Ideal Bowling Ball Weight Calculator (Calculate Easily)

ideal bowling ball weight

How much should your bowling ball weigh? Now, that is something confusing for many new bowlers. Picking the right ball weight is much more important than you think. Using a heavier bowling ball can cause pain and internal as well as external injury to your body. Oppositely, if the ball is lighter, you may never get the expected result with your shots. You don’t want any of these, do you? Hence, using the right ball in the right weight (size) is profoundly important. So how can you know the correct size for you? Of course, with the bowling all weight calculator. So, keep on reading and you’ll find out how!

How to calculate Bowling ball Weight?    


Bowling balls weigh between 6 to 16 lbs (pounds). The plastic ones are usually the lighter balls, and the urethane, reactive and other bowling balls can go up to 16 lbs. To find out the accurate ball weight, you have to know about the bowling ball weight calculator.

If you didn’t know already, but there is a universal rule to measure accurate bowling ball weight. The rule of measuring standard bowling ball weight is =(10% of your body weight + 1). So generally what you have to do first is, stand on a weight scale and know your body weight. Then find out the 10% of that weight, and whatever the result is, just add 1 with it, and voila! You have your correct bowling ball weight.

Still not clear? Let us explain to you with an example.

Suppose you weigh 140 lbs.

Now, what is 10% or 140?

40, right?

Okay, now add 1 with it. (14+1)= 15.

Excellent! Your ideal bowling ball should weigh 15lbs.

I will do it. Please leave it black

Can Kids Follow the Bowling Weight Formula?

No, kids cannot follow the universal bowling weight measurement formula. So, how can they know about their ideal bowling ball weight? Well, if a kid bowler uses a bowling ball that is as same as his/her age then it’s a nice way to assume the perfect ball weight for him/her. So let’s consider a kid who is 10 years old. So a bowling ball that is 10 lbs would be a great starting point. But the rules are not applied to all extent. If a toddler feel more comfortable carrying more than ideal ball weight, you can pick it. After all your kids enjoy it or not.

But before kid bowlers can swing it, make sure, they hold it and move with it and see if it’s too heavy for them or not. If they feel the ball is slightly heavy for them, provide them a lighter one and see if they’re comfortable with that one. If you see them hurling the bowling ball then go a size up. In most bowling centers, girl bowlers go for one pound down and the athletic boys tend to go for one pound up from their age.


Are you someone who has never bowled before? Or when you did, you didn’t notice the size of your bowling ball? If any of these is your case right now, then this calculation formula will surely help you have an idea for your standard bowling ball weight. Although we’d highly recommend that when you go to the bowling alley, should try some different weights and see for yourself which fits you the best. You may need to go a size up or down based on your physical strength. Last but not the least, good luck and have fun!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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