Storm Pitch Purple Bowling Ball Review [An In-depth Guide] 2022

If ‘successful innovation’ had a name, it would be the brand new Storm Pitch Purple bowling ball. This ball is none other than its predecessor, Pitch Black’s follow-up. There’s no doubt for Storm’s bowling ball performance. However, this Pitch line has been receiving extra attention since the beginning. The latest Storm Pitch Purple is just as good as the Storm Pitch Black. For someone who never used a urethane bowling ball, this Storm Pitch Purple review is here to help you understand what a masterpiece this ball is. So, let’s get started!

Why is this bowling ball the best?

The Storm Purple is designed to give you maximum control and grip, predictive ball motion, sufficient backend potential, and finish to hit precipitous angles and, of course, confidently goes right into the pocket to make the pins fly.

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Storm is the lord of adding finesse to sports equipment. They didn’t forget to do the same for this beautiful bowling ball. As if the super-advanced coverstock of Pitch Black wasn’t enough, Storm has gone one step further for the Pitch Purple one. The Rev-Controll Solid is the all-new clean-with-a-kick urethane coverstock. This exceptional urethane veneer is has a nice grip to it, and shows its fantastic performance on mid-short patterns.

If you’ve played with Fever Pitch of Pitch Black before, you may have noticed they hardly absorb any oil. The Pitch Purple has a dull 1000 grit Abralon factory finish. What we noticed is that Pitch Purple’s matte surface absorbs oil quite faster, yet, requires less wiping between shots and keeps the cover fresh and clean. If you want added length and a stronger hook, the ball finish and the coverstock is just the perfect combination.


After getting a ton of positive feedback on the benchmark Capacitor core, Storm brought it back for the Pitch Purple. The good old symmetrical Capacitor core, plus, the new modern coverstock- name a better duo- I will wait. The ball reads in oil, stays stable during friction, keeps its consistency, ensures smooth ball travel- what else is there to ask for? You’re getting all these in one. Even though Pitch Purple has a low RG core and a sanded solid cover design, it can produce more length on the lane than any other balls from the Thunder line, including the Fever Pitch.


Do you dig solid color bowling balls? But also a fan of bright colors? Then Pitch Purple bowling ball by Storm is the right one for you. The ball has a vibrant purple color. If your bowling center doesn’t have a proper lighting system, this Storm Pitch Purple will light up your way and guide you to the best gaming experience.

Overall Performance

Breakpoint Shape

We all know how great reactive resin balls are for excellent backends. But what if we tell you, a urethane ball can do the same? Pitch Purple, despite being a urethane ball, backends like a master and lets you control at the same time. We noticed, Pitch Black gets a bit lazy downlane, but Pitch Purple got a step up from that. Not only you will be able to play up the lane but also you can open up your angles and bowl with higher flexibility.

This detail-oriented bowling ball will deliver a low-medium flare (2”-4”) but, at the same time, will show the most unique ‘Long and Smooth Roll’ breakpoint shape. We know, urethane balls can be tricky to make work. But with this Pitch Purple, you will have no such issue. No loss of energy, You’ll be impressed to see its recovery down lane which isn’t very common for urethane balls.

Total Hook

Initially, when you start with urethane balls, you can see how responsive they are. They are pretty great at reading lanes and react accordingly. The pitch Purple is no exception. Like any high-end urethanes, it adds lengths that result in stronger hook at the breakpoint. Because of the ball’s high RG (2.57) and low differential (0.022) design (similar to the Pitch Black), it can outsmart any reactive resin ball and create an exceptional early hook. This ball’s signature combination of urethane midlane paired with the reactive backend is indeed a bonus. This ultimately makes the Pitch Purple one of the most maneuverable bowling balls to this day.


1. If Pitch Black felt less sharp to you and want a cleaner, and more responsive bowling ball, we declare Pitch Purple as the winner. The newly formulated coverstock is here to give you the expected breakpoint shape on medium to dry oil patterns. You’ll be pleased to see its smooth backend and downlane motion, almost comparable to the Motiv Tank Blitz.

2.  One of the most noticeable factors about this ball is how well it recovers downlane. Believe it or not, Pitch Purple does what a urethane ball is supposed to do upfront, and later blends out the dry and the wet nicely. Right after its reactive-like shape down lane, the ball hits the pins like an absolute truck.

3. You will be able to use the ball on multiple patterns and lengths. No matter what the ball motion will remain consistent. Undoubtedly, you will get more angularity and precision compared to the Pitch Blue.

4. If you’re someone who has issues moving to the right side, Pitch Purple is going to help you get out of your comfort zone and this ball is super adaptive. You’ll be impressed with the fact that you won’t have to adjust too much for the right shot or the ball’s reactivity. Even if you think you’re about to face a mishit, the ball will drastically set its way to the pockets for an amazing shot.

5. Designed for both low speed and high rev bowlers, this bad boy got you covered. The Pitch Purple bowling ball will surely make you feel nostalgic for the good old urethane that once dominated the world of bowling in the 80s.

6. Despite being a urethane coverstock ball, the Pitch Purple has a score of 74-76 as per the Durometer, which means the durability in this ball is higher than Pitch Black. No doubt, it will last forever.


1. Undeniably, Pitch Purple provides the cleanliness bowlers desire, but it’s more forward of the spot; not to the same degree the Pitch Black generally would do.

2. Heavy complex oil pattern is the ball’s biggest enemy. It will simply lose all of its lengths, and may not even make it to the pocket. If thrown fast on the oil lane condition, it may also go right into the gutter.


If you have had problems with other urethane bowling balls in the past, we would highly suggest you give Pitch Purple a try. Urethane no longer acts like the typical urethane. It’s much advanced now. We can depict that this ball retains the phenomenal grippy feel and control of its predecessor, the Pitch Black. Sports shots or house shots, this Pitch Purple has already earned a fixed spot in many pro bowler’s arsenals. So what are you waiting for? Go grab one and put it in your bag!

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