Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball Review: Updated for 2022

Today we have a lot to say about the Roto Grip Hustle INK bowling ball. If you’re familiar with Hustle POW and Hustle SAY, and none of those could make you happy, we have good news for you. Roto Grip has converted this ball to be less aggressive than the previous ones, so everyone can have a piece from their HP1 line. But how good is Roto Grip Hustle INK?

It has countless positive reviews all over the internet. Moreover, if your look at their features, you’ll understand they aren’t wrong. But you will not get complete information in those reviews. That’s why we have written this article for you.  If you don’t want to miss any important information, Keep reading our Roto Grip Hustle Ink review.

Roto Grip Hustle Ink Pre-Drilled Bowling Ball 11 lb, Ink Blue...
  • Made Of High Quality Materials
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Package Weight: 5.148 Kilograms


Get psyched with the Roto Grip’s new Psyched Solid reactive coverstock. Previously, Roto Grip designed the Hustle POW with a pearl reactive cover and the Hustle SAY a Hybrid cover. So this time they added the solid cover so that there’s a coverstock for every bowler. This particular solid reactive coverstock is designed to read the lane as soon as it’s in contact with the surface. For an improvement in ball control, the Psyched coverstock will show extraordinary performance.

You can guess by the coverstock type that they will go through the oily lane just fine. Hence, Roto Grip has suggested using this ball on medium lane conditions. Although there were bowlers who tried it on a slightly heavier lane condition and still received a satisfactory result. This highlights the ball’s versatility.

Factory Finish       

Solid coverstocks mainly come in a high polished finish or in a sanded finish. Roto Grip conducted a few studies and realized, a sanded finish will make the ball absorb oil from the lane. To minimize or cancel out the chance of drying up the lanes, Hustle INK’s Psyched coverstock has been finished at a 1500-grit Polished for higher predictability and performance. It will cut through the oil finely all the way.  The Hustle INK will add extra skid through the fronts, a predictable reaction in the middle, and go smooth down the lane.


The Hustle symmetric core of the Hustle INK is not probably new to you if you’ve played with the Hustle POW and Hustle SAY. The Hustle core got very famous within a short period of time by those previous releases in the Hustle line. With a medium RG and a low differential making the INK perfect for Performance-level bowlers.

This Hustle INK bowling ball has a pretty core and cover combination that clears right through the heads and then starts to roll up in the mid-lane. This combination is loved greatly by bowlers who recently got promoted from their entry-level. The ball maintains a smooth and continuous backend motion with its significantly different brand new symmetrical Hustle core.


Color is many bowlers top-priority. So Roto Grip tried to give this Hustle bowling ball a beautiful Ink Blue Solid color. This shade of blue is very rare in bowling balls. As the name says, the blue shade is exactly like the blue ink we use to write on paper. It’s true the ball won’t have any color swirling as it rolls down the lane. But trust me, this unique blue shade will definitely make any bowler happy.

Hook Potential       

Bowlers who just started with bowling are going to love this Hustle INK ball. You have to drill it this Hustle cored ball strong to make sure it flares enough and hook down lane. The Hustle INK is different in many ways because it goes a little longer than the other Hustle balls and will be able to observe its flippy backend.

As mentioned before, the ball will keep your gaming consistency. With a low differential and a medium RG, this ball is made for medium hook potential. As this ball is best for players who have been recently promoted from entry-level, this ball will be great for learning and practicing hooking. After giving you plenty of lengths, this Hustle INK ball will show a Stable Reaction Breakpoint shape with superior smoothness.

Overall Performance           

Compared to other Hustle balls by Roto Grip, Hustle INK delivers the best overall performance. By far we believe, this one is the earliest, smoothest, and a most controlling bowling ball. The ball is very forgiving and reads the lane amazingly. It does not overreact to the lanes, however, if you don’t throw it correctly it may underperform.

With the polished finish, the ball will not create too much friction and go straight down lane without any interruption. This ball will allow you to keep your angles straighter and if that’s your comfort zone, you know you’ve found the right ball for yourself. Because of being a performance-level bowling ball, this ball will not over hook, and therefore, less chance of going into the gutter.


  • Nice controllable backend reaction
  • Beautiful solid color
  • Easy length with clean reaction
  • Full with consistency and continuity
  • Great for normal house shots
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Durable and finely constructed
  • Comes in various weight ranges


  • Not recommended for dry lane conditions


Bring the Hustle with the Roto Grip Hustle INK Solid! For beginners who are willing to learn to hook, this bowling ball will be an awesome option. It indeed has all the positive features a bowling ball should have. So why wait? Get yourself this bowling ball today and see the magical change in your overall bowling performance.

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