Salmon Creek NuBall: Bowling Ball Rejuvenator Review 2022

salmon creek nuball reviewYou know how important the role of the Bowling ball rejuvenator is to revive a bowling ball. The bowling ball rejuvenator is used to extract the oil from the pores of the balls, making it perform as well as a new ball.

Every professional player has his/her balls, and most of the professionals use reactive resin ball for its best control. It works best on a reactive bowling ball. The reactive coverstock of these balls has pores that deliver a better grip and control. But be careful!! You can never use a rejuvenator for the plastic ball.

Salmon Creek Nuball rejuvenator is one of the most precise and best-performing machines in the market. NuBall has the regulator of variable temperature. This allows the machine to reach the appropriate heat that is needed for reviving a reactive ball.

Why It is Best in the Market?

Salmon Creek Nuball Rejuvenator is the ultimate bowling ball cleaner and restorer. It can be set up easily. It is recommended only for a reactive bowling ball. Remember again the machine is not usable for the plastic ball. Another good thing is this rejuvenator comes with a three-year replacement warranty on all parts. It is a little bit expensive but remember, it is a one-time investment. Do you wanna take any risk for your favorite ball?

Brand Image
Salmon Creek NuBall
Brand Name
Salmon Creek NuBall
Power Required
110V power, Converter is required for 220v Power
Which Bowling Ball to Deoil
Recommended for Reactive and Urethane Bowling Ball
Brand Image
Salmon Creek NuBall
Brand Name
Salmon Creek NuBall
Power Required
110V power, Converter is required for 220v Power
Which Bowling Ball to Deoil
Recommended for Reactive and Urethane Bowling Ball


  • The machine weighs 8 pounds
  • It has Temperature regulator ranging from 95 to 155-degree Fahrenheit
  • It has three years of warranty
  • Requires 110 V current

This revivor effectively removes the oil from the balls. The structure of the machine is simple and easy to assemble. The body consists of 4 parts. They are made of plastic. The machine is user-friendly because of its detachable parts. After using the machine, the ball becomes warm due to the applied heat. Since the parts are detachable, handling the warm ball becomes easier for the user. This makes NuBall different from the other rejuvenators in the market. 

Salmon creek NuBall is a perfect machine to deoil the ball. It has the ideal temperature (135-degree Fahrenheit) to get rid of the excess oil. But it also has a regulator to control the temperature for professional purposes.

The machine is assembled in 4 plastic pieces. There is a cup that sits underneath the ball that collects the grease from the ball.


  • Very effective and delivers what promises. This brings back the lost luster of a ball, polishes it perfectly, and makes the ball look good as new. This ensures the ball performs its absolute best on the lanes.
  • The machine is durable and long-lasting. Its excellent performance makes it completely worth the initial investment.
  • It uses the precise temperature and air-flow that is required for a good polish.
  • The thermostat is adjustable and makes the machine flexible and user-friendly.


  • It does not have a built-in timer. So, the user needs to keep track of time manually.
  • Some users feel the machine to be pricey as per its construct. The plastic structure appears flimsy at first. But most of them change their mind due to its high-quality performance and durability.
  • The power supply of the machine is 110 V. So, if you have the electric connection of 220 V, you have to use a converter to make it work. Otherwise, it might not work or worse, it can cause an accident.

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How to Rejuvenate Bowling Ball With Salmon creek NuBall:

You may have guidelines after buying the rejuvenator. But The manufacturer won’t explain the process clearly. For that reason, I have stated the reviving process step by step.

This bowling ball rejuvenator comes in 4 plastic pieces- a base, a holder that acts as a reservoir of the oil, a cylindrical cover, and a top cover with a handle.

  1.  Place the holder over the circular base

  2. Put the ball over the holder. This will hold both the ball and the oil drippings from it.

  3. Cover with the cylindrical cover followed by the top cover over that.

  4. Switch the machine on and select the temperature of 135 degrees. Let it work for an hour and keep a timer for that.

  5. Remove the top and cylinder cover and remove the ball using gloves or a piece of cloth as the ball can be quite warm. You can see the grease accumulated in the holder cup.

  6. Wipe the ball thoroughly to make it grease-free. If you have access to ball spinner, you can use it to spin the ball and use a grease cleaner and a piece of cloth rubbing on the ball while it is spinning. It is an optional step; do not worry if you can not get a hold of the spinner. But make sure to wipe the ball manually as much as possible to get rid of the last bit of sticky grease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time do you need to rejuvenate bowling ball with Nuball rejuvenator?

NuBall rejuvenator takes an hour to clean a bowling ball. It creates perfect air-flow and provides appropriate heating to clean the ball completely.

2. How much power supply do you need to run this machine?

This machine needs 110 V power to run. This should be handled with caution as most of the power sockets are made for 220 V equipment. A converter is needed in that case. Most people suggest using a 220-to-110-volt converter. The machine may damage if a converter is not used on a 220 V plug point.

3.What kind of bowling ball you use to revive bowling ball?

Reactive resin balls, commonly known as reactive balls are used to revive in a rejuvenator. The other types of balls (plastic and urethane) are not porous like reactive balls. Thus, they do not soak up the oil from the lanes. The surfaces of the reactive balls have pores to give them a good grip on the lane. Due to recurrent uses, the pores get clogged up with oil and skids on the lane, failing to give the usual good grip over the lane. That is why reactive balls need to be revived.


Considering the overall performance and easy-to-use mechanisms, Salmon Creek NuBall is a good machine to rejuvenate reactive balls. Its features allow feasible maintenance and ease of handling. Although some may perceive it to be an expensive machine for the product it is, but consider it worthy of the investment after using it. All in all, it is possibly the best machine in the market, tested and approved by professionals.  If you want a video tutorial of this rejuvenator, you can click this tutorial below

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