Storm Astrophysix Bowling Ball Review 2022

After all the positive feedback for the original Physix, Storm stepped up their game with the brand new Astrophysix bowling ball. Before we jump into the Storm Astrophysix Review, we’d suggest buckling up your seat belt. This is because Astrophysix is about to blow your mind. Was Physix not your piece of cake? Take your game to the interstellar galaxy with this enthralling bowling ball. Designed particularly for professional bowlers, Astrophysix is here to win your games and your heart.

Why is this bowling ball the best?

Consider Astrophysix as the synonym of extreme responsiveness. The cover-core duo is solid enough for perfectly strong hooking, superior ball reaction, energy-attaining, and unlimited strikes!

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Although Astrophysix is an upgrade from the previous Physix, there are lots of dissimilarities between these two. Let’s start with the coverstock. Unlike the Physix, Astrophysix is given the R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock with a box finish of 1500 Grit Polished (factory finish). The R2S coverstock is the exact same one Storm put on the Hy-Road Pearl and IQ Emerald. According to Storm, R2S is the most responsive coverstock to friction.

Reactive Pearl coverstocks are best when they are polished. It helps the ball to roll smoothly on oil lane patterns. As soon as the ball comes across friction, it doesn’t forget to checkmark left. So instead of rolling out, prevent your ball from getting lazy downlane with this mighty Astrophysix bowling ball.

Core Type

Showcasing the asymmetrical Atomic Core like the Storm Physix, the Astrophysix has a high differential punch (0.053) along with a low RG rating (2.48). Indeed, coverstock accounts for 70% of a ball’s reaction. But the core creates the ball motion and the dynamic shape. This Atomic core lets the ball dig in for delivering a strong hook. This energy retaining factor is great for heavier oil and a complete knockout of the pins. Despite the big asymmetrical core being strong, they are designed to give you comfortable reactions throughout your game.


This ball, right here, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful-looking bowling balls. The color swirling of Cyan, Indigo, and Charcoal is extremely attractive. So a big thumbs up to Storm for such beautiful colors. Additionally, you’re getting the delicious plum nectar fragrance to help you concentrate.

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

If you put a moderately powerful asymmetrical core inside of a mid-strength pearl coverstock you are more likely to get strong backend reactions. Besides strong backends, what’s more important is- the balls overall hooking and effortless motion down lane. Unlike the Black Widow Pink, Astrophysix goes right to the spot, and then, drives right through the pockets shots after shots, instead of just rolling to the upper lanes.

The reaction you’ll receive is surely very pleasing and comfortable. Astrophysix is not exactly flip/skid like the Code Black bowling ball. But on a medium oil pattern, we noticed a strong flip at the breakpoint. Clearly, it made a stronger move at the breakpoint. The ball helps to provide easy length besides the big move at the breakpoint. In comparison to Intense Fire, Astrophysix successfully showed more angles off the breakpoint.

Total Hook

So what Storm did was, they took an early rolling ball core and put the most responsive cover on it. What does that tell you? Well, to us, Asymmetrical core + Pearl Reactive cover = Hook!
Similar to our beloved Physix, Astrophysix has a total differential of 0.053, int Differential of 0.017, and an RG of 2.48. So it means, this ball will nail hooking. Moreover, it has a 6”+ (high) Flare potential, meaning, pro bowlers will enjoy throwing it. You don’t have to trick the ball to get a powerful sweeping hook as well as an enormous backend reaction on medium-heavy lane conditions.


  • When all of your balls are a little bit lazy down lane, you can go with Astrophysix to save the day. If Physix felt a little too strong for you, you should go for Astrophysix for a step-down.
  • With Astrophysix you can enjoy its adaptability and versatility. Because of its polished finish, the ball is great on medium to heavy lane conditions. So you better keep it in your bowling bag to handle a variety of challenges you might face.
  • If the lane has a puddle of oil in the middle of it, you want a ball that goes a bit lazy down the lane. Stronger balls tend to be squirty. On the other hand, Astrophysix will grit through the oil and show enough motion in the back part of the lane.
  • The bowling balls from the Premier line are best known for their hook ability. Both the Storm Physix and Storm Astrophysix are ruling the market for their unique hooking techniques. If you want a ball that actually checkmarks, which sometimes is hard to throw because it hooks too much- it is this ball you want we’re telling you.
  • Instead of going right into the pins aggressively with full strength, this ball makes a steady move all the way up, including in the mid-lane. Thus it saves energy and later uses it to hit the pins and assures unlimited strikes!


  • High-speed bowlers won’t find this ball useful. Instead of speed, the ball is more focused on how to knock down the pins. So if you’re someone who loves to throw lazy equipment and expect higher results in return, this ball is for you.
  • The ball responds best to frictions but also likes to cut through the oil at the same time. Make sure when you are playing with Astrophysix the lanes are sufficiently oiled all the time. Otherwise, it will jeopardize your flow of the performance.


Make other balls look like a fool with this amazing Astrophysix. House shots or sports shots, this bad boy can handle both. So bring it on! Challenge your friends or call for a friendly club tournament, Storm Astrophysix got you covered for all kinds of shots. We hope this review was helpful enough for you to come to a decision. Best of luck

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I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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