Best Bowling ball for High Rev Players [Top 5 Reviews] 2022

best bowling ball for high rev playersBowling is one of the most entertaining and exciting games to socialize with friends and family. There are so many bowling balls out there in the market. The variation also exists among bowling players. If you’re a high rev player or rev dominant player, you need a bowling ball that has the capability to make your game nights special.

But how difficult you think it can be to find the right ball? Especially for the high rev players, like you, who like to stay on top of the scoreboard through their continuous strikes? Pretty hard and confusing, right? Hence, we have gathered as much information as we possibly could on some of the best bowling balls for high rev players, so that your shopping for bowling balls gets easier.   

Top Pick

Out of all the best bowling balls for high rev players, the winner trophy goes to the Storm Hy-Road X Bowling Ball. Packed with versatility, powerful impact, and mind-blowing smoothness on the lanes- this Solid Reactive ball is something you’ve never seen before. If you don’t want over/under reaction to mess up your game, including this ball in your arsenal today. Clean through the fronts, smooth in the mid lane, terrific backends- what’s more, is there to ask?

Best Bowling Ball for High Rev Players: Top 5 In Detailed Reviews For You

1. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball
5 Reviews
Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball
  • This bowling ball ships undrilled with no holes unless you add Drilling services; Hammer, as fatal, was the leader in...
  • Hammer is taking that technology and merging it with the iconic Black widow bowling ball line
  • The Hammer Black widow urethane takes the successful gas mask core and wraps it with a urethane Cover stock
  • This combination offers the hook of the Black widow with the predictability and consistency of urethane; this bowling...
  • Carbon fiber is one of the toughest materials on earth; Hammer decided to add this material to the inner core of this...

Do you know any High Rev players who don’t enjoy a bowling ball that is a complete 10/10? Well, the Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling ball is loved by many pro or high rev bowlers for its brand new technology and defined outlook. Of course, the features don’t stop here.

This purple/blue/silver bowling ball has the Pearl Reactive coverstock with a symmetric nitrous core. Balls with symmetrical core yield small differential ratios that produce a controllable, smooth motion.

This First-quality ball has a perfect hook rating scale of 152.7 which means it responds to break-point pretty decently when you throw on the lane. This ball works best on medium-dry lane conditions. The Boost/R Coverstock comes polished for a skid-flip ball reaction which means the ball is capable of changing the direction in the lane once released to hook with a sharp angle of entry to the pocket.

The ball is finished with 500/2000 Grit Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. You’ll receive the ball in undrilled condition and can get it drilled as per your choice. 

According to the performance scale, it falls under the Performance range which is great for High Rev players. It comes in 7 different weights (10lbs-16lbs). The 10lbs and 11lbs balls have Low Flare Potential because the diffs are respectively 0.017 and 0.020. But any High Rev player would go for a heavier ball which has the Medium Flare Potential, as the differential range is 0.030-0.033.

You are going to love this ball for its Radius of gyration which is in the range of 2.55-2.75. This helps bowlers to understand that the ball’s mass is center-heavy and will hold the strong roll pattern from the front to the end of the lane. The fast and high revolution rate makes the best bowling ball for high rev players.


  •  Medium Flare
  •  Performance
  •  Symmetric core
  •  Comes in 7 different weights
  •  Works great for High/Med/Low rev players
  •  Smooth motion


  •  10lbs and 11lbs balls are low flare potential with high RG

2. Motiv Freestyle Rush Bowling Ball

Motiv Freestyle Rush Bowling Ball
3 Reviews
Motiv Freestyle Rush Bowling Ball
  • Features the recon core
  • Has the agility lfp reactive Coverstock
  • Finished with 5500 Grit lsp

Feel the adrenaline rush when you play with the Freestyle Rush bowling ball by Motiv. The proven symmetric Recon core with the Agility LPF (Low Friction Pearl) reactive coverstock which generates prominent performance to help you win. This Freestyle Rush ball comes in 2 different colors (Blue-Red/Turquoise-Purple). Both of them are polished with the 5500 Grit LSP (Laser Scan Polish) factory-finish.

This First-quality ball falls under the Entry-performance level, as per the Performance scale. It also comes in 7 different weights (10lbs-16lbs). The 10lbs and 11lbs balls have Low Flare Potential because the diffs are respectively 0.010 and 0.022. The Medium Flare Potential ones (12lbs-16lbs) have a differential range of 0.030-0.038.

Not only this bowling ball is great for High rev pro players but also for high rev beginners. The ball’s Radius of gyration is in the range of 2.60-2.62 (but 2.69 and 2.75 is for 11lbs and 10lbs). This indicates the fact that the ball’s mass is center-heavy and will promote an early strong roll from beginning to end. They also have medium hook potential, 101.8 as per the perfect hook rating scale.

To be mentioned, this ball performs best on the medium-dry lane. They run smoothly on the lane’s surface with or without oil. While moving toward the pocket, you can see the Length with Angular Backend break-point shape. This ball has 2″+ Flare potential with means it is medium-low. All-inclusive, you can tell how amazing this bowling ball is.


  •  Entry performance
  •  Symmetric core
  •  Medium-low flare
  •  Comes in 7 different weights
  •  Works great for High rev players


  • Not Recommended for high hook lovers

3. 900 Global Boo Yah Pro Bowling Ball

900 Global Boo Yah Pro Bowling Ball
2 Reviews
900 Global Boo Yah Pro Bowling Ball
  • This bowling ball ships undrilled unless you order drilling services
  • The ALL NEW Boo-Yah PRO is the follow up to the popular Boo-Yah
  • The Boo-Yah PRO features a brand new coverstock formulation that focuses on increasing the backend/total hook while...

What is it you say after consecutive strikes? “Boo-yah!” Right? And for a game like that, you need the 900 Global Boo-Yah Pro bowling ball. The uniquely designed S26 Solid Urethane Coverstock ball has a symmetric Y-core. Ever since its release, it is one of the top-selling First-quality balls in the market.

This Black pearl ball is polished with 1000 Grit-Abralon factory-finish which promotes excellence when you play. The recommended lane conditions for the ball is lighter oil conditions or short patterns, so you better follow that. Moreover, it has fantastic Early Read with Increased Backend Motion from the front part to the end of the lane.

You can find this particular ball in 5 different weights. (12-16lbs). The RG is in the range of 2.59-2.62. So, you can say, the ball’s mass is center-heavy and will ensure a nice shot.

As per the performance scale, they are under Mid-performance. The Differential varies from weight to weight. But the range is between 0.026-0.029 to give you a Low Flare Potential (2”-3”). This urethane ball is also known for its focus on increasing the backend/total hook while still maintaining the shape. In conclusion, get this product today as once they’re gone you’ll be sorry for not having it in your collection.


  •  Midperformance
  •  Symmetric core
  •  Low flare
  •  Comes in 5 different weights
  •  Works great for High rev players
  •  Superior speed and revolution


 Some of the weights are already sold out in several websites

5. Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball
45 Reviews
Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball
  • We have taken the top-selling Hammer balls of the last three years and combined them into one exciting ball
  • As if the 3-D Offset wasn't a big enough launch, we've paired it with the incredible-looking Black Widow Urethane Pink...
  • The Pink Pearl was extremely popular as a reactive Black Widow, and we expect it to kill since it now uses the Purple...
  • The Black Widow core makes it an excellent choice for bowlers who didn't see enough hook from the Purple Pearl Urethane
  • And just like the Purple, every competitive bowler will have to have this ball in their arsenal, Color: Pink Pearl,...

If you’re looking for a bowling ball that will be able to give you more overall hook The Black Widow Urethane bowling ball by Hammer is certainly an idol for that. As a high rev player, your goal is to deliver the ball to the pocket with great speed and get satisfactory results out of it.

What makes this ball so special is its classic Urethane coverstock which is known for producing smooth arcing motions on medium to dry lanes. With proper hooking and delivery technique, you can control the entire lane.

The Black Widow features the very popular asymmetric Gas Mask Core which means it responds to friction faster at the break-point. This happens because the radius of gyration is 2.50-2.65 which indicates the fact that the ball’s mass is distributed more towards the center and that helps an earlier roll through the beginning of the lane.

The balls comes in 5 different weight (12lbs,13lbs,14lbs,15lbs,16lbs). The Differential of RG varies from weight to weight. The diff range of this ball is between 0.045-0.058 to give you a High Flare Potential.

This Urethane ball usually ships undrilled, but you can customize that and add drilling of your choice to maximize its abilities. This sleek-looking ball has a matte black finish and the urethane is infused with carbon fiber to give the ball more strength and durability. The factory finish of the ball is 360/500/500 Abralon.

Another remarkable thing about this First quality ball is that it has the superior oil-handling ability. Even if this ball gets soaked with oil, slick and black, the reaction or power won’t get blunt when it goes down the lanes. You can keep on striking and literally show-off your skills with this high-performance ball.


  •  Responsive at the breakpoint
  •  High Flare
  •  Asymmetric core
  •  Comes in 5 different weight
  •  High-performance
  •  Works great for High/Med/Low rev players
  •  Great motion


  •  You won’t get the best result if you aren’t a regular urethane ballplayer.

5. DV8 Bowling Creed Rebellion Bowling Ball

DV8 Bowling Creed Rebellion Bowling Ball
8 Reviews
DV8 Bowling Creed Rebellion Bowling Ball
  • The Red/Navy/yellow solid creed rebellion is a hook monster
  • Utilizing composite claw solid, the cover originally used on the Pitbull growl, and the creed core
  • This ball produces strong traction earlier on the lane and extreme continuation

Feel the heat and everyone’s eyes on you when you play with the Creed Rebellion Bowling ball by DV8. Well, where to start? It is an ultimate jackpot. This is probably the best bowling for high rev players. Let me tell you why.

The first thing you’ll notice about this bowling is its eye-catching pink color. This Composite Claw Solid reactive coverstock ball has a Creed Low RG Asymmetric core inside. This sanded ball has 1500 Siaair Micro Pad factory-finish. According to the Perfect hook rating scale, the hook potential is 216.6 which means they are High-performance and runs best on heavy lanes.

This First-quality ball’s break-point shape is Strong Hook with Flip. There are 5 individual bowling ball weights, 12-16 lbs of this ball. Although, you can find information on the 15lbs ones on the internet. The RG for this ball is 2.496 which means it is center-heavy. The diff of the ball is 0.055 which indicates that it is certainly a High-flare potential ball.

This ball can be thrown from multiple angles and each time the result will be the same. You’ll not be disappointed with the excellence it will show. Other players will be chanting your name while you win the game with this ball.


  •  Responsive at the breakpoint
  •  High Flare
  •  Asymmetric core
  •  High performance
  •  Works great for High/Med/Low rev players
  •  Expected motion and revolution


  •  Some of the weights are almost sold out

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you adjust your bowling ball speed with a high rev rate?

The bowling ball actually follows your feet and moves just as quickly as you move. All the momentum that goes on while you come close to the front part of the lane, has a huge impact when you release the ball. To adjust your speed with a high rev rate, you have to move fast while bigger steps and unhook the ball at the right time for a perfect strike. 

How do you increase your rev rate?

Some ways to increase your rev rate for one, in fact, you’ll have to have a good fit to get your grip pressure down. The key to high rpms is putting a very little grip pressure on the bowling ball so that you can easily roll it out in the lane. The release is the result of the whole game. If you can practice doing the thing mentioned, and perfect your swing, you can increase your rev rate and eventually turn into a speed-dominant player.

What is a high rev rate in bowling?

Rev is the short version of Revolution and it means a complete rotation of a bowling ball. Therefore, High Rev Rate means the rate of the complete rotations of the bowling ball per minute. Although, it depends on your ball’s speed too. The faster the speed, the higher the rate of revolution.
At 16-17 mph speed, the rev rate will be 250-300rpms. At the speed of 17-18 mph, you will get a rev rate of 300-350rpms. At 18-19 mph speed, you will have a rev rate of 350-400rpms. Finally, at the speed of 19+ mph, you will get a rev rate of 400+ rpms.


No matter your bowling style or skill level, the bowling balls I’ve shortlisted are sure to give your game the boost it needs! It is smart to think, winning a whole match or league is totally up to your personal performances. As they say, practice makes a man perfect. So grab one of these bowling balls today and go your local bowling alley and become a better player. Only after that, you can show-off your High Rev rate and speed while everyone is screaming with your name.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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