Storm Phaze III Review [ An Indepth Bowling Ball Guide]

Highlight your next “phaze” of bowling game with the Phaze III bowling ball by Storm. If you love to bowl with style, then our Storm Phaze III review is definitely going to help you. Storm Phaze III is the long-anticipated upgraded version of Phaze II. The Phaze II gained lots of popularity, and that’s why it is one of Storm’s Benchmark bowling balls. It goes without saying, Phaze III is being equally cool as its predecessor and has already made it to thousands of bowlers’ arsenals. So let’s get to know about this ball a little more.

Why is this bowling ball the best?

Storm phaze III is for those who want to take a step down from their overpowered ball or a step up from their weak ball. Besides letting you control, the ball control itself from wasting too much energy. It also gives you enough length and hooking opportunities for excellent gameplay.

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Previously we have learned about the R2S coverstock that Storm put in many of their bowling balls. But this time, Storm made a change and designed the Phaze III with the R3S hybrid reactive coverstock. This particular coverstock is taken from the Storm’s Intense Fire. The coverstock comes finished at a 1500-Grit Polished.

The factory finished paired with the R3S coverstock is undoubtedly the best if you want your ball to go further down the lane compared to Phaze II. While it executes a stronger and bigger move off the dry, it also responses super fast to the frictions. Although it’s no surprise because that’s what a polished hybrid coverstock should do. Just so it’s good with frictions doesn’t mean you can throw it on dry lanes. To get the best results out of this ball, better play it on a fresh medium-heavy oil pattern.

Core Type

What do you think the core should be for a ball that has a top-notch cover? Of course, a symmetrical core. You’re already getting an unstoppable down lane and back end motion as well as quick responses. But to give you some control over hooking purposes, the symmetric core will go with the hybrid reactive coverstock the best. Now as for the core, Storm used the Velocity core for flawless performance even on the toughest lanes. The Velocity symmetric core of Phaze III is constructed to be fast-revving and super-charged. It also has a higher differential, meaning, the Velocity core power the ball up downlane and simultaneously attain energy wherever it’s needed the most.


Storm does understand that first impressions matter. That’s why they always put maximum effort when it comes to putting colors to the bowling balls. Our first impression of this ball’s color was simply mind-blowing. Who knew that a combination of Obsidian, Jade, and Orchid would look so good? On top, the Phaze III contains fragrance. Out of the box, you will be able to smell the sweet perfume of Grapevine. How awesome is that!

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

Edging out the Astrophysix, Phaze III is currently the shiniest and strongest ball from Storm’s Master line. Starting at the front, the ball is very clean and provides an immediate reaction. You’ll get consistency in ball motion and performance. Once released, Phaze III aggressively continues and opens up the lane when you need to go left.

The angularity the ball provides is extraordinary. If you think that a weak ball isn’t doing much and a strong ball is too early, you need a ball that will help you find a middle ground. Hence, the Phaze III. Pull out this bad boy to free up some space on the lane and enjoy the superior back-end reaction. Moreover, Phaze III burns energy efficiently to prevent it from automated overreaction and gives you enough length including great backends.

Hook Potential

The low RG (2.48) and high differential (0.051) core design isn’t new in Storm’s bowling ball. In fact, it is identical to the previous two Phaze bowling balls (Phaze I and Phaze II). We all know, how great high RG balls can be when it comes to providing length without excessive energy loss. So, when the Phaze III was shot on a fresh medium lane, we were pleasantly surprised and happy to see the ball’s amount of total hook.

Besides medium lanes, Phaze III can do a powerful sweeping hook on heavy lanes too with an enormous backend reaction. The diff and RG duo is solid enough for satisfactory hooking. Since the flare potential is 4’-6″ (High), any pro-bowler will fall in love with this upgraded beauty- Storm Phaze III bowling ball.


The best thing about this ball is that it isn’t scared of friction. You may start your game on a heavy lane, but if you notice the lane turning into mid-oil, fear not, Phaze III will still do fine. Because it’s extremely reactive to friction, you might be thinking- does it lose some energy on the way? Well, it does. But that is only to keep itself on the line and ensure a controlled hook.

– Now let’s rave about the ball’s smooth angular move. Right off the spot, the ball motion is flawless, and then in the mid lane, instead of a sharp hook, it keeps its cool and delivers slight angular hooking yet powerful pin knockdown.

– Phaze III is packed with versatility. So if you have other plans or different styles of bowling, feel free to do that. The ball will absorb anything.

– As it has a score of 73-75 Rex D-Scale as per Durometer, the ball is astonishingly strong and literally unbreakable. When you buy a bowling ball, longevity is what you want, and our beloved Phaze III is here to give you that.


– Because it’s a pro-performance bowling ball, many professional bowlers would want it to wreck the pins of the pockets. But Phaze III isn’t designed for that. It does knock down the pins but not with that kind of high force a pro player wants it to do.

– As mentioned, Phaze III is friction friendly. But when it comes to dry lanes, this isn’t the ball you should go for. If you swing it on dry lane condition, the ball will face heavy friction and lose its momentum before it reaches the pockets. Plus, such a reaction will damage the hybrid reactive coverstock, and soon will be of no use.


If you played with IQ Emerald, you should know Phaze III is quite similar to that, plus, it comes with a better hook. Storm never fails to amaze its customers. The same goes for the Phaze III. Ever since Storm dropped it in the market, Storm fans rushed and grabbed this long-awaited masterpiece. So why you will be left alone? Join the phase of Phaze III today!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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