Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes [Reviews Inside] 2023

best bowling ball for wood lanes

Bowling is known as a popular and fun sport that is played all around the world in many countries, such as Canada, United States, and U.K., to name a few. When it comes to bowling, the right kind of ball can make all the difference in the bowling lane because bowling in a wood lane differs from the synthetic lane. With great skills, you need a bowling ball that performs according to your needs in a wooden lane. Using smart strategies in the game won’t do you any good if you do not have the right ball. So after many hours of research, I have reviewed 5 best bowling balls for wood lanes customized for you.  

Best Bowling ball for Wood Lanes: Top 5 Reviews

1. Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball

The coverstock of this bowling ball is also made with strong carbon fiber, making this ball a durable and highly aggressive bowling ball that is out there so far. Plus, this bowling ball has remarkable energy retention across the lane. It provides an undeniable and explosive backend reaction. Its coverstock is a Semtex Hybrid CFI with a finished surface similar to the original one. This bowling ball has a similar powerful mid-lane motion, just as its previous version, but with a bit more pop towards its back end.

Moreover, this ball is perfect to be used on a lane whose oil condition is medium to heavy. You can see my full review article about Hammer Scandal/S  to know more details.


(a) It has a reactive coverstock made of Semtex Hybrid CFI with high durability and great angular reactivity.

(b) This ball has a symmetric core that is wonderful at retaining and transferring energy into the ball, and it has a powerful back-end finish.

(c) Despite being an extremely aggressive ball, there is no overreaction to both oil patterns and shot variances by this ball. It works perfectly on the reactivity tightrope. 


(a) This ball has lower effectiveness for the high-speed bowlers; hence, it is more suited for the low-speed bowlers.

(b) It can get clunky on oil patterns that tend to transition from one form to another.

2. Storm Hy-Road Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Hy-Road Pearl 15 Pounds
  • The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock
  • Just one shot with the new Hy-Road Pearl and you will see the difference
  • Color: Blue/Purple
  • Core: Inverted Fe² Technology

This brand is one of the popular ones when it comes to bowling balls, with this one being no exception. This ball is constructed with the groundbreaking Inverted Fe² Technology of Storm, which works wonderfully in a bowling alley. Moreover, this ball’s coverstock is R2S Pearl reactive with a polish finish of 1500 grit. This ball can be used by an intermediate to an advanced player that is in search of great equipment to enhance their game. Thanks to its symmetrical core, the ball has wonderful hooking potential.

Moreover, this ball comes without any holes, so you are able to drill in holes that fit your fingers’ shape. Plus, this ball is available in various sizes. Due to its weight, more energy is transferred which causes a great impact to the pins.


(a) It is available in five different sizes; therefore, a bowler can choose whatever weight they are comfortable with.

(b) It is a sturdy ball that flows beautifully down the bowling lane with a lot of force. 

(c) This bowling ball has great durability that results in a good hook.

(d) This ball comes with no holes, so the owner can get it drilled according to the size of their fingers.


(a) This bowling ball can get a bit expensive and is not really suitable for people on a budget.

(b) The beginner will find bowling with this ball a bit difficult. 

3. Brunswick Twist Sky Blue/Pink/Snow

Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball, Sky Blue/Pink/Snow, Size 9
  • Brunswick has a new twist on ball reaction
  • We have combined our Proven gear will-16 reactive with the new twist low diff core to create easy length with a strong...
  • The twist is sure to appeal to bowlers of all ages and skill levels
  • This bowling ball ships undrilled with no holes unless you add drilling services.

When it comes to finding the best bowling ball for wood lanes, then this is the one for you. This bowling ball is great for beginners and it has everything one needs. Furthermore, this bowling ball comes with an R-16 Pearl Reactive coverstock. Plus, it has a Twist Low-Diff Symmetric core. This ball is reliable enough when it comes to throwing a straight shot.

Also, this twist ball can very easily hook, particularly when it is thrown on extremely dry wood. Hence, this ball is ideal for bowlers that are beginners in hooking and are looking for a ball they can control with ease. 


(a) Thanks to its twist low-diff core, a lot of length is available.

(b) When it comes to lanes that are dry wood, this ball has a powerful backend reaction.

(c) It comes in a vibrant combination of colors that attracts bowlers of every level and age. 

(d) When it comes to drilling patterns, any pattern can be used on this ball.


(a) Its coverstock can get more reactive as compared to the other balls, which makes this one a bit difficult to control.

(b) Advanced bowlers won’t find this bowling ball powerful and tough enough for them.

(c) This ball is not ideal for oily lanes since it will be tough for it to grip the wood.

4. Track Tundra Bowling Ball

Track Bowling BSSTTI16226062 Track Tundra Solid Bowling Ball,...
  • This bowling ball ships undrilled with no holes unless you add Drilling services, the Track tundra solid is ideal when...
  • The cover stock and core for this ball offer great control when it is needed
  • The Track Symmetric core has a high RG and low differential that allows the ball to retain energy longer and offer a...
  • The qr-4 solid Cover stock found on this ball matches up well with the track Symmetric core
  • With a 3000 grit sanded finish this ball doesn't have a hard time on the front of the lanes and still has ample traction...

This bowling ball is ideal for all situations, whether you’re bowling on lanes that hook or have varying oil patterns. Thanks to its exterior and core, this ball will offer the ultimate control whenever it’s needed. 

Moreover, this bowling ball has a DR-4 Reactive Pearl coverstock and a Track Symmetrical core. Due to weak core design, this bowling ball doesn’t flare too much, because of which it is easier to use on less oiled lanes. 


(a) This bowling ball offers the ultimate control when thrown down the lane.

(b) It is perfect and an ideal option when it comes to dry lanes.

(c) This bowling ball provides length with a controlled back-end. 


(a) For some bowlers, this ball carried little to no power and force into the pins.

(b) Plus, this bowling ball has the tendency of rolling out very easily.

(c) Not ideal for lanes that are more oiled. 

5. Hammer Diesel Torque Bowling Ball

Hammer Bowling Products Diesel Torque Bowling Ball...
  • It is time to rev up your engines. The diesel is back again and this time it is all torqued up
  • Updated from the NBA Hybrid cover to the juiced solid cover, this new diesel brings a ton of performance to hammerγcos...
  • Updated with hammerγcos patent pending carbon fiber outer core, this diesel carries hammerγcos industry leading three...
  • Any return shipping is the responsibility of the consumer if there is a Warranty issue. Color Orange/Gray/Black reaction...
  • Factory finish 500/2000 Abralon best lane Condition medium to heavy oil core diesel core type Symmetric mass bias none...

This bowling ball’s outer core is made from carbon fiber and it is the ideal mixture of hitting strength and overall durability. This version is an update from its previous coverstock that was hybrid reactive and is now solid reactive. This bowling ball flies through the oily lanes without losing any energy. In fact, it ends up gathering energy incredibly well in order to receive a great back-end reaction. 

With a combination of its fiery and dark color, the diesel has returned once again with a lot more torque and power. Moreover, this tough bowling ball comes with a 3-year warranty and comes in weights ranging from 10 to 16lbs.  If you want a detailed review of this bowling ball, you can click here.


(a) It comes with a long-lasting and tough coverstock made with solid reactive carbon fiber.

(b) The outer and inner cores have a decent balance; hence, providing a strong consistency, also whenever it hooks in a wild manner.

(c) It has an explosive back-end reaction as compared to any other aggressive bowling ball that is out there.


(a) A lot of the ball’s effectiveness and reliability is lost as a player throws it on a lane that is dry or medium-dry.

(b) Bowlers can find this ball to be a bit hyper-reactive, especially if they are not used to the ball’s high ability on the oily lanes.

What To Look For Before Buying A Bowling Ball?

·        The Toughness Of The Bowling Ball

Bowling lanes made of wood are softer as compared to synthetic lanes; hence, bowlers can use a wide variety of bowling balls without stressing about damaging or breaking them on the bowling lane. On the other hand, synthetic lanes are ideal for bowling balls that are extremely durable. But regardless of the lane, it is recommended to purchase a bowling ball that has great durability and won’t be damaged once it’s thrown. Some are more durable than others; hence, a bowler should buy the one he or she is comfortable with. 

·        Material Of The Coverstock

A bowling ball’s coverstock matters a lot when it comes to determining how well that ball will perform on a lane made of wood. Even though wood lanes tend to be more forgiving as compared to synthetic lanes; however, the quantity of oil on the wooden lane greatly impacts and affects the control and movement of a bowler while he or she bowls. 

Moreover, wood lanes are not as slick or hard; hence, it is easier to bowl with a ball that consists of a polyester or plastic coverstock and the bowler does not have to stress about losing control. Therefore, dry lanes tend to be ideal ones in this scenario. On the other hand, the oilier or wetter lanes are ideal for balls that are made up of a grippy and more durable coverstock. That is why it is important to look for the right kind of coverstock before purchasing your bowling ball.

·        Weight Of The Ball

A bowling ball’s weight matters immensely as it allows the bowler to see if he or she can handle that weight or not. Plus, the weight of the ball also determines how farther down the bowling lane will the ball go without stopping. If bowlers can generate a lot of speed with the bowling balls, then using lighter balls will be easy to use on wood lanes.  

Moreover, Bowlers who have difficulty in achieving their required length when they throw the ball will need a heavier bowling ball. Also, the heavier balls perform better on oilier lanes since they can grip the wooden lane and travel much further. 

·        Flare Potential

The flare potential of a bowling ball plays a major role when it comes to ball hooks. Also, it determines if that ball is inclined to hook as it is thrown on the lane. Usually, wood lanes tend to be softer with more friction; hence, they do not require balls that are able to hook hard. Therefore, bowlers have the option to choose balls that have less flare potential without worrying about not being in control while they bowl. 

While on the other hand, balls that have more hook potential tend to be difficult for certain bowlers when it comes to controlling the ball on a lane that is made of wood. Unless the lane contains a lot more oil, it is best to go for the ball with less hook potential in this case. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of wood is used for bowling lanes?

2 kinds of wood are used for bowling lanes. One is maple and another is old-growth pine. Maple is used for the first 22 feet of the and pine is used for the rest 41 feet for a single bowling lane which is around 63-feet long, and measures 42-inches wide.

2. How do you adjust your game when bowling on wood lane?

Wood Lane is a little bit more porous. Wood lane tends to dry faster than synthetic lanes. You can adjust your game with your feet. If you are right-hander, move your feet to the left moving a little deeper more to the inside part of the lane. You will find more oil there. If you are a right-hander, just do the opposite task.

3. What bowling ball is best for wood lane?

Wood lanes are known to have a lot more friction as compared to synthetic lanes; hence, the lighter balls can grip the lane’s surface easily. So, the lightweight bowling ball is best for a wood lane.

4. Do bowling balls come in different weights?

The bowling balls mentioned here (plus many others) are available in various varieties of weight; hence, a buyer can pick the one they are most comfortable with. The range of weight the bowling balls come in can be from 6 lbs. to 16 lbs. 

5. How expensive is it to get holes drilled in the bowling ball?

Once you purchase a bowling ball, you need to get it drilled. The price for drilling holes in your bowling ball depends on the pro shop where you get it done from. Some shops might ask you to pay $30 to $70, but the customer is able to negotiate at times. On the other hand, professional bowlers usually agree to pay about $20 to around $50.


When it comes to choosing the best bowling ball wood lanes, there are a lot of options available. However, the five bowling balls mentioned here are known to be the best ones when it comes to bowling on a wood lane. Wood lane is fully different from the synthetic lane. For a bowler who is serious about his or her game, these bowling balls will help in enhancing their performance and taking it to the next level. 

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