How To Choose Your Perfect Bowling Ball Weight?

Bowling ball Weight

Bowling Ball weight is the most important factor while choosing a bowling ball. Many things depend on bowling ball weight, specially controllability and comfortability.

Bowling ball weight choice varies from person to person. It also varies due to skill, style and speed. An experienced bowler’s ball weight is different from a novice bowler’s ball weight. On the other hand, Men’s ball weight differs from women’s. So You have to be cautious while choosing your bowling ball. Here I have described which type of ball weight fits you.

Which Weight of  Bowling Ball should you use?

There is a universal rule to measure bowling ball weight. General Bowling ball weight is 10% of your body weight plus 1. Don’t you understand yet? Let me clear you by one example. Suppose if your weight is 130 pounds, you will choose 14 pounds [(130 of 10%) plus 1] bowling ball. It is the standard weight. You can select your ball weight with calculator easily.  If you select a bowling ball less than the standard weight, the ball will be light for you. Now just follow vice versa method to select a heavy-weight ball.

There is no obligation that you must comply with these rules to choose your bowling ball weight. After all, it is just a standard rule, not the Holy Bible or the Holy Quran. Choose your bowling ball, which is comfortable for you.

How to choose a bowling ball weight For Beginners?

Generally, Bowling ball weight is measured from 6 lbs to 18 lbs. Beginners usually can not control the heavy-weight ball. So they tend to prefer lighter ones for smooth control and comfortability.

Bowling ball weight matters immensely for beginners. If you are looking for a bowling ball for your kids for the first time or your senior family member, you have to give special attention to ball weight. Because carrying an overweight ball can cause serious injuries to them.

For example, Boys and girls age less than 10 years can handle bowling ball weight less than 10 lbs. But if they are stronger at this age, they can carry more weight. Bowling balls less than 10 lbs are for children less than 6 years. Senior members are more prone to injury. So they should select lightweight bowling ball.

An adult beginner generally prefers bowling ball weight 6 to 10 lbs. If you can not provide speed at the general range of 16- 17 mph, then you can go for a slightly lightweight ball. Weight adjustment fully depends on your body strength and skills.

Skill is not an important factor at the beginning stage of bowling. So you can emphasize your strength to select a bowling ball weight that suits you.

Usually, women can not lift weight like men. So they prefer lightweight to Men. For example, if Men lift a ball between 12-16 pounds, then women will go with a 10-14 pounds ball.

How to choose a bowling ball weight for an Experienced Bowler?

Generally, experienced bowlers prefer a medium to heavy-weight bowling ball. The more you gather experience, the more you tend to lift the ball’s weight. A heavyweight ball gives you more control and accuracy. You can also enjoy bowling with hooking power.

They also affect bowling speed. But the professional bowlers who are more prone to injury should not prefer heavy-weight ball. It can aggravate their injury.

In general, an experienced bowler can carry a ball to weigh more than 14 lbs. The most popular weight of the bowling ball is 15 pounds for men’s bowling. It is assumed as a standard weight for bowlers. Women’s ball standard weight is less than 15 pounds. 12 lbs to 14 lbs are the most popular weight for women. The most important factor in determining the proper weight other than physical challenge or medical issue is bowling balance and bowling revolution. Generally, some bowlers like slow speed. That’s why they prefer lightweight ball.

On the other hand some players like more speed. The choice entirely depends on bowlers. How they feel comfortable while bowling is up to them.

How to choose a bowling ball weight for seniors?

Seniors age more than 55 years should be careful about choosing bowling ball weight. A lightweight bowling ball of less than 12 lbs is the best bowling ball weight for seniors. But if seniors are strong enough to handle more than 12 lbs, they can go for it. But, remember that seniors do not have any back pain or other medical issues.


After reading this article, I hope you have found your suitable weight. Now you may go to a nearby pro shop or online store and choose the best ball for you according to your choice.

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