Ten Pin Bowling Tips for Beginners

Getting started in the world of Ten pin bowling as a beginner can feel a bit overwhelming. But you don’t really have to worry about anything. What you want to do is to really focus on the best experience and just enjoy the moment in a meaningful way. With that in mind, here’s a quick list of the Ten Pin Bowling tips for beginners. you can check out if you want to learn ten pin bowling.

Ten Pin Bowling Tips for Beginners [how to bowl in a Perfect Way]

Understand the basicsTen Pin Bowling TIps for Beginners

If you know the basic rules in Bowling, you will find that it will be easier for you to obtain the results you want, and you will appreciate the great results. The most important aspect of ten pin bowling is to make sure that you know when to release the fingertips to send the bowling ball towards its direction. It’s a good idea to stay down after you finish the release, and you shouldn’t pop up because it’s extremely important and it will help a lot.

One of the best basic rules in  Ten Pin Bowling is to make at least four steps; right-handed people need to start with the right foot and then prepare to throw the ball, they end on the left foot. Go with 4-5 steps at most. You don’t want to overdo it. You also need to have the right attitude, be friendly, and also learn from mistakes. Being happy is going to come in handy, and that will certainly help you a lot.

Learn how to hold the bowling ball. Insert your dominant hand thumb (it may the thumb of your right hand or left hand) inside the larger bottom hole. And insert your middle and ring finger into the other adjacent holes at your convenience. Squeeze the fingers, but don’t squeeze your thumb, it will provide you more grip with the ball, so that will help a lot.

In fact, your thumb needs to finish at 11 o’clock if you are right-handed, at 1 o’clock if you’re left-handed. Try to target the pin in the middle and imbue as much force as you want in the ball. Keep in mind that brute force can sometimes help you get a strike just because the pins will end up hitting one another if you don’t hit all of them. Of course, if you need to have just a pin-down, things are changing, and you need to figure out a much better way to achieve that.

Throwing the ball

When you think about the basic rules in Ten Pin Bowling, you always want to understand how to throw the ball. If you look at professional players, you will notice that many of them have a rather complicated movement. But now that you know how to grab the ball, the way you throw it is quite easy to understand. At first, the ball moves out, then you move it down, move it towards the back to apply force, and then you move down to release it.

While the process itself is not exactly a complex one, the problem is that it can take a little while to try and adapt to your own style. That’s why you need to take around four steps because that’s how many steps you need to complete a good throw. It’s taking a while to try and understand how to move properly here. As long as you continue to test and improve your throws, it will be worth your time, and that’s what really pushes the experience to new heights all the time.

Prepare your wrist when you throw the ball

The wrist needs to be perpendicular to the ball if you want to make it work. You can move it a bit towards left or right if you want to find that perfect angle. It’s important to try different angles if possible because that will help make the experience better and more cohesive. You want to make it work, and once you do it wisely, it will be a very interesting and exciting experience for you to explore.

Of course, if you want to do a strike, you also need to find the right speed for your ball. If the speed is too fast, then the ball can slip or it can acquire some strange angles. You need to get past that and you must find a way to make the experience better and more rewarding. Take everything under control and you will appreciate just how well everything works and how you can adapt to your own needs.

The ball speed can go up to 17 miles per hour, sometimes even faster, so you need to adapt accordingly. If you end up with a very specific angle, then you really need to adapt and handle it so you can get the best results. If you’re a cranker, you need to hit from the left, just like the power player. A stroker, on the other hand, will be able to go towards the right side of the bowling panel and hit from there. Again, the angle you use is everything, as that will push you either towards left or right.

Angle the ball between the pockets

The pocket is right between the one pin and the three-pin. If your throw hits these, then you will most likely have a stroke. However, it’s not easy to do that, but you really need to figure out a way to make this work in your own situation. Right-handed players need to aim for the second arrow from the right.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that most of the lane oil is in the middle. As a result, you need to throw the ball towards the outside, as it gives you more traction towards the lane, and that on its own can really make a huge difference if you know how to handle this correctly. You can see my article regarding the aiming guide for 10 Pin Bowling.

One more tip is to use plastic balls and lighter balls for beginners to learn bowling. At the beginning stage if you use a reactive ball you can not control it. The same theory is applicable for heavier balls.  Polyester made the ball is best for control and spare shooting. Just go into a natural swing. As you continue your approach, just throw ti in natural and smooth ways.


Knowing the basic rules in Ten Pin Bowling and trying to practice as much as you can is how you can get good at ten pin bowling. It’s definitely not hard, as long as you put the work and you test out all kinds of throws. However, it takes practice and lots of hours spent as you try to master your throws in a meaningful manner. 

If you want to get better at bowling, you can use these simple tips to learn the sport. Practice on your own using the 10-pin bowling machine, or go to a league night with friends. These exercises can help you get where you need to be.

Video: Ten Bowling Tips for Beginners

The video goes through ten bowling tips – everything from body positioning to choosing the right ball.

If you are beginner, use the ten bowling tips in this video to improve your game.


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