Best Bowling Ball for Tweener [Reviews With Comparison] 2022

Best Bowling ball for Tweener

Bowling comes in a lot of styles and methods. One of those styles is associated with the term “Tweener”. The tweener style combines both a stroking and cranking style.  Hence, this in-between phase can be quite confusing to many, especially when shopping for the right bowling ball. 

However, we are going to help you with just that! Today in this article, we are going to review some of the best bowling balls for tweeners. We will also include a comparison of each product. 

So without further ado, let us get started right away!

Top Pick

Consider  Storm Astro physix as the synonym of extreme responsiveness for tweener. The cover-core duo is solid enough for perfectly strong hooking, superior ball reaction, energy-attaining, and unlimited strikes! Who knew you could enjoy a magical interstellar experience with a bowling ball? Storm Astrophysix is perfect for bowlers who have a rev rate between 300-370 rpm, meaning this striking piece of equipment can be the best bowling ball for tweeners. So, if you’re a tweener, looking for a lifesaving bowling ball, well you’ve found the best of bests.

Best Bowling Ball for Tweener: Top 5 Reviews

1. MICHELIN Storm Hy-Road

Storm Hy Road Bowling Ball, 14-Pound
  • Coverstock: R2S Solid Reactive
  • Core: Inverted Fe² Technology
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished

For our first product of the day, we are going to be reviewing this incredible bowling ball manufactured by the brand MICHELIN.

This blue-black colored bowling ball features a bright yellow HY-ROAD symbol in the very middle of the ball. The bowling ball is also very lightweight so you can carry it almost anywhere all the time. This makes transportation a piece of cake.

This lightweight and medium weight bowling ball can be termed as the god-child of two amazing previous MICHELIN bowling ball models called the T-Road Solid and the T-Road Pearl. 

The MICHELIN Storm is made from 50 percent Pearl cover-stock and 50 percent RS2 cover-stock, while the core is of Inverted Fe Technology. This bowling ball comes with a durometer rate of 74 to 76 and flare potential of 5-6 inches in total. 

The perfect scale rate of this amazing bowling bowl is 173.8 while the low RG rate is 2.570 only. Complete with a 1500 grit factory finish, this high-quality ball comes with a differential rate of 0.046 and Boysenberry fragrance. This ball is ideal for medium to heavy oiled lanes

A lot of customers claimed that this bowling ball comes with amazing backend motion continuation; hence you can now expect this bowling ball to keep running in the right direction for much longer and accurately.


  • Lightweight and Medium Weight
  • Strong and durable core type
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy transportation
  • Very budget friendly.


  • · A few customers claimed that they received faulty products so keep an eye out for that.

2. Columbia 300 Messenger Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Messenger Black/Gold Bowling Ball (16)
  • Available in 8lb thru 16lb
  • Used for Light Oil Lane Conditions; Reaction is Skid/Flip
  • Messenger Core with Super Flex Coverstock
  • Finish is 500/2000 Abralon, Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • USBC Approved

Next up we have this incredible bowling ball manufactured by the renowned brand Columbia 300.

This bright red and black Columbia 300 bowling ball comes with a bright yellow symbol right in the middle of it. This bowling ball is known to be really smooth and accurate every time, so it is highly ideal for first timers.

This amazing bowling ball comes equipped with a weight block that is wrapped in the patented Hypershock Technology. This ensures that the bowling ball stays in mint condition all year round, hence enhancing its performance.

Certified under the USBC, this incredible bowling ball has a super flex cover-stock which works really well on lightly oiled alleys. This unisex bowling ball can be used for both stroking and hooking hard. 

Apparently, this budget-friendly bowling ball is really reactive too, so you can expect a lot of backend motion continuation from this bowling ball for a tweener.

However, do note that this bowling ball is not too lightweight (15 pounds) and that you also need to get it drilled in and fitted to your measurements. 


  • This great bowling ball comes with a Messenger core
  • The cover-stock is super flex
  • Patented Hypershock Technology
  • Budget friendly purchase
  • Comes with a dynamic weight block
  • USBC approved bowling ball.


  • Apparently the color is not exactly as shown in the pictures, so you might be receiving a much blacker bowling ball instead of a red one. 

3. Storm MICHELIN Gravity Evolve Bowling Ball

Storm Gravity Evolve 15lb
21 Reviews
Storm Gravity Evolve 15lb
  • WEIGHT BLOCK Shape-Lock HD
  • COVERSTOCK SPEC Solid Reactive
  • FACTORY FINISH 2000-grit Abalone
  • FRAGRANCE Orange Ambrosia

For our next product, we have this incredible MICHELIN bowling ball manufactured by the brand Storm.

This amazing pink-orangey bowling ball comes with specks of black and bright yellow all over. 

Complete with a Shape and Lock high definition core, this amazing Gravity Evolve bowling ball comes with a low RG rate of only 2.48 while the perfect scale rate is of 236.8. The cover-stock on this bowling ball is called SPEC solid, while the core is called Shape-Lock HD (High definition).

It comes with a solid reactive cover-stock and 2000 grit Abralon matte factory finish. This high definition bowling ball features a differential rate of 0.052 while the durometer is of 73 to 75 Rex on a D-scale.

The flare potential of this high quality bowling ball is of +6 inches while the mass bias diff rates 0.020 only. Complete with an asymmetrical core type, this amazing bowling ball is sure to stun everyone when you roll with it.

This right handed bowling ball is known to be super smooth while providing amazing backend motion continuation during play. Hence, a lot of customers claimed that you are more capable of staying in the game for a longer period of time if you use this incredible bowling ball around the end of your turn.


  • Budget friendly purchase
  • Lightweight (only 12 pounds)
  • A strong and balanced core 
  • High definition shape and lock technology
  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • Longer backend motion continuation.


· A few customers claimed that they received faulty products.

4. Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball 15lbs
34 Reviews
Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball 15lbs
  • Available in 12LB thru 16LB, undrilled
  • Used for Heavy Oil Lane Conditions; Reaction is Aggressive Overall Hook
  • Big Time Core with ERT Hybrid Coverstock
  • Finish is 500/2000 Abralon
  • USBC Approved

We are back with yet another amazing bowling ball manufactured by the famous brand Columbia 300. This amazing bowling ball is perfect for minimalism lovers among us.

Featuring a brownish-red and yellow appearance, this sleek and chic looking bowling ball features a maximum weight range of 12 pounds to 16 pounds. This high quality bowling ball comes with HyperShock Technology which works to provide more power when rolling. 

This USBC approved bowling ball is ideal for heavily oiled lanes as well as medium oiled lanes. You can easily go for hard and aggressive hooks with this amazing bowling ball.

Coming to the specifications, this incredible bowling ball features an ERT Hybrid cover-stock combined with 500/2000 Abralon. The core of this bowling ball is an asymmetrical one called “Big Time”. 

The perfect scale rate of this bowling ball is 233.1 while the RG rate is of 2.52 only. Complete with a matte finish, this bowling ball comes with a differential rate of 0.052 as well as mass bias diff of 0.018 only. This pro performance bowling ball is surely going to catch your eye on the shelf.


  • Strong and evenly balanced out patented “Big Time” core
  • The bowling ball comes with a 1 year long warranty period
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Sleek design
  • Budget friendly purchase
  • Versatile weight ranges.


  • A few customers reported that the color of the bowling ball is not too accurate.

5. Ebonite Choice Pearl Bowling Ball

Ebonite Choice Pearl 15lbs
  • Color Aqua/Violet/White
  • Reaction Length W/ Aggressive Backend
  • Cover stock GSV-1 Pearl
  • Factory Finish 500/1000 Abalone
  • Core MOD-1

For our last product of the day, we are going to be reviewing the bowling ball manufactured by the amazing brand Ebonite. 

The Choice Pearl in 15 pounds features a purplish-white color for the body, with a bright yellow font for the product name branded right in the middle of the bowling ball. 

This impressive bowling ball features an asymmetrical core with a medium RG and a high differential rate. The amazing bowling ball is covered with GSV-1 Pearl reactive cover-stock, combined with 500/1000 Abralon that has been finished with a powerhouse factory polish. 

Ideal for medium oiled lanes, this high-quality Ebonite Choice Pearl bowling ball comes with a perfect scale rate of 231.1 and RG rate of only 2.49. This bowling ball has a length with aggressive backbend motion continuation for the breakpoint shape. 

The differential rate of this amazing bowling ball for tweener is of 0.054, while the mass bias diff is of only 0.021. This bowling ball with an asymmetrical core is termed as pro-performance. 

The highly enhanced backend motion continuation will allow you to play for a longer period of time without losing accuracy at all.


  • High-quality asymmetrical core
  • Strong and balanced design
  • Easy to control and maneuver by first timers
  • Comes with a one year warranty period
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Budget-friendly purchase.


  • slightly heavy (15.4 pounds).

What is Tweener Bowling Style?

Now that we have reached the end of the product reviews let us take a look at what a tweener bowling style is. 

There are many different bowling styles, and tweener is one of them. This style is one of the most common ones used by players of almost all ages and experiences. The tweener style is widely used by both amateurs and professional bowlers while playing.  The different types of bowling balls are made on different criteria. The bowling style is one of those criteria.

Those who use the tweener style tend to deliver with a straight wrist motion where the thumb exits the bowling ball first before the rest of the other fingers do. In other words, the tweener style is more or less the most versatile style used by players who like to confuse their opponents. 

This is because the tweener style is composed of both stroker and cranker techniques. Due to this, it is quite hard to determine which style from those two a bowler might be opting for next.  

This  bowling style has a strong solid back-swing to produce medium to high ball speed with yet smooth proper release.

To implement the tweener style, the bowler has to stand in the center of the bowling alley and deliver a shot from in-between. 

Best Bowling Ball Layout for Tweener

Just like the different styles people use for bowling, there are also different layouts for each of those styles. 

Since we are on the topic of the tweener style, we are going to discuss the best bowling ball layout for a tweener.

In general, you have to measure three things: 

1. The difference from the Pin to the PAP (Positive Access Point),

2. The difference from the PSA (Mass Bias) to the PAP,

3. And thirdly, the measurement from the pin to the VAL (Vertical Access Line).

The Pin to PAP distance will control the flare potential while the PSA to PAP will control the migration path the ball will be in.

On the other hand, the pin to VAL will control the transition at the breakpoint. As a general rule of thumb, the closer the pin is to the VAL, the faster the transition is going to be, and vice versa. 

Know that a PAP of 4 inches is rather aggressive, however, the tweener style is not technically aggressive, nor is it too weak. Hence, it is right in-between a stroker and a cranker style. 

With that being said, the best bowling ball layout for a tweener will be a 3 by 3 /8 inches. 

Buying Guide

Let us now take a quick look at some of the key factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best ball for a tweener. Note that these factors might vary from brand to brand.


Of course, the aesthetic of the bowling ball matters. A lot of people claim that the appearance of the bowling ball does not matter at all, but we claim otherwise! You will be investing a lot of money into your bowling ball purchase, so why not choose one that is worth the money, right?

A lot of brands now offer really high quality and aesthetically pleasing bowling balls for half the price. Some of the best brands that manufacture really chic and cool bowling balls for tweeners are Columbia 300, Hammer, Ebonite, etc. 

Hook potential of the ball

A bowling ball with a larger hook potential will tend to curve more when it is almost near the pins. Those who prefer hooking should get bowling balls with a better hook potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these balls pre-drilled?

Some of the best bowling balls for tweener we mentioned in this article come pre-drilled. However, some of the brands mentioned above give customers the ability to drill the balls according to their own preferences.

2. Can Crankers use these bowling balls?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible as the measurement from the Pin to the PAP is different for Tweener and Cranker bowling balls. 

3. How long do reactive resin bowling ball lasts for?

With proper maintenance, a high-quality reactive resin bowling ball will last you for more than 300 games. 


So there you have it! We hope you had a fun time reading this article about bowling ball review and that it proved to be of some help to you to find the best bowling ball for tweener. When you choose the right ball, the half preparation is done to win your game. Thank you for taking the time to read through this article!

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