Storm Mix Bowling Ball Review [Indepth Guide] 2022

Are you looking for a disciplined bowling ball? As a beginner, it can get very confusing choosing your first ball. What type of ball you should go for, which beginner ball is the best for you- these are the questions that might roam in your head. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Today we have the Storm Mix Bowling Ball- perfect for bowlers who are just getting started. This Storm Mix bowling ball review will give you a clear idea regarding the ball’s specifications and reasons to buy. So without further ado, let’s jump right to the ball details.

Why is this bowling ball the best?

Syorm Mix Bowling Ball is great for occasional bowlers, newbies who are new with bowling. Also suitable for professional bowlers for straight and spare shots, or for novices, strikes with force. Storm Mix is packed with predictability, good-look, smooth ball motion, and plenty of control. It has wide range of color options.

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Since we are claiming it’s a beginner’s bowling ball, you must be thinking for sure it’s a plastic ball. Well, good news. Storm Mix is a Urethane bowling ball, meaning, the coverstock is made of urethane. The U1S Pearl Urethane coverstock is just perfect for players who are seasoned veterans or new in the fun world of bowling.

This gorgeous bowling has a factory finish of 3500 Grit Polished, same goes for the Storm Mix Blackout. Out of the box, the ball already comes highly polished, we believe you can guess, you have to swing it in dry lanes. Urethane balls are not for heavy frictions nor for hooking shots. So you better keep Storm Mix on dry to desert dry lane conditions. Also, the urethane coverstock offers exceptional durability that you cannot find in other materials.

Core Type

Now let’s talk about the core. A big part of a ball’s performance depends on its core type. That’s why Storm has put the symmetrical Traditional 3-piece Core, like their Storm Ice, on the inside that goes perfectly with the urethane cover. The Storm Mix gets an extra point for its unique core because it is designed to enhance predictability. Whether you’re a newbie trying to score 150 on average, or a pro bowler who is looking for a spare ball- Storm Mix bowling ball is the way to go!


Your first impression of Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball will be its attractive colors. The ball rocks a bright and impressive appearance with various colors, as its names suggest. The first Storm Mix came out in 2013, and the only color it offered was pink, black, and white combined. Later in 2015, there were 2 more colors were launched. One was purple and yellow, and another one was black and white. Storm also has a solid black version of this ball, called Storm Mix Blackout. In 2021, Storm has recently released a solid white version of that bowling ball- Storm Mix Off-White. All of them look amazing. The balls’ outlook is superior to the bowlers who are searching for a colorful spare ball.

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

As a starter you want your ball to have plenty of backends. If you think reactive resin bowling ball is too much for you to handle, you should go for a first-quality urethane bowling ball. Storm Mix is less strong on the backend compared to other higher-level bowling balls. Once released on the lanes, the ball reacts to it nicely, not jumpy at all. It reads the lane fast, and goes through the mid-lane great, and delivers a smooth continuous backend simultaneously.

The beginners will find this ball very interesting as it will give them sufficient room and length to work with, and they will end up receiving a satisfactory shot. We recommend you the ball if you want to dislodge the leftover pins. And, we highly recommend it to seasonal and novice bowlers to start with a striking bowling ball like this one.

Total Hook

With a differential of 0.0006 (low) and an RG of 2.69 (high), the ball is not really suitable for sharp hooking. Since this ball has low flare potential (1”-2”), you can guess the Storm Mix is more into straight shots. Novice players can easily score strikes with this ball. From start, till the ball finish its journey on the lane, it keeps its performance and energy intact.

Compared to other entry-level Storm balls from the Ice line, Storm Mix bowling ball shows a little bit of hooking, and the ball hook right before it hits the pins. This is all a beginner needs, anything extreme or higher than that will be difficult to control, and won’t be a spare ball for the pros to knock down the remaining pins.


– Any player who can play with a urethane bowling ball will find Storm Mix an absolute blessing. Bowlers will find it pretty easy to control. Clearly, the ball isn’t high maintenance. Suppose a person who never played bowling before can manage Storm Mix and will be super happy to see a striking ball-lane-pins reaction.

– Storm Mix is the strongest on dry, especially on desert dry lanes. So why is this ball dry lane friendly? Well, it hooks better on dry lanes, easy to control, and energy retaining.

– As it has a score of 73-75 Rex D-Scale as per Durometer, the ball is astonishingly strong and unbreakable. When you buy a bowling ball, longevity is what you want, and our beloved Storm Mix bowling ball is here to give you that.


– As the Storm Mix is suitable for dry lanes, it’s safer if you keep it out of oiled lanes. Even the slightest bit of oil will make it tough for you to get a nice shot. And, on heavy oil, Storm Mix will get out of control when working on the bowling lanes.

– If professional bowlers are expecting to hook with this ball- they shouldn’t. If you try so, the ball will go straight into the gutter. And, as we said, the ball is best for straight shots particularly.


Not sugarcoating, but this is by far the best entry-level bowling ball by Storm we have ever come across. The Storm Mix is going to be your dream multifunctional bowling ball that every bowler wants. Anyone who needs a spare ball that can also perform as a strike ball- Storm Mix bowling ball is the best option for you. Good luck!

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