Brunswick Slingshot Shoes Review: Updated for 2021

Say goodbye to those old-fashioned bowling shoes. The tacky color, the weird color combination, these only look good on bowling balls, not on quality bowling shoes. Today we have the very modern and technologically developed bowling shoes by Brunswick that is gonna make your jaw drop. The Brunswick Slingshot bowling shoes are the ones we’re talking about! It is the ideal pair of bowling shoes that every bowler needs to have in their bowling equipment. So let’s get started with Brunswick Slingshot Shoes Review.

Brunswick Slingshot Royal/Wht Mens Size 11
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Brunswick Slingshot Royal/Wht Mens Size 11
  • Pure slide microfiber slide soles on both sides
  • Raised rubber heel for a controlled slide
  • No lace fastening system
  • Athletic performance knit

In a world of boring gaudy bowling sh”oes, let us introduce you to the Brunswick Slingshot Bowling shoes. Right off the box, you can see these aren’t those typical shoes that bowlers used to wear in the 80s or 90s. These are also very much different from the bowling shoes that bowling centers let you rent and wear.

Shoes Look

Your first impression about these shoes will be that they don’t actually look like bowling shoes, rather they almost look like a pair of good quality running or casual wear shoes. The Brunswick Men’s Slingshot bowling shoes are designed to display a modern, athletic style on the lanes! Comes in 3 beautiful colors- Grey and Yellow, Black and White, and Blue and White. Yes! All of these colors are very versatile and suitable for bowlers of all ages.

Now let’s talk about the main features of these shoes. Well, what are they made for? Bowling. Of course. But what’s their specialty? Besides, protecting the bowling lanes from damage, these bowling shoes are designed to prevent physical injury and for flawless ball release. You involve your legs as much as you involve your hands and shoulder in this game. Hence, a pair of proper shoes become your ultimate lifesaver.

Inner Construction

So what are some of the other benefits you’re going to enjoy wearing these Brunswick Shoes? These finely constructed shoes are designed to provide so that your athletic performance stays intact. The shoes have a knit microfiber mesh upper that gives your feet a relaxing feel and at the same time, maintains breathability. This unique upper also ensures maximum comfort so that you have no pressure point. It will kind to skin, and will wick moisture and keep your feet throughout the whole game time.

Brunswick has offered possibly the best type of fastening system for these Slingshot shoes. The shoes have Velcro straps on them that help you fasten up quickly. They also have a loop at the back so you can put them on and take them off very easily. And don’t you worry, the straps won’t come off. Rather, they will give a better, customized fit. Indeed, they’re gloves for your feet.

Sliding Support System

For your feet’ support and stability, the shoes have padded collars that keep you steady. This ball gives you proper sliding.  During release and arm swing, these shoes will give you the balance you will be needing. For additional comfort, you are getting a fixed padded tongue which will help you when you’re standing and walking on your feet in the centers for a long time. They also feel super comfy underfoot, no chance of hot spots!


Time to talk about the outsole, which is the most important part of bowling shoes. The outsoles are what prevent you from slipping and falling, so you know how important they are. Brunswick included the Extra-light molded EVA outsoles in these shoes. They also have the universal soles, the pure Slide-Microfiber slide soles on both sides of the shoes. So, whether you’re a right or left-handed player, these shoes got your back. The raised rubber at the heel of the shoes allows you to stick to the slippery surface and controls your feet sliding.

Wearing the right bowling shoes, like the Brunswick ones we are talking about, will help you during your approach and the glide on the lane without disruption and boost the momentum of your bowling ball which will eventually lead to perfect shots as well as scores. Yes, these are all interconnected.

A wrong pair of bowling shoes can gradually ruin your shots and game performance. So take it as advice, don’t get mad at your bowling ball or on your skill for a poor game. I have more reason to recommend these shoes because, when the games are taking too long to over, or it’s a league match, you wear bowling shoes for a long period of time. And, shoes like these come to the rescue, as they don’t tire out your feet and keep your feet in an energy-saving mode. Overall, these Brunswick men’s slingshot bowling shoes are very impressive!


  • Non-tiring, no matter how long you have been wearing them
  • Run true to size, no tightness
  • Easy put on and take off
  • Beautiful and stylish outlook
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Durable shoe materials
  • Smooth sliding with control
  • No falling or slipping
  • Come in 3 different colors
  • Universal soles, therefore, can be worn by both left or right-handed bowlers


  • You probably need to break in, so it’s better if you don’t wear them first on a serious match day


Are you sick of wearing rented shoes from bowling centers? Well, those days will be over for you if you get this beautiful pair of shoes for yourself today! I say, not only buy only one pair of these shoes but get a backup pair before they discontinue it. Yes, they’re that good. So hurry up, and enjoy marvelous gameplay on your next bowling session.

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