What To Wear for Bowling – Easy Tips for Beginners

what to wear on bowling “Some people have their bowling ball and their bowling shoes… and no friends.”

Well, the quote from Jim Gaffigan is perfect to some extent. But with time, the scenarios have changed a lot. You need to have the best bowling outfit to appear in the bowling alley and should know what to wear for bowling. Are you getting confused? Well, this post is about bowler costumes. Many of the people are unaware of the bowling costume. Some of them have no bowling outfit ideas. In the end, they are in trouble. This time we will explain the bowling dress code in detail.

What to wear in a bowling alley? 

When you are in a bowling alley, you have to follow the funny bowling outfit. Those are simple – you need to wear a comfortable clothing. It might be jeans, leggings or skirts. No matter what it is, you must feel comfy with your casual outfit. Besides, you also have to wear bowling shoes when you move across the alley.

If you are a female, you must wear bowling cloth for ladies. But there is no dress code; instead, you should feel comfortable with the attire. Get some in-depth ideas about bowling attire for ladies in the latter part of the article.

Bowling dress code in brief

We know you are in a rush. So, it is unwise to make this post lengthy. So, let us get to the point straight. The best bowling outfit is the combination of your dress codes. There are no real and specific dress codes available.

But the critical issue is that you must feel comfortable while rolling down the ball. It should not happen that you feel tight with your pants or shirt during this process.

Bowling Pants

So, first of all, you need the best bowling pant when you plan for your next bowling match. I recommend this pant as the perfect one for bowling. It is comfortable to wear and flexible as well. The pant is also available in colors and sizes.

And if you are a woman, you can select the right pant from the bowling attires for ladies. Usually, the female bowlers prefer Relaxed Fit Straight Leg jean or a pair of pants, which look striking. At the same time, the pants are comfy as well. With the stretching fabrics, the pants perform better for women. So, it is wise to select a pant with stretchable fabric.

Do you need a shirt for bowling? 

Well, Bowling does not require any shirt or attire. But there are some precautions to follow. If you are wearing a shirt, make sure it does not block your moves. The shirt fabric should be from cotton to absorb sweat and render a comfortable feel. Half-sleeve shirts are best suited for this purpose. You can check this oneMoreover, you can also wear a T-shirt or top tank– provided that you love bowling.

And, if you are a female bowler, you also need to be specific in the selection of a shirt or top. These are perfect for a female bowler. The experts recommend wearing a short-sleeved top. In line with the top, you can add a leather jacket for a vintage look. You can check some awesome collection of jackets here.

When you are in the game, you may feel uncomfortable, hot, and more. So, when you have the short-sleeved top, it can provide a sense of relief. Moreover, there are many bowling shirts on the market. You can also wear these shirts.

What about the shoes? 

Remember, shoes are the most important outfit for bowling. If you wear regular shoes for bowling, It can make an adverse effect on your performance.  To smoothly run over and across (if needed) the bowling zone, you need athletic style bowling shoes. Not all shoes are suitable for alleys. Thereby, you need to wear shoes specially designed for bowling.

No matter if you are wearing a legging, shorts or jeans, make sure the shoes fit with each type of attires. I think these shoes are the right one for a bowling club. They are comfortable to wear and take off as well. Alongside the durability, they are breathable. So, there are fewer chances of developing germs or fungus. Your feet will remain safe. One thing I forgot to mention that wearing boots is not allowed in the bowling center because it has no sliding features which is mandatory in every bowling shoes.

Use socks

If you love to bowl, you need to carry a pair of socks with you. The socks also play an active role in preventing the development of germs. Usually, there are chances that people will use the same shoes for bowling. And this is not possible to carry your own shoes.

This is a natural aspect. The thing you can do is to bring a pair of socks. Let me help you to get the best one. Wear socks when you are wearing shoes. Your feet will be excellent. And you can maintain the hygiene, also.

Mind your accessories 

On the other part, bowling experts forbid to use accessories while bowling in an alley. Check the use of wristwatch or bangles. There are chances that the watch or bracelet may come out of your hand and create a disturbance. Also, you can lose them, or those items can be damaged severely. Do you want such damages? Therefore, you must be careful about the matter.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What to wear bowling with friends? 

The interesting fact is that there are not specific costumes for bowling with friends. What you wear becomes your costume – under certain conditions. The first and most crucial issue is that your movement should be spontaneous.
Bowling experts always ask to wear apparel, which can make you feel relaxed during bowling. So, when you are with friends, you can wear bowling shoes, a T-shirt or half-sleeve shirts, jeans. It can be better if you wear bowling style shirts. If you are a female, you can also wear skinny jeans and leggings. If you want, you can use khaki as well alongside your top or short-sleeve dress. If you are comfortable and confident with casual dress, then go with it.

2. What to wear on a bowling date? 

When you are on a date, you need to look smarter, pretty, and cheerful. And if you are male, do not forget to take your leather jacket on top of your shirts and jeans. However, socks are compulsory regardless of your dresses.

3. Which color is best to wear in Bowling?

Black, Blue, or white is the official color of the dress to wear in bowling. It is not a law to wear a particular color dress in a bowling center. You can select your color as you like. But it must be formal.

Final Verdict

In this funny bowling outfit post, I have shared all the essential information that you need. If you are not a bowling pro, you may have various types of unwanted issues. Wearing the cute bowling outfits may not suit everyone as the tastes differ. But remember, you should maintain the mandatory aspects. I wish you happy bowling!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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