Brunswick Vintage Inferno Blue Flame Bowling Ball Review Updated for 2022

The Vintage line by Brunswick received a lot of recognition over the years. Released a few years back, The Brunswick Vintage Inferno Blue Flame Limited Edition is one of the best bowling balls to this day. This ball is absolutely a beast, and we’ll tell you why in our Brunswick Vintage Inferno Blue Flame review.

Like any other balls in the Brunswick Vintage line, Inferno Blue flame Limited edition has been updated in many ways from the original Inferno bowling ball. The Vintage Inferno Blue Flame Special Edition is designed to hype up your game. It’s named Vintage because Brunswick brought the heat with the old-school flair that is effortless. So for a flawless performance, hit the alley with this traditional style bowling ball. Let’s go through the details of it.

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The Vintage Inferno Limited Edition bowling ball features the upgraded Activator 2.0 pearl reactive coverstock, which is better than the previous original Activator coverstock. It brings back the old style but updated enough to take your game to the next level. It is important for you to know about a ball’s coverstock type and finish because your bowling performance depends on the coverstock big time!

Once released, it will make the move straight to the pocket and won’t stop no matter what. Inferno will drive right through the pins and hit them with maximum energy. Any bowler who is willing to improve their scores, trust us, this ball is a must-have!

Factory Finish

This Vintage Inferno ball comes out of the box polished at a 500 SiaAir along with the Crown Factory Compound finish, making it a legend for a killer performance. Being pearl reactive and packed with versatility, this bowling ball will respond to the lane just the way you want it to.

This unique coverstock with such a finish will provide you promising ball continuity on the lanes. It will react to the lanes nicely without the loss of energy. The ball is very forgiving. Unless it’s a foul shot, Vintage Inferno will never go into the gutter. It will roll with pride on medium lane conditions and hit the pins just hard enough to knock them down.

Besides, the finish, core, and coverstock are in a perfect combination for delivering the desired result every time you throw it. Moreover, the finish isn’t customizable, so, in case you aren’t happy with the 500 SiaAir finish, you can change it and make it suitable for a more intense performance.

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The core type of a bowling ball has immense importance. A top-notch coverstock with a good finish is not enough. The Core is one of the most major factors that you should check before buying a bowling ball. Brunswick has paired the Vintage Inferno Low-RG Symmetrical core for this particular bowling ball. Vintage Inferno has added this quick-revving core that gives bowlers a strong enough read in the mid-lane so that it does not slide past the breakpoint. Additionally, the polished pearl coverstock collaborates with the core to retain energy easily for a strong and powerful back end reaction.


If you bowl quite often and know about Brunswick, then you might know they are the best at making good-looking and stylish bowling balls. And as always, this time, they didn’t fail to surprise you with the beautiful black solid and blue silver combination. The color swirling almost looks like fire and the smoke a fire creates. Therefore, when it rolls on the lane you will see the illusion of a fireball hitting the pins down.

Hook Potential

Brunswick’s dedication to this ball is everything a bowler appreciates. The ball delivers a medium to high flare due to its low RG. Inferno Blue flame is gonna give you a good length all the way, especially on the mid lane, and will maintain its reaction through the pins. You will be surprised to see the amount of movement the ball had right off the spot. Even if you get a little slow with it, the ball will get the job done. Similar to the classic Inferno, this one also has the same great shape and reaction with lanes and pins.

Thankfully, the inferno vintage doesn’t hook too early which is what you need as an advanced player. It travels down the lane nicely then breaks right on time with excellence to the pocket. According to the Perfect Scale Hook Rating, this ball scored 186.9 which means it has a pretty good hook potential. Besides reading the lane on time, Inferno Blue flame also breaks on the lane in a smooth arching motion and shows its outstanding performance!

Overall Performance           

If you’re a high rev bowler the first thing you should look for in a bowling ball is the mid-lane control and whether it is possible to control the strong backend motion. Compared to other vintage balls, overall, the inferno blue flame is 5 or 6 times stronger with a higher overall backend reaction. Although they are suggested to use on medium lane condition, you can use it for dry or oily lanes.

This ball is highly recommended as it is extremely versatile. You’ll never face a problem clearing the front portion of the lane. Be ready to experience a continuous and strong shape at the breakpoint every time you play with it. From release till it hits the pins, enjoy the ball travel and overall reaction.


  •  Very controllable and versatile
  •  No loss of energy
  •  Finely constructed and engineered
  •  Durable and affordable
  •  Eye-flattering color combination
  •  Advanced players will love this ball
  • Powerful pin hitting
  •  Works best on medium oil lanes


  • Beginners won’t enjoy this ball without proper practice beforehand
  •  It’s better not to use it in heavy or dry lane conditions


Many professional or senior players often miss the old-fashioned classic bowling ball. Well, great news for you! Brunswick brought back one of the classics with upgraded features that goes well with modern lane conditions and provide the good old ball motion which every player’s dream. This is why this ball is still being sold everywhere so everyone gets to enjoy what people previously enjoyed. So, if Vintage Inferno sounds tempting enough to you, what are you waiting for? You know what you gotta do now. The ball is a very limited edition. So hurry up before it is gone. Cheers!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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