Roto Grip Show Off Review [An In-depth Guide] 2022

Show off your bowling fluency with the super famous Roto Grip Show Off Bowling ball. Players who have recently got introduced to hook or flare potential of the bowling balls and planning to get better with their scores, this Roto Grip ball will be an amazing option for them.

IT was a great addition to their affordable HP2 family because of some unique features. According to many online reviews, Roto Grip Show Off not only helped bowlers hook better but also made a revolutionary change in their bowling performance. So let’s get to know this ball better.


Roto Grip Show Off bowling ball features the Micro-Bite Solid reactive coverstock, which is probably something you’ve never seen before. But if you have played with the No Rules ball, you’re familiar with this coverstock. Because of its unique coverstock, this ball has the most amount of traction on medium to heavy lanes. Despite being solid reactive, the ball doesn’t absorb too much oil from the lanes, rather it cut through the oils just fine and take your game to the next level.

Once released, Show Off will show its magic on the lanes. The ball continuity is top of the class and will go straight to the pocket without interruption. This ball will drive right through the pins and hit them like a truck with the full stored energy.

Factory finish

Right off the box, the Show Off ball comes in a matte finish with a factory finish of 2000 Grit. As it is designed for medium to heavy oil patterns, the matte finish doesn’t decrease the ball’s goodness. It shows unbelievable traction down the lane and continuation to the pin deck. You also can control the ball pretty easily.

Roto Grip Show off ball roll with pride on medium to heavy lane conditions and hit the pins just hard enough to knock all of them down. The strong Micro-Bite cover is indestructible and paired with this matte finish, the ball is truly something extraordinary.


The new Hotshot symmetrical core developed by Roto Grip gives this ball an RG of 2.55″ similar to the Neutron core which you may have seen in the Wreck-Em and Wreck-It balls. Although the Show Off offers a slightly higher differential of 0.045″ which makes the ball hook more.

The ultra-strong Micro DNA infused coverstock and this new Symmetric Hotshot core collaborate for top-notch and flawless ball motion. The Show Off bowling ball is engineered to showcase your skills on the various lanes with effortless precision. The symmetrical core ensures the ball’s smoothest movement without the loss of energy. You also get to control the ball nicely and get a controlled ball journey on the lanes. Moreover, you’ll be impressed with its remarkable mid-lane reaction and faultless backend motion just when needed.


Do you want your bowling ball to stand in the crowd because of its outlook? Well, then you’re reading the right bowling ball review. The Roto Grip Show Off has 3 colors on its surface. With a color combination of purple, lime, and blue, this bowling ball looks excellent. When you will throw it in the lane, your eyes will enjoy the beautiful color swirling. If you don’t have a bowling ball that looks like the one, Show Off will be a great addition to your arsenal.

Hook and flare Ability         

Roto Grip has described iut as a medium to high flare potential bowling ball. Moreover, the Hook Rating scale says, Show Off Bowling ball has 182.7 hook potential, which means this strong ball is going to give you plenty of hook on various lanes. Bowlers who have adapted the technique of how to hook a bowling ball, this bowl will take their game to the next level. Even high rev bowlers looking for traction out of a bowling ball that doesn’t roll too heavy on the lane or hook too early, are going to love this ball.

Yes, you must know, it let the ball to go further down the lane with length without hooking early or bleeding energy. You have to drill it properly to make sure it flares enough. After throwing the ball in the lane, it will go smoothly and then transition well with strength and continuation at the breakpoint. Before the breakpoint, you’ll get a good amount of time to predict your result.

Overall Performance           

The intention of the Roto Grip Show Off ball is to create the ideal “step down” when the lane conditions call for it. Because the Hotshot core is wrapped in the strongest cover, it doesn’t force you to change position. You can stay in the same zone when you were bowling with this mighty bowling ball. Moreover, they are also ideal when you want your bowling ball to go sideways on those fresh crisp backends.

Plus, this bowling ball can manipulate your hand position when there is a change in the lane and you will still be able to use this ball. If you’re concerned about the sanded finish of the ball, don’t worry, it delivers clean motion through the fronts and all the way to the deck with a strong movement on the back end.


  • Nicely controllable backend reaction
  •  Beautiful color swirling
  •  Give you length with clean reaction
  •  Consistent and continuous all the way
  •  Great for getting better with hooking the balls
  •  Beautiful outlook
  •  Strong and finely constructed
  •  Performance boosting
  •  Comes in various weight ranges
  •  Affordable


  • Not for dry lane conditions, but if you want to change the finish, you can. Just give it a polished finish and make it work like charm on dry lanes too.


Let the game night be hectic! When your fellow bowling friends are gonna see you fly the pins they’re definitely gonna envy you. This Show Off bowling ball by Roto Grip is that good! Designed for advanced performance, the Show Off is going to be the ball you always wished for. So make your wish come true and get it today!


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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