5 Best Bowling Ball for a Stroker [Reviews with Comparision] 2023

best Best bowling ball for a stroker

Bowling can be a lot of fun if you play it with your friends and loved ones. When playing, you will notice that different players will play with different types of bowling styles.

You could be categorized as a stroker if your launch speed is around 19 miles and it ends to the pins at 16 miles per hour. That means your average speed will be around 16.5 mph.  The rev rate for stroker is normally between 225  and 275 revolutions per minute. Though all those criteria are not fixed to become a stroker style bowler there are also other factors to be considered which are discussed later in the review. Usually, Stroker uses their wrist straightway. Accuracy is their main weapon. They produce modest bowling speed with their smooth release.

Top Pick

Make Hammer Obsession Tour your top priority in your arsenal to enjoy a lower hook with a smooth response. If you’re a stroker (rev rate less than 300 rpm), we know how much you value a smooth ball motion. It has an amazing continuation through the pockets. Make bowling your addiction and fearlessly roll this ball in league games or tournaments.

Best Bowling Ball for a Stroker: Top 5 Reviews

So without further ado, let us get started with the product reviews right away!

1. Roto Grip MVP Pearl Bowling ball

Roto Grip MVP Pearl 16lb
  • Core: First Used In The Original Mvp, The Neutron Nxt Core Has Quickly Gained Credibility By All Who Have Tossed It
  • With The Higher Rg Value And Medium Diff, This Core Produces Plenty Of Length And Plenty Down Lane Motion No Matter Your...
  • Cover: The Newest Versatile Traction Control Pearl Cover, Better Known As The Vtc-P19Tm Pearl Reactive Cover Stock,...
  • Just Know It Will Provide More Responsiveness Down Lane Than The Vtc-H19 Hybrid Cover Found On The Original Mvp, Factory...

For the third product for today, we have a bowling ball by the company called Roto Grip.

The Roto Grip MVP Pearl is an appropriate ball for a stroker. The product comes in a variety of colors such as Royal, Golden and White. 

The MVP pearl bowling ball weighs around 12 pounds, which is average. The bowling ball comes with a pearl reactive cover-stock which they call the VTC-P19. 

It uses a Neutron NXT Core and the core type is symmetric. The breakpoint shape of this bowling ball for stroker style is termed as length with a strong backend. The ball has a polished factory finish of 1500- grit and has a medium-high flare potential. 

The bowling ball has a medium-low RG rate and a medium-high differential rate. The RG rate is 2.55, while the differential rate is 0.04 which is not that high but gets the job done.

It ensures advanced performance. That means it is made with the combination of technology from recent years and low on the cash scale. It is affordable and good for the strokers. 

It is recommended that the ball be used for light oil lanes but it can also be played in medium-heavy oil lanes.

The product comes with a one year warranty from the company


  • Affordable
  • Great lane control and ball motion for lower rev rate Bowler
  • Good for light oil lanes.


  • Not good for heavy oil lanes.

2. Motiv Golden Jackal Bowling ball

Motiv Golden Jackal 14lbs
  • Weight Block: Predator V3
  • Cover Stock: Hex ion SE Pearl
  • Finish: 4000 Grit LSS
  • Weight Range: 14, 15, 16
  • Flare Potential: 7"+

The next product for today is a bowling ball by the company Motiv.  The bowling ball comes mainly in one color which is gold and has a matte finish to it. 

The ball has a factory finish of 4000 Grit LSS. The Ball comes with a Hexion SE Pearl cover-stock which is made of reactive pearl. While the reactive pearl cover-stock is very eye-catching on the lane, it also works to make the bowling ball smoother in order to glide over heavily oiled lanes.

The Golden jackal bowling ball comes with a Predator V3 Core which is asymmetric. The differential rate is high and the RG is medium-low on this bowling ball. 

It has a differential rate of 0.055 and an RG rate of 2.47. The mass bias diff rate of this product is 0.019 and the perfect scale is 228.7. 

This ball is very good for heavy oil lane conditions and ensures pro performance which means the ball is made with the latest technologies.

You will be glad to know that the breakpoint shape of this bowling ball consists of a moderate length with an impressively strong backend motion. It has a flare potential of more than 7 inches which is pretty high.

The company offers a warranty period of one year for the Golden Jackal.


  • Much stronger in the mid-lane
  • Low RG rate
  • most hook potential and angular shape


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not good for slightly dry lanes.

3. Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red Bowling Ball

Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red 12lb
  • Core Melee
  • Coverstock Savvy Hook 2.0 Pearl
  • Finish 500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
  • Sport Type: Bowling

And for the last but certainly not least product for today we have a bowling ball by a brand known as Brunswick.

The Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red bowling ball comes in three different sizes, such as 14, 15, and 16. It comes in only one color which is deep bruise pearl.

The Melee Jab bowling ball comes with a Savvy Hook 2.0 cover-stock which is made of reactive pearl. The ball has a factory finish of 500/1000 Siaair/Crown polished finish.

The Melee core in the Brunswick Melee Jab is symmetric. The ball has a low RG rate and a high differential rate which are 2.487 and 0.05 respectively, while the perfect scale is 222.9.

For the breakpoint shape, the ball has a strong mid-lane/backend motion to it. The bowling ball has a medium flare potential and ensures high performance.

 It is initially good for medium-heavy lane conditions but works great in a variety of other tough lane conditions. The company offers a one year warranty period for this amazing product which makes it even more incredible.


  • Low RG rate
  • Affordable
  • Strong Midlane/Backend
  • High performance.
  • Most Cleaner ball


  • Not good for heavy oil.

4. Ebonite Choice Solid bowling ball

Ebonite Choice Solid Blue/Orange 15lb
  • Coverstock: GSV-1 (Good Stuff Version 1) Solid
  • Core: Mod-4
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

For the first product in today’s list, we have this amazing bowling ball by a renowned brand Ebonite. 

The Ebonite choice comes in 3 different shades, namely blue, dark and oragne, and has a matte finish to it. The bowling ball comes with a GSV-1 Hybrid Coverstock and a Mod-4 Asymmetric core, alongside a high differential and medium RG rate.

This bowling ball has a differential rate of 0.054 and an RG rate of 2.49, which ensures pro performance. The high differential and medium RG rate provide amazing backend motion which makes it a triple threat on the lane for a hook that is overall strong. 

The perfect scale for this amazing bowling ball is 232.9 and it has a significant flare potential. 

It is finished off with a factory finish of 500/1000/2000 Abralon combined with a matte finish. The ball comes with an aggressive mid-lane and backend breakpoint shape. 

This heavy oil bowling ball picks up strong in the mid-lane and is really good on the backend motion continuation.

The company offers a one-year product warranty and claims this bowling ball to be a monster that can change direction even in extremely heavy oil conditions.


  • Strong core
  • Strong mid-lane roll with a continuous controlled back end
  • Amazing backend recovery
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Not good for medium-dry lanes

5. Hammer- The Sauce bowling ball

Hammer Sauce 16lb
  • Product Type: SPORTING_GOODS
  • Package quantity: 1
  • No batteries required
  • Country of Orgin: United States

The second bowling ball on our list is one from a company called Hammer. 

The Sauce by Hammer is on top of the best bowling balls for strokers. The ball is very high quality coming in 3 different colors such as black, violet and gold, and provides a factory finish of 4000 Grit Abralon matte finish.

 It comes with a Contrusion Core Shape, which is symmetrical with a low mass bias.

The bowling ball has a low RG rate and a high differential. The RG rate of the ball is 2.51 and it has a differential of 0.05 units. It has a solid reactive cover-stock named Aggressive Edge cover-stock made of reactive resin. 

It provides an aggressive mid-lane with strong backend continuation without sacrificing the breakpoint control.

The perfect scale of the product is 205.6 and has a medium flare potential. The Sauce bowling ball is recommended for medium to heavy oil lanes. 

The ball delivers high performance and dominates in the bowling alley. So if you’re a stroker and you’re looking for a solid ball good for heavy oil patterns, then The Sauce by Hammer is one of the best for you.

The company offers a warranty of three years for the product.


  • Low RG rate
  • High differential rate 
  • Three-year warranty from the company.
  • Great controlled reaction


  •  Not perfect for lighter volumes or broken down patterns.

What is Stroker Bowling Style?

Storker is As a general rule of thumb, a stroker will deliver his or her bowling ball in a very smooth way. In short, a stroker performs with fines and grace. 

For stroking, a stroker will deliver the bowling ball at a rev rate that is less than 300 miles per hour. Stroker speed is highest among three types of bowler style. 

To ensure this speed, strokers have to maintain a specific posture where their shoulders will be kept smartly squared in line with the foul line. This way, they will be standing more to the right side and aiming by the straight line in the middle.

A stroker’s backswing will also tend to be much closer to the ground. Their main arm is not big hook or ball speed or power. They play with proper timing and accuracy. To implement the stroker style, the player will use a medium arm swing with almost no wrist cupping at all. This way, their delivery tends to be more accurate and swift, with almost no extra effort required at all.

Stroker are much more confortable on oily lanes. Every bowlers prefer this most popular style of bowling. 

Best Bowling Ball Layout for Stroker

The best bowling ball layout for stroker is approximately 4 inches. Just how there are different bowling balls for different styles, those different styles also come with unique and specific bowling ball layouts.

These specific layouts make sure the bowlers get the best performance during their delivery. Hence it is highly necessary to follow each specific layout meant for that particular bowling ball.

Know that the Pin to the PAP will control and measure the flare potential of that bowling ball. Unlike crankers, the flare potential of the bowling ball will not be required to be too powerful.

Hence a medium flare potential of around 3 to 4 inches will be adequate for stroker bowling balls.

On the other hand, the PSA to PAP measures the migration path of the bowling ball, while the pin to the VAL will measure the ball’s transition speed at the breakpoint. 

As a general rule of thumb, the closer the pin is to the VAL, the faster the transition of the bowling ball at the breakpoint is going to be. The exact opposite happens when the pin is further away from the VAL.  

Buying Guide

Shelf Appearance

The shelf appearance of a bowling ball determines how attractive it really is. Of course, it is not the most important part regarding a bowling ball, however it does matter while playing.

A good view results in a good mood, which further results in a good overall performance. With that in mind, you should also check out the appearance of the bowling ball in order to be satisfied with it in the long run.

Different brands will feature different colors and shades for their bowling balls, and some might even let you customize your chosen bowling ball to your own desire!

The weight of the bowling ball

Since you will be dealing with your bowling ball for most of the time, you need to make sure it will be fitted and drilled to your size. The overall weight of the bowling ball should not exceed 16 pounds, as then it will be too heavy to carry and deliver. 

On the other hand, the bowling ball should not be lighter than 10 to 12 pounds because then the delivery will be much weaker for every turn.

Hence, you want to make sure you get a bowling ball with a moderate weight range that caters to a multitude of different styles and methods while playing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these balls pre-drilled?

Not all of the previously mentioned bowling balls in this article are pre-drilled. Some of the bowling balls will require you to drill them to your measurements. 

2. Can Crankers use these bowling balls?

Unfortunately, Crankers will not be able to use these bowling balls for strokers as they come with different measurements. However, tweeners might be able to make use of them, since the tweener style is composed of both cranking and stroking methods. If you want a bowling ball for a cranker, you can click here.

3. What are the four main and basic bowling shots called?

The four main basic bowling shots are known as the hook ball, the straight ball, the back-up ball and the curve ball.

4. Who are Power Stroker?

Power stroker is a stroker who dominate in bowling lane with his hook power and consistent throw.


Bowling can be a lot of fun if you have the right arsenal by your side. If you know your style it will be easy for you to select the ball. It is not an Thank you for taking time to read through this article. We hope you had a fun time reading this article and that it proved to be of some help to you and to your loved ones!

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