How to Measure Bowling Ball Finger Inserts Sizes?

Do the finger holes of your bowling ball feel a bit roomy? Are you having trouble gripping your bowling ball? This clearly means your bowling ball finger holes are a bit wider than the circumference of your fingers. So what can you do about that? The solution is simple. Just grab yourself some finger inserts of bowling balls. But how would you know which size you want? Plus, what are the sizes you can find in the market? This article is particularly a guideline to the bowling ball finger inserts sizes to help you pick the right one for you. Let’s learn more about the finger inserts sizes in detail.

How are bowling ball finger inserts measured?    

It is very important to choose the right finger inserts mainly because it has everything to do with your grip and how you release the ball. If you want your fingers to fit comfortably inside the finger holes of your bowling ball, knowing the size chart is a must. You should go for inserts that have some sort of texture and shape. Depending on the shape and size of your finger you’re going to choose finger inserts that are properly fitted.

The best way to know the size of your finger inserts is by following the chart manufacturers provide. You can do the measurements yourself or you can get it done from a pro shop. There are certain tools that pro shops use to measure the size. First, they measure the span of your hand and then check the joints of the fingers that you use to grip and roll the balls. They will also check the range of motion of your thumb. After that, they will use the pre-made hole devices and will look at how those hole devices get to the first joint of your bowling fingers. There should be some sort of resistance around the first joint, no swimming feeling. That’s how each of your finger’s measurements will be taken.

If your ball is not drilled yet, they can just drill it for you as per the measurement they’ve just taken. But if you’re there in the pro shop to get some finger inserts, they will help you find the right size with these measurements as well. Based on the outside diameter of finger inserts, the size chart is made.

Measuring your finger’s diameter/circumference and matching it with the chart is also another option you can go for. For that method, you need to look at the standard bowling ball finger inserts size chart.

Grip Color and Bowling Finger Insert Size Chart
Grip Color and Bowling Finger Insert Size Chart

How tight should bowling ball finger inserts be?  

Like the ring you’re wearing in your fingers, bowling inserts and holes have sizes too. To know how tight the finger inserts should be, first, take a look at the size of the holes. We all have creases on our palms and fingers. When you place your fingers into the drilled holes of the ball, they should slide in comfortably. Your standard fit for fingertip grip should be between Distal phalanx and Middle phalanx. Do not jam your fingers/thumb as doing that will make it too tight for your fingers. If the holes feel a bit too loose, use the inserts. Make sure your fingers are not wiggling inside even after using the inserts. The inserts should not suffocate the fingers either. You can go a size smaller or bigger based on your need. If some bigger inserts are already purchased, you can use tapes around your fingers to fit inside the inserts better. You can use this kind of tape inside the inserts, inside the holes, or even around the outside of the inserts to adjust the sizes.

Do Pro bowlers use finger inserts? 

From amateurs to pro bowlers— anyone can use the bowling ball finger inserts. The inserts are also recommended for beginners if they think the holes of the balls are uncomfortable. Oftentimes if the drilled holes are not smoothed out enough, players might feel some annoying sharpness that prevents them from gripping the ball properly. This is when these inserts come in handy. We can see PBA bowlers using bowling ball finger inserts all the time for better and smoother ball delivery. So be fearless to using inserts if you think you need to.

Mike D’Ambrosio Video Explaining Finger Inserts


Besides adding fun and enjoyment to your game, the bowling ball finger inserts can rev up your bowling and create more ball speed. They can also prevent many injuries that often incur. That’s why using the right size of finger inserts is essential. Finger/thumb inserts can help create a consistent feel and motion when you’re using a variety of different bowling balls. They will add the confidence you need with each shot. Why miss that out? Enjoy the game to the best level possible. 


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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