How to Bowl on Kegel Gateway Arch Oil Pattern?

kegel gateway arch oil pattern

With time, bowling is turning into modern bowling. As the trends are changing, Kegel is evolving their oil patterns to meet people’s demands. Hence, they have created the groundbreaking Landmark Pattern Series. One of the next-generation custom oil patterns is the Kegel Gateway Arch, inspired by the Gateway Arch monument of st. Louis, Missouri. So how great is this bowling oil pattern? Do tournament players enjoy rolling their balls on this pattern? I know you have a bunch of questions in your head right now. I’m here to answer all of them!

What is the Kegel Gateway Arch oil pattern?

The oil pattern distance of Kegel Gateway Arch is 42 feet. Therefore, it falls under the longer pattern category. According to John Davis, the founder of Kegel, “The Kegel Gateway Arch (8442) is one of the easy-to-play oil patterns”. The composite shape of the oil is a large arch and it goes from 9L to 9R.

The condition and oil transfer type differ from place to place. When the Flex oil machine is used for this sports pattern, there can be only the Ice oil on the lane or a mixture of both Ice and Fire. There are also some other features that allow customizable buffer speed and multi-mic stream. Like the Kegel Navigation patterns, the Landmark patterns also have three categories— Recreation, Challenge, and Sport. The Gateway Arch oil pattern is under the Recreation level.

The total amount of Forward Oil is 15.85 mL and Reverse Oil is 12.95 mL. So, you will find Total Volume Oil of 28.8 mL on the lane. The Total Boards Crossed in this recreational pattern are 576 Boards, where the Forward Boards Crossed are 317 boards and Reverse Boards Crossed are 259 boards. I can tell why is pattern is fun for so many bowlers, including beginners.

How to attack the Kegel Gateway Arch oil pattern?

The bowlers in the Kegel Training Centre always use the rule of 31 when they need to calculate the expected breakpoint. So using that rule we get, Pattern Length, 42-31 = 11. This indicates that you want your bowling ball to be on the 11 board on the fresh oil. Although it’s just an assumption. The game you’re participating in, the kind of bowling ball you’re using, and the lane type (synthetic/wooden), etc significantly affect where your ball is gonna be.

By looking at the pattern specifications, I can tell Gateway Arch is going to play quite slicker. It looks like you will be facing heavier-volume conditions. But don’t worry, the extra oil will be spread across the lane after a few games. Honestly, the lane would play a lot like THS with some room for error. However, the Kegel Gateway Arch is a little less forgiving than a THS. Because this pattern is much easier than a sports or challenge pattern, there aren’t actually a lot of barriers for you to score well. If the execution is flawless, you will do fine.

Since our expected exit point is 11, you can start somewhere between 9-13 boards. Since the oil is pretty buffed up on the outside and mostly concentrated in the middle lane, you shouldn’t move to further outside. Try to stay a little inside so that you can use your bowling ball as a piece of equipment to spread out the oil.

When you’re practicing for a while and it seems like the oil has gotten quite everywhere, you can throw your ball a little from the outside and see for yourself if the outsides are playable or not. If you think your ball still played fine, that’s a relief, you don’t strictly have to play from inside. Players who are more comfortable playing their balls close to the gutter are not going to enjoy this pattern for this minor issue.

The key to success on the Kegel Gateway Arch oil pattern is to keep things straight. Try not to throw a ball that hooks in an aggressive angular shape. In most long patterns, bowlers feel more comfortable throwing the ball straight, or a slight curve at the breakpoint. So, no need to use the ball surface to overpower the pattern. Since it is a recreational pattern, it would be wise to keep your game nice and simple.

Which bowling ball is best for this pattern?

Ideally, you should opt for a ball that is medium-strong. You don’t need a ball that is too weak or too strong. To get the best reaction from your bowling ball on the Kegel Gateway Arch oil pattern, you gotta take your medium bowling balls from your arsenal. Roto Grip Hysteria is a great choice for patterns like this. I have seen a guy that goes to my local bowling center, and he plays with the Pyramid Path Rising (Purple/Steel Blue Pearl) and it did him good.

For this pattern, Hammer Blue Vibe, Ebonite Destiny, Radical Counter Attack Pearl, Roto Grip MVP, etc are some of the great bowling balls to get the best reaction and unlimited strikes. To get the best lane read, ball reaction, and smooth rolls, these bowling balls will elevate your game, and hopefully a good total/average score.


Set your new score as high as Gateway Arch! If you have been struggling with longer patterns, the Kegel Gateway Arch oil pattern is a great way to start. Since it is a recreational pattern, you will easily find it in your nearby bowling centers. Once you get the knack of it, you can even participate in a tournament or league game where they will be using this pattern. You can just go and slay. Till then, keep the ball rolling.


I’m an aspiring bowler with an immense love for bowling. I started playing the game at a very early age and it’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

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