Best Bowling Ball for Beginner to Intermediate Bowler

best bowling ball for beginners to intermediate bowlersPeople all over the world enjoy bowling. The right choice of a bowling ball can make a huge difference in bowling for everyone, especially for beginners. It can be difficult to choose the best bowling ball for beginner to Intermediate bowler, but we are here to help you.

We curated the guidelines for you to upgrade your performance of bowling, from entry-level to intermediate.

Best Bowling Ball for Beginner: Top 5 Reviews

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space bowling ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball
  • It's always good to have a spare
  • And with T-Zones being so affordable, you can
  • Just pick your favorite color, or two, or three

Our top choice for beginners is Brunswick Tzone Deep Space bowling ball. The core of the ball is surrounded by bullet cores. It is finished with Crown factory shine which makes the ball look glossy. This popular ball is also very budget-friendly.

This ball is made of polyester. Thus, it won’t give you much hook potential. It is also used as a spare ball by the professional bowlers. This ball comes in a lot of colors. So, you have abundant options to choose from.  This delivers great performances for an entry-level bowler.

This ball is also an excellent choice for seniors who don’t want to spend many bucks. The ball comes without holes. Thus, you need to drill it at a pro shop as per your requirement. It is a good ball for recreational bowlers too.


  • Glossy and shiny finish
  • Wide range of color
  • Great pick as a spare ball
  • Suited for all age


  • Few bowlers complain on the ball being fragile as it breaks only after a few games.

2. Pyramid path bowling ball

Pyramid Path Polyester Bowling Ball - Customizable with Basic...
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Polyester coverstock for straight shots
  • Pyramid quality
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 5.0

Pyramid path bowling ball is a high-quality ball with a great looking exterior. This ball is a great companion when you are in the mood to play in aggressive mode. It has a variety of color combinations. The build of the ball is plastic, making it an appropriate ball for the beginner. However, it is a good choice as a spare ball for professionals.

This ball is highly recommended for beginners due to its durability and high quality. Besides that, the price is a bonus feature that makes it one of the best options in the market.

This ball can aid you to improve your score rapidly. You can also use it as a straight ball for shooting spare and it performs comparatively better than most other spare balls in the market.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Performs well in dry condition
  • Suited for all age
  • Has a warranty of two years


  • Not a good option for advanced bowlers

3. Brunswick Rhino bowling ball

Brunswick Rhino Cobalt/Aqua/Teal Bowling Ball Cobalt/Teal/Aqua,...
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 22.098 L X 22.352 W X 22.606 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: Mexico
  • Item Package Weight: 5.398 kgs

This ball by Brunswick is specially designed for entry-level players who are in the learning stage to hook the ball. you can find this model in five colors. It is little angular at the breakpoint and gives you little hook potential. This ball will allow you when you need to move outside and play up the boards. It provides you consistent and predictable motion.

Brunswick Rhino series is a great range of the beginners. It helps you to play more up on the lane and to use these balls for sport shot patterns if you are a beginner level bowler. This ball is going to show you the best on lower volume patterns and shorter patterns. And we are suggesting as the perfect bowling ball for beginners.

This ball can deliver the down lane movement without overreacting. This performs excellently when the lane breaks down later in the session. That is why this ball is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking for a ball with great performance. This is the best bowling ball you can find in the market that is an inexpensive, and equally good performer on medium to dry oil condition lanes. 


  • Appropriate on shorter patterns and for lower volume
  • Predictable moves on lane
  • Inexpensive


  • Not a good performer on heavily oiled lanes

4. Columbia 300 white dot bowling ball

No products found.

You must be familiar with Columbia 300 white dot if you are up-to-date about bowling balls. It is a unique ball which is a great pick as a spare ball too. It has a spot-on color pattern that will surely impress you. The ball’s outside cover is glossy and shiny. It is the best bowling ball out there in the market for house pattern. Kids also enjoy playing with this ball.

This ball can go straight if you want it to and enables you to hook the ball when you try to hook. This ball is perfect for knocking down 7 or 10 pins. It has polyester-made coverstock and is reasonably priced.


  • Color pattern is nice
  • Sparkly and shiny exterior
  • Priced reasonably
  • Great for knocking down 7 or 10 pins
  • The ball is lightweight


  • The ball gives a little hook.

5. 900 global after dark pearl

If you are looking for a ball that gives you a good amount of control, then 900 global after dark pearl is for you.

This ball yields a controllable reaction on medium to dry lane conditions due to its nightfall symmetric core. One of the best features is that this ball performs great for beginner to intermediate bowler. This provides smooth predictable and controllable motion and does not over-react on the lane.

This ball is the most versatile one is this section so far. It helps you to keep everything in control of a drier condition or shorter sport patterns. The ball gives you a very consistent mid-lane read and does not over-react. It has an angular shaped break-point. Although being user-friendly, this ball is quite expensive. So, for a beginner who is restrained on budget, this can be a set-back. To sum-up –


  • Controllable predictable motion
  • The ball suited everyone- from beginner to pro
  • High RG and low medium differential


  • Not a budget-friendly option

Best bowling ball for intermediate bowlers: Top 5 Reviews

1. Storm all road bowling ball

Storm All Road 15lb
  • WEIGHT BLOCK Inverted Fe2 Technology
  • COVERSTOCKNRG Hybrid Reactive
  • FACTORY FINISH 4000-grit Abralon
  • FRAGRANCE Blueberry

Storm holds its reputation of being one of the industry leaders for a long time. All road bowling ball is great addition to their thunder line and a part of popular Hy-road series.

This ball is admired for its comparatively smoother shape and its ability to perform well on any level of skill, not only for intermediate-level bowlers. The ball gives you more down lane continuation than the other balls. The ball rolls early. It rolls a little early and reads the mid-lane nicely, but it is smooth with lower response down the lane.

You can easily move inside with this bowling ball and keep your winning percentage high. You will have one of the best experiences with this ball.

If you want a bowling ball that adapts all lane conditions and is not super aggressive, the ball will be the perfect choice for you. Don’t be despaired if you are a high hook lover. If you think the ball is not great because of not being over-reactive, you are wrong. It can store energy and create an incredible backend reaction you can’t think about. 

This one has the strongest coverstock among all the balls of hybrid series of storm. The NRG Hybrid coverstock helps the ball to read the lane sooner than other hybrid series balls. This cover is has created a great combination with famous Inverted Fe2 core because it allows thicker cover than usual, which creates a ball more performing. All in all, this ball sets a benchmark of quality bowling balls for the brand itself, let alone the competitors


  • Clean and smooth surface
  • Adapts to all condition
  • Strong cover


We can gladly conclude that we found nothing about the ball to disappoint you.

2. Pyramid pathogen X

Do you know what is best selling bowling ball series from Pyramid Brand? Yes, you guess right, it is the Pathogen series. Pyramid pathogen X is among the most popular of the series. The coverstock is remarkable, has a pearl finish. It has longer and stronger down lane motion than the original Pathogen without sacrificing its controlling power.

 It is much strong and durable compared to the original pathogen series. However, it does not miss the spot-on controllability.

This is an upscaled version of the pathogen. It glides very easily, simultaneously can hit on the back-end with immense motion and power. It is hard to be disappointed by this ball.

Surprisingly, the ball is versatile for any lane condition, be it wood or synthetic. This is a fine addition to your bowling ball collection. This can be very helpful for increasing your average score. This ball is highly recommended when you need to bounce back from your cold-feet or to retrieve your lost confidence on lane.


  • Incredible background motion
  • Powerful motion down the lane that last a long time
  • Impressive color design
  • Can read the mid-lane easily


  • Not a good pick for someone who loves high hook

3. Radical conspiracy

Radical Conspiracy Theory 15lb
6 Reviews
Radical Conspiracy Theory 15lb
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 21.336 L X 22.352 W X 24.384 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: Mexico
  • Item Package Weight: 7.121 kgs

If you are a hook lover, it must be dreary for you so far to find out most of the ball being hook-averse. But hold on, this ball is just the right pick to bring you a sigh of relief. Besides this uncanny sounding name, the ball performs astonishingly well to give you maximum hook and hitting power. It is also an excellent performer on heavy oil patterns.

This can be assumed the benchmark if you want to make a list of asymmetric bowling balls. That is how you know this one is a solid performer.

The most continuation through the pins is the best quality of the ball. It delivers powerful angular continuous motion upon rolling it which increases the strike rate. The ball is a requisite for intermediate-level players who are mostly speed-dominant. It is nearly impossible to lose control with this ball despite the robust hooking power.


  • High-hook potential
  • Continuation at break-point
  • Possibly the most versatile ball in the market


  • Not a friendly option for low-hook lover bowlers

4. Ebonite vortex v2 limited edition

Ebonite Vortex V2 Bowling Ball - Black/Blue 12lbs
  • Ebonite's famous Vortex V2 is back - but only for a limited time
  • The new Trimax19 solid reactive cover has a similar formulation to the previous Vortex and Matrix lines but this time,...
  • Paired with the Modified V2 symmetric core, the Vortex V2 will rev up easier and provide more overall hook than any Game...
  • This is a limited time release from Ebonite and it is also their last official release that was made in the USA Finish:...
  • Cover stock: Solid Reactive

This ball is structured with a modified V2 symmetrical core and Trimax19 cover. This combination makes an unbeatable ball that successfully knock down the pins. That means you can knock all the pins effortlessly. This has set the bar high for symmetrical bowling balls. It can read the mid-lane effortlessly, quite like to please you on every shot.

Reading the lane will be easier for you with this ball compared to the other ebonite balls. This ball gives you an unexpected mid-lane reaction. It stores energy to provide continuation through the pin. The ball is also proven to be a great performer for inside.

This ball is sure to surprise anyone with its versatility despite a symmetrical ball. However, this one is a limited-edition ball, so you better hurry if you are thinking of getting this.


  • Reads the mid-lane well
  • Great continuation throughout the lane
  • Easily manageable


  • Not a good ball to have some hooks

5. 900 Global White Badger

No products found.

This particular ball from 900 global is one of the most angular balls that the brand has to produce. This is a good pick in terms of playing on medium to dry oil condition lanes. This ball can be extremely foolproof, that’s why most players enjoy this ball so much.

You will love this ball as it is very forgiving. Despite having low hook-potential, this can hit incredibly well. When the ball hits the pocket, it hits like a monster.  So, this might come handy when you want a robust shot.

This can be an ideal cherry-on-top to your highly curated bowling ball collection. This ball will be your friend either you aim for straight, or want more swing. The only setback of the ball is that it is white, thus it will tend to get dirty very easily. You need to clean the ball thoroughly after every 5-6 games.


  • Strong hitting power
  • Striking angular motion to the back-end


  • No color variety, only comes in white. So, it gets dirty quickly and looks old.

Ball selection tips for beginners and intermediates

Bowling ball selection is very crucial for any entry-level bowler. The two features that you should be prioritizing while purchasing a bowling ball. One is comfortability and another one is controllability.

You should choose a ball that fits in your hand properly and you can hold with comfort. The same thing applies for an intermediate-level bowler.  One more thing you have to consider is to choose a reactive bowling ball to go to the next level

Hook potential

The term hook known as flare potential, this means the tendency of a ball to give a relative hook compared to the other balls. Beginners tend to opt for less hook-potential to have more control over the motion and speed of the ball. That is why, plastic balls are good options for them, which is also termed as a straight ball.

So, plastic or polyester made ball is a standard choice for the beginners. These kinds of balls produce less motion on lanes, which will help you to achieve consistency and more control power in your shot. These balls can also come in handy as spare balls for the intermediate or pro bowlers.

If you are already at an intermediate level, you have already learned how to hook the ball. So medium hooking ball is the best for you as high hook tends to lose control for you.


Weight is a key factor for bowlers of every level of expertise. It is always a good idea to use a lightweight ball as a beginner. Usually, beginners tend to approach the lightweight balls too. Heavy balls can get out of control for the new or recreational bowlers. Polyester and plastic balls are generally the lightweight balls and they are more beginner-friendly.

You can go to pro shops to get the idea of how different levels of weight works for you, figure out what is comfortable for you. And experimenting with the weight can turn out useful. If you are comfortable playing with a heavy ball, it should not hamper with the performance as long as the ball is controllable and less reactive.


Coverstock is the outer shell of the ball. Less reactive coverstocks are a good choice for you in the beginner stage. Plastic or polyester coverstock is ideal in that context. It is also a more inexpensive variant than the most other bowling balls. Straight balls, which are more suited for beginners, generally have plastic coverstock. 

For the intermediate players, medium to high reactive bowling balls are great score boosters. For that purpose, urethane or reactive resin coverstock are excellent options.

Lane condition

Mineral oil or lubricant is used to protect the lane surfaces from the heavy friction. Beginners need to understand the repercussions of lane conditions and which type of lane condition suits them. So, understanding lane conditions to choose the ball is necessary.

Medium to dry lane conditions works for most of the beginners. For many advanced players, medium to heavy oil conditions is

more compatible.

With these key factors in mind, choosing the perfect bowling ball for you would be effortless. Understanding the basics and applications of the features, accompanied by personal requirements would be adequate to guide you to buy your perfect bowling ball.

Effective bowling tips for beginners

**** Firstly, find your mentor and practice. If you are dedicated to improving your game, take at least one bowling lesson from a professional bowling instructor. Learning the techniques and applying them properly is essential to upgrade the bowling skill. When you are unable to find a coach, you can ask for some aid to find an instructor to your nearest pro shops.

****Whatever you do, just enjoy your bowling. Take it as fun. Reduce your stress level by not taking bowling seriously. Because when you fail to score in bowling, you will be mentally upset. It will affect mentally, and it will down your bowling score.

****Try to use your own ball instead of house balls to improve performance and scores. The house balls are not drilled to your perfect fit, failing to deliver proper grip. That is why these cannot help you to constantly improve your skills.

 ****Your custom-drilled ball will also help you to prevent any possible injuries or skin irritation on your fingers caused by the house balls.

****It is highly recommended to carry your own bowling shoes and accessories. While your fitting shoes will ensure comfort and proper slide, using your own things will protect you from any possible infection.

****Buy your balls without holes in it. This will help you to get your customized drilling that is suited for you. You can buy the ball online or from a store. Do your proper research before buying, choose something that is appropriate for your condition and expectation.

****After getting the ball you can get it drilled from a nearby pro shop as per your comfort, grip, and delivery style. It can be either a full-finger grip or a conventional grip. You can also ask for suggestions to get some help to understand the drilling pattern. Make sure the holes fit your fingers and thumb.

****It goes without saying that you need to clean your ball regularly and properly. Bowling balls can be a great deal of investment and without adequate care, the ball may wear-off very soon than the anticipated tenure of service. The performance will also get dull. As for a cleaning guide, you can find that here.

****One of the basic rules of bowling is not to cross the foul line. You have to be very careful about not crossing the foul line. This is very important, especially in the beginner stage. Your points will go in vain if the line is crossed. You should stay behind the ball, concentrate, aim for the lane, and release the ball. Stay composed and try not to get out of focus.

And finally, the last thing that is needed to acquire any skill is practice and practice. At the beginning stage, the trial and error will be recurrent. However, don’t lose hope, keep patience and hold your nerve strong while bowling.  Meticulous concentration and dedication will take you a long way.


Choosing the right ball is the most fundamental step for an entry-level bowler. Deciding on the perfect ball will help you to perform better and gradually improve your performances. So, I hope you can choose the perfect ball that is compatible for you with the help of this article. This will guide you to the grassroots basics which will assist you to get your ideal ball whether you are a novice, recreational bowler, or trying to step-up your bowling skills.

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