Does Bowling Ball Weight affect Bowling Speed?

bowling weight vs speed

We all have done some bowling experience at a certain point in our lives. Most people think that bowling ball weight has relations with its speed. It is kinda true.  The bowling ball’s weight is adversely proportionate to its speed. This is a small guide in which you can learn about bowling ball weight vs speed.

Influence of Bowling Ball Weight

The weights of bowling balls have a significant influence on the ball speed. A ball with a heavyweight will hit the pins slower than a lightweight ball. A heavywieght bowling ball rather used for hook. Lightweight hit the pin straight with high speed. But you can not expect hook from lightweight ball.

It is necessary to learn how to maintain a balance of bowling, weight for optimal results. It is not guaranteed that one can hit all the pins with a heavier bowling ball. The speed of a heavy bowling ball gradually reduces when someone throws it.

Does Bowling Ball Weight affect Bowling Speed?

It’s simple physics and the answer is yes. The weight of any object has its effect on the speed. The bowling balls with a heavyweight range tend to generate less speed. However, the force is more due to their weight. This ensures that they hit the pins with a harder impact. Therefore, more pins fall off with the same amount of energy provided.

On the other hand, the lighter bowling balls have a greater speed limit. However, the force of their impact on the pins is not as fierce. Many professional players prefer lightweight bowling balls as they don’t put excess strain on the muscles.

With the right techniques and playing styles, do great with both the weights. All the bowling houses recommend you to try with different bowling balls to decide on your ultimate match. You can also calculate your standard bowling ball weight by using our calculator.

Speed and Force

Keep in mind that the speed of bowling weight is inversely proportional to its weight and directly proportional to force. It means that the speed of the bowling ball significantly reduces when you are using a heavy ball. As a result, the amount of force for hitting the pins also slows down, and it becomes difficult to topple all pins.

How to select a Bowling Ball?

Are you interested to know which bowling ball will help you in hitting all the pins? There are some essential points that we all should know. Such as

  1. It is essential to pay more attention to the size of the finger holes. These holes will tell if the weight of the bowling ball will lodge perfectly with the weight of the bowler.
  2. If the finger holes are too large or too small, it means the weight of the ball is either heavy or, it is too much lighter.
  3. The size of the ball also depends on the weight and height of the bowler. It is necessary to select a bowling ball that is lightweight if you are having back problems.
  4. The average weight of bowling balls is between 6-16 pounds.
  5. A professional adult male can use bowling balls whose weight is between 14 to 16 pounds.
  6. A bowling ball with a weight of 10 to 14 pounds is best for female bowlers.
  7. The weight of a bowling ball also depends on its material. Urethane and resin are the most common material of bowling balls.

Structural Details of Bowling Ball 

All bowling balls are covered by a core-shell that is called cover stock. The inner shell of these bowls is made up of 3 common materials, such as plastic, resins, and polyester. In modern bowling balls, several changes have made. Such as, the total weight of the bowling ball solely depends on its core.

The heavier material of bowling ball not only influences its pins but also has a great impact on its speed. Nowadays, a special material is used for making the inner core of bowling balls nowadays. This special core maximizes its impact on speed without influencing the net weight of bowling ball.

Urethane and resin material has a great effect on the speed and weight of bowling balls. These materials help you to topple all pins in one round without increasing the weight of the bowling ball. Some bowling balls are also designed for slow speedy bowlers so that they can compete with the high-speed bowler

Best Bowling Ball Material for Matching Hooks

As compared to plastic material, resins and urethane coverstocks are perfect if you want to match the hooks. These two materials can meet the grip of the lane more firmly. Plastic balls are the most inexpensive ones, and you can commonly find these balls in bowling balls alley. The weight of the bowling ball is determined through its material.

Plastic bowling balls are lightweight and allow players to throw the ball straight. One of the most important benefits of using a plastic bowling ball is that these types of bowling balls are extremely versatile.

Benefits of using Heavier Bowling Ball

Is a heavier bowling ball better than using a lightweight ball? Is it easy to use heavier bowling balls? There are some important mental & physical benefits of a heavier bowling ball that you should know before selecting one for yourself.

No doubt, bowling is an easy-to-learn and interesting sport. From a young child to elders, this sport is all-time favorite for people of all ages. Bowling is the best way to spend weekend nights with your friends. If you are a lover of workouts than bowling is no less than exercise. Let’s have a look at some prominent benefits of using a heavier bowling ball.

  • Using a heavier bowling ball is the best way to burn some calories. In an hour, a bowler can burn almost 175-300 calories in one hour.
  • Walking with carrying a heavier balling ball helps you to maintain the balance and flexibility rate of your body.
  • It helps you to improve coordination between your hands and eyes.
  • Playing with heavier bowling balls help you to strengthen your muscles
  • No doubt, bowling is one of the popular social sports. So, this sport also helps you to improve your social life.
  • Heavier bowling balls with well design require less energy for lifting.
  • The outer cover of heavier bowling balls made up with resins and urethane will last-long for many years.


This is the small guide that helps you in learning whether you should use a lightweight bowling ball or heavier one. You have also learned the relationship between the weight of the bowling ball and its speed. Now it’s all up to you to select bowling ball, which coordinates with your body weight and stays stable in the lane.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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