All You need to Know about Scorpion Oil Pattern for Better Score

Scorpion Oil PatternDo you have a tournament coming? Are they gonna play on the Scorpion oil pattern? Then you better grab your bowling ball and start rolling on it. Because it is one of the PBA-approved bowling oil patterns, playing on it won’t be as easy as it is on a Typical House Shot (THS) oil pattern. So what can be done before you jump to practice on it? Well, you need to know about the oil pattern thoroughly, and learn how you have to approach, swing, and release the ball on the lane. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is scorpion oil pattern?

The PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) accredits 16 various types of oil patterns for the bowling lanes. Eight of them are called Animal Patterns, and one of those Animal Patterns is the Scorpion Oil Pattern.

This 42 feet long pattern is one of the most challenging oil patterns out there. The length and shape of this sports pattern will let you play quite as similar to a lot of house shots you’re already familiar with. It is recommended to start in the track area with a strong bowling ball, and you will have less room for error on this pattern.

Although the pattern can actually yield a wide variety of strategies, of course, depending on the lane type and lane surface condition. The Scorpion pattern incorporates a higher volume of oil that is placed further down lane. Oftentimes it demands a more direct line when the ball is rolling. Those who are regular on this patterns claims that the scoring pace is normally medium to low.

How long is the scorpion oil pattern?

To get a grip on a new oil pattern, first, you will have to acknowledge the length of that. So let’s look at the length of this one. So, with a total oil volume of 30.55mL, this 42 feet pattern is not easy to handle. The first rule of bowling on a sport shot house pattern is that if the pattern is longer, it demands a breakpoint that is typically farther to the right (for left-handed bowlers), or left (for right-handers), or to the inside. If a sport shot oil pattern is 35 feet (falls under the short pattern), then your breakpoint has to be around the 4-6 board on the lane. Oppositely, if it’s a longer pattern, a 44 feet, then your breakpoint needs to be around the 12-13 board. Therefore, Scorpion, being a little closer to a 44-feet oil pattern should ideally be around the 8-10 board area on the lane.

How do you play the scorpion oil pattern?

Because it is the second-longest PBA experience pattern, you should be extra careful while bowling on it. In sports leagues around the U.S.A., it’s one of the higher scoring patterns. You can play the Scorpion from multiple angles, but the length of the pattern typically forces bowlers to play further inside.

Bring out the most aggressive ball you have got, ‘cause you’re gonna need that to survive on this oil pattern. Balls that can offer you a strong and controllable backend reaction will save the day! Typically, this pattern plays in the track area of the lane between the 8-14 boards to start. Bowling style and lane surface will dictate where you start with power players starting further inside than strokers or tweeners.

Keep in mind, the breakpoint will be between the 6-10 boards. If you want to get the best out of this pattern, straighter angles on fresh patterns are recommended. Once you see the pattern starting to break down, it will allow you to move inside to create more area. If you want you can play this pattern like THS, but that will give you less room for error on the Scorpion pattern.

Due to the length of the pattern, you can create room to miss inside (as THS is 40 feet). So you won’t get the bounce back as you do on a normal house pattern and you will end up light on the pocket. So no matter what angle you play Scorpion, make sure you migrate inside enough. Just use an aggressive bowling ball with a great surface. Remember, if you’re going to miss, it is better to miss inside. These strategies we have mentioned are applicable for both left or right-handed bowlers.


The information we have included here is an overall idea of how this oil pattern is. So if you’ve read it, it’s a good starting point but not the complete guideline. Let your bowling ball and your practice be the guides. But what if you want to improve? Then we suggest you go see a USBC certified coach of an expert. So what are you waiting for? Go you your nearby bowling center, and start rolling before your upcoming league game.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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