Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball [An In-depth Review Guide] 2022

All bowling balls may look the same. You may notice the difference in colors and all that but you can rarely just see what a bowling ball can do with its build. In fact, you only experience the true difference between bowling balls once you take the same shot with different balls.

And, everything changes right then. You either find a ball for a lifetime or just give up a ball for good. Now, which one you keep and which one you give up depends on your style of play and also the lane conditions you usually play in.

The Hammer Scandal/S Bowling ball is one such ball that is great for certain styles of playing and certain lane conditions. You could consider it among the ones that are usually suitable for most lane conditions and most bowlers. So, let us find out through this Hammer Scandal bowling ball review which conditions and styles this bowling ball is suitable for. And, if it is suitable for you or not.

Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball Review: The Features

 It is the various parts of the ball combined together that make it act the way it does. Let’s check out the features of the Hammer Scandal/S ball to see what makes it how it is.

1. The Core of the ball.

Unlike others in the series, the Hammer Scandal/S ball has been bestowed with a symmetric core. Now, there are certain types of motions that this ball carries out the best. The reason behind its special motion is the core.

Apparently, it is because of the core and the balance in the weight that this ball gives us an incredible back end motion. Furthermore, it’s middle of lane motion is very satisfactory as well. These two key points are the main reason behind people loving this Hammer Scandal bowling ball.

If you love the speedy motion of the bowling balls when you throw it at the pins then this is the ball that never fails to amaze you.

2. The Coverstock of the ball.

Well, we all know how important the coverstock is. And, with that, we also know how it feels to throw a perfect hooked ball. But, the thing is that you cannot really hook a ball without the right ball. You need a ball that has the hook potential so that you can hook it.

And, luckily, the coverstock of the Hammer Scandal/S bowling balls allows you to hook it. While we cannot say that it has great hooking potential, we can say it has a moderate amount of it. It also depends on how you throw the ball

This bowling ball has a Semtex Hybrid CFI coverstock with a 500/2000 Abralon finish. And, an Abralon finish is what helps with a good hook potential. Thus, this bowling ball is amazing in heavy lane conditions. In fact, it does well on moderately oily lane conditions as well.

You will love the control you gain over the ball and of course the motion with which it moves on the oily lanes. The opportunity cost here is that you cannot quite use the ball on very dry lane conditions as it won’t give you a similar performance there. You will be quite disappointed.

3. The Overall Reaction. 

The ball has a low RG rating of 2.48 and a high differential of 0.054”. Apparently, the combination of these and the materials makes it what it is. When you throw the ball, you will need some getting used to the motion of the ball.

The amount of hook it provides, the fast mid lane and back end motions will get you worried at first. But, once you get a hang of it, you will love what you are going to experience.

If you are learning to hook a ball then this bowling ball is a great choice to start with. Not only are its properties suitable for a beginner but so is its price. Yes, apparently, for a ball that hooks, this bowling ball is quite in the affordable price range. Furthermore, it has the quality and builds that are meant to last.

With all the oil that it is exposed to, you may have to take extra care of it but you also get great value for what you give. If you use this ball in heavy oil lane conditions, It will give you more performance than the effort you pay with.

Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball: Pros and Cons


  • A legendary backend motion once you throw the ball right.
  • The middle lane motion is very satisfactory too.
  • The coverstock gives quite a good hook potential to the ball.
  • It moves quite smoothly thanks to the build and design of the core.
  • A durable and strong ball.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • A great choice for beginners.
  • Excellent for oily lanes.


  • Not for dry lanes.
  • It does not have the greatest hook potential.

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Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball: Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How many weights are these balls available in?

Answer: You will find the Hammer Scandal available in five weights- 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 pounds.

2. Does it arrive drilled?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. You have to drill the ball yourself with your own needs and extra money.

3. What lane conditions is this ball best for?

Answer: The aggressive nature of this ball is best for heavy lane conditions.

In conclusion

There are certain properties of the Hammer Scandal bowling ball that sets it apart from the other bowling balls. These very properties are what make it special for certain bowlers. For example, if you bowl at quite a speed then this bowling ball is perfect for you.

Furthermore, what this bowling ball excels at is the mid lane and backend motion in heavily oiled lanes. If you are just learning to hook a ball then this is a great ball, to begin with. The ball does not only perform well but it offers great value for your money as well.

It is a ball that will last and it will also improve your game manifold before leaving you.

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