Bowling Ball Speed Calculator: How To Calculate?

bowling speed calculatorBowling is a game of skill, strategy, and luck. One of the most important factors in bowling is how fast you can get your ball rolling toward the pins. Bowlers have a lot of questions about the speed of their bowling balls. If you want to know how to calculate your bowling speed and what is the formula behind it, then keep reading.

Bowling Ball Speed Calculator

How To Calculate Bowling Ball Speed manually

We already showed you the calculations with the calculator. Now we will manually show you how to calculate ball speed. Generally, the lane distance from the foul line to the Pin deck is 60 feet. If your bowling ball crosses the lane at 3 seconds. The result is 20 miles per hour. Right? No, You are absolutely wrong!! We have calculated feet per second. But we need to calculate miles per hour.

So we need to convert miles to feet an hour to second for accurate calculation. 1 Mile equals 5280 feet and 1 hour equals 3600 seconds. We have to divide lane distance by time crossing the lane. The result is 20 feet per second. Then we multiply it by 3600 seconds. The result is 72000 feet per hour. Now we can divide it by 5280 feet to convert it miles per hour. The result is 13.64 mph.

Bowling Speed Calculation Formula:

Bowling Ball Speed= [{(Lane Distance / Time crossing the Lane) * 3600 Seconds) /5280 feet] mph


Bowling Ball Speed calculation depends on many factors. If you don’t know how many seconds you cross the bowling lane, just go to bowling alleys. They will tell you what is the exact crossing time. You also can calculate if you are with your friends or family member. Just start your stopwatch at the time of releasing point and make it stop at the time of hitting the first pin. Your result may or may not be accurate. So the safest option will be to know from Professional Bowler. Bowling Ball Speed is at highest in releasing point. When Your ball travels down the lane, you will lose your ball speed gradually because of the lane frictions. Now you can select your bowling ball based on how fast or slow your bowling speed are.


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