clearly, this pairing makes the ball smooth on the lane, yet, very powerful for predictive reactions and promised broad versatility.


The color of the ball is very unique. The combination of Red Pearl, Blue, and Purple Solids make, Physix look exquisite. After the first glance, you can easily mistake it for Motiv Trident Horizon. Show you class and quality of choice with this ultimate beauty. As if this wasn’t enough, Storm has added a delicious Apple Berry Crisp fragrance to this bowling ball. In case you get hungry due to the smell, don’t try to lick it!

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

Due to the strong core and rough coverstock, Physix is just the ball you should pick to play on heavy oil patterns. This ball was clean through the fronts compared to the Sure Lock. It also showed a strong midlane reaction followed by a continuous ball motion off the breakpoint. This kind of angularity and traction is quite rare. In comparison to the Code X, Physix performed much better while delivering flawless motion.

The Angular Continuation breakpoint is something we have never seen before. Surprisingly, when Physix glides through the heads, it delivers a delayed reaction. Later with the angular continuation breakpoint into the pin deck, the ball shows its most unique reaction that defies the laws of physics. The recovery system between the breakpoint to its way to the pins is identical to other matte finish balls in the Premier line of Storm. At the front Physix can do better than Sure Lock, but the breakpoint glide isn’t as easy as the Code X. The heavier the test pattern, the best line to the pocket.

Total Hook

With a differential of 0.053 and an RG of 2.48, this ball is definitely going to be great for hooking purposes. It has a 6”+ Flare potential, which means, they are best for pro-level bowlers particularly. Although it’s suggested to play it on heavy oil patterns, Physix can still do a powerful sweeping hook with an enormous backend reaction on medium oil lanes.

Due to the new core design, the Storm Physix goes down the lane with an energy-storing capacity. When you slot this Physix bowling ball right into the pin pocket, just wait to see its violent pin impact, and most importantly, a notable boost in your strike count. If you’re a soon-to-be pro bowlers, this is everything you want in your bowling ball right now.


Most Versatie

You cannot possibly deny the major versatility of the Storm Physix bowling ball. Because of its sanded finish, the ball is great even on the heaviest of lanes, and sometimes mid-oiled ones as well. So it’s better to keep it in your bowling bag to handle any challenge you might face.

High Hook

The bowling balls from the Premier line are best known for their hook ability. The Storm Physix has kept the reputation going. On top, it has added some newly developed strengths that make Physix stand in the crowd.

Consistent Performance

One of the best things about Physix is that you can control hook with this ball. Truly, Physix lives up to its title by going against the normalized physics of high-performance and pro-level bowling balls. It doesn’t matter how you approach, the Storm Physix bowling ball is fully capable of finding a groove as per your throwing style. After that, it delivers consistent hooks, continuous backends with aggressive pin trajectories as well as pin carry.


If you’re in search of sharp angles and dynamite reactions, you will be disappointed with the Physix bowling ball. The Storm Physix is designed effortless reaction at the breakpoint and heavy hook.

Slower Downlane Motion

You may have noticed that we didn’t particularly mention anything about the downlane motion. Well, Physix is noticeably slower down lane than the Storm Code X. This mainly happens when the lane starts to break and the energy begins to deplete. Sometimes it feels a little stuck as it rolls down lane.

Not Recommended for Dry Lanes

Never! I repeat, never play with the Storm Physix in medium-dry or dry lanes. It will prohibit the ball to create innate power, and cause extremely rough frictions. This will damage the outer layer and damage the coverstock sooner than you expected. The Physic is crafted for oil, so don’t get it out of the bag unless the lanes are visible oily.



Playing with Physix is no child’s game. The unique duo of durable hybrid coverstock and asymmetrical core isn’t for everyone. So make sure you are well aware of the ball’s functionality before buying it. Once you get used to it, there will be nothing out there to stop you from raining strikes. Good luck!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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