Tips For Left Handed Bowlers [Be a Better Bowler]

Bowling Tips for Left Handers

In the middle ages, it was found extremely bad to be a lefty. Time states that witchcraft was linked overwhelmingly among left people! No one even could think about left-handed bowling. It was foolish to expect tips for left-handed bowlers.

Luckily, we have passed this, in particular in the bowling sector. It is common to say, for example, that left-handing bowlers have an edge over those of us on the right. As the left-hand bowler, it’s a burning question, is it: Does it actually give me an edge in bowling?

Approximately 13 percent of adults are left-handers, according to statistical evidence. But if you look at the list, the 50 greatest bowlers of all times, 10 are left-handed, or around 20%. Notice also that the left-handers are at the center.

Does Left-hand bowler Really Have any Advantage?

It may, therefore, be tempting to say that leftist bowlers have an advantage. However, further tests could provide some compelling evidence to argue for such a claim. Ideally, every time you throw a strike. This is not going to happen, realistically.

Taking spare parts is a critical part of maintaining high bowling rate increases, and you will be included in this tutorial one simple way. The plastic ball will be used by most advanced bowlers, but not necessary. Most professional bowlers use just one ball to retrieve spares and have no trouble in getting fixes. Of default, you’re hoping to make the first target.

But the alteration that you do not have to make is basic logic. The velocity of your first shot will maintain the same, and you are shooting the same target. The starting position is the only change you need to make. Make sure you know exactly increasing pins are left behind during tossing your first hit. Please heed the words during the next phase.

If you want to improve your game and performance here are a few ties which the tips for bowlers on the left hand will basically be the same as for the bowlers on the right hand if you are bowling with normal or medium house lane conditions.

You must move to the right or left, four boards at a time depending on what pins you have. That’s why the pins are placed on the road. When you start four panels on the left of your usual starting location to shoot for the same target and the same distance, your ball hits the pin deck four panels to the right of your regular shot. Therefore, we have come up with ten awesome tips for left-handed bowlers to help out.

Tips for Left Handed Bowlers: Be a Better Bowler

  • Oiling the surface will influence your overall performance and help the ball roll more easily. Lubricating the lane surface thoroughly on your preferred direction will enhance the chances of making a strike even if you’re a lefty.
  • Regardless of whether this is a real advantage or an ego booster, you will love the aura of mystery and the risk of being left-handed. See these left-hand bowling tips and try one of our free bowling sessions!
  • If you just have a left bowling suggestion, give it this: choose a bowling ball for left-handed bowlers. The core weight varies from that of a ball to the left, and you won’t have the best game when you want to play with a left-hand bowling ball.
  • For left-handed bowlers, the first step should be taken with the left foot slightly behind the right foot. The feet should be spread out a little, pointing towards the target. 

  • Now we are not going to argue that lanes for the left do not change as much or as fast. But is that a real benefit? League or match bowlers are frequently heard arguing about a good or bad aim. The same goes for the benefits. It could also be in favor of the left hand when this is a “good shot” (in the eyes of the bowler).
  • If this is a “bad shot,” the right-handed bowler could have the edge. The statement is quite clear and is the opposite of the bowlers ‘ principle of “less action” with the hand. Because it’s a bad shot and more bowlers on the right, the pathways are broken quicker and the aim fits whether people on the right maneuver the paths.
  • You might be off the target the first time, but if you throw the ball like you’re trying to strike, you pick up these balls. You’ll be losing the dot the first time.
  • You may claim that left-handed bowlers have similar difficulties to right-handed bowlers Left people, though, may also have certain problems due to being left-wing. For starters, house balls are generally made for bowlers of the right hand. Left people could find it hard to hold the balls or fingertips in the boiling pants. That is why it is better to buy and boil the balls than to focus on house balls.
  • You may assume that bowlers on the left have similar difficulties as bowlers on the right. However, left people may have other major issues because they are left-handed. House balls, for example, are generally made to bowlers to both the right. The left might find it hard to keep the balls or put their fingers in the boiling troughs. Furthermore, it is better to buy a ball and drill it at your preferences than to use house balls.
  • Keep your mints facing your target in the lane to steady your heads while you walk to the foul line and bring the bowl? It’s easy-don’t get too many thoughts about the physical game but focus on the things that help you hit the goal “when nervous in competition. You’re not going to be too nervous.
  • Although it may be harder to find examples of how to bowl left, it’s worth putting your position on time. How you hold your ball, how far you bring back your arm, your approach — all of them are crucial in your game.
  • Balls for left-hand bowlers are fairly straightforward: the thumb and finger holes and place them on the ball and the central ball. Balls for left-hand bowlers vary in two respects from right handballs. The procurement of a ball for left-hand bowlers increases the chance of bowling successfully.
  • Try to use reactive resin bowling balls that have high hook potential on heavy oil patterns.

Still, the bowling sport is just not really good at handling left-hand bowlers. Even something as basic as bowling shoes will change the way bowlers move with their right and left hands. House bowling shoes have slipping soles and no friction soils, which are critical for specialists and experts in the bowling industry. The distinction between house bowling shoes and tailor-made shoes are the rewards of custom shoes. 

Shoes made exclusively for left and right-hand bowlers, although on the opposite sides, have a single sole for slipping and traction. For example, the right shoe of stability is used by shoes tailored to the left and for slipping the left shoe. One of the important pieces of advice to leftist bowlers is to buy your own socks, if necessary. This helps you over the long term.

Believe it or not, even the axiom of left-hand advantage might be seen as an issue. Linkage has historically been negatively matched with evil and other weaknesses. It is likely that some bowlers from the left that feel disadvantaged as the practice is aimed at the right side. Yet bear in mind that left-hand players can have a gain from numbers–many professional bowlers are left-handed.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of left ball bowling. It’s good to train as early as you can if you’re new to bowling. Home balls are usually consistent for right-hand bowlers. Many alleys hold left-hand balls-you can always inquire if they have one to use. It can be awkward for bowlers with right-hand balls and not motivate you to make the best of your playing.

While left-hand bowlers are typically met with some issues, there are undoubtedly ways to overcome them.

On the lowest level, with a middle pointer, the core or headpin can line you in if you roll a regular, non-curvy disk. But when you bowl with a pin, you’ll want to go over to the side from which you roll (right-handers on the left-hand side; right handles on the bottom).

Final Words

I presented you with some challenges for left-hand bowlers. I also offer you some tips and tricks to make your game better. I hope these tips can enable you to learn how to bowl and boost your results. whether you are lefthander or righthander, practice makes you a better bowler. Excellence in bowling takes time, patience, and practice. A good bowler is not flawless. Yet taking into account the tips that I have given today, I have no question that in time, and you will achieve your goals and be awesome! 


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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